Routine Turf Maintenance vs Deep Cleaning Services

One of the greatest advantages of artificial turf is that it is much easier to maintain than natural grass. However, like any other part of your Phoenix home or business, turf does need to be cleaned and cared for on occasion if you want to get the most out of it. Whether you’re cleaning your lawn yourself or hiring an artificial grass maintenance service like TurFresh, it’s important to know the different types of cleaning and how regularly they should be performed on your lawn. A residential turf installation will have very different maintenance requirements than a commercial property, and the presence of four-legged friends can also add another factor into the equation. 

One major difference between residential and commercial turf is the frequency with which they must each be cleaned. Commercial areas like athletic fields, golf courses, and dog kennels are going to be most concerned with keeping the surface attractive and even, thereby maintaining a safe environment for clients. For residential installations, the priority is most often cleaning up pet waste and keeping a fresh smell. These two differing priorities mean that the frequency and intensity of turf maintenance are also going to differ for residential and commercial properties.

Turf cleaning will often come in two categories: routine maintenance, which can be done yourself as part of your normal schedule, and deep cleaning that is best left to a professional turf cleaning service. 

Routine Maintenance

Regular cleaning is best done once a month if the lawn is lightly used. If the lawn is heavily used, such as for parties or kids’ playtime, it’s best to lightly clean it once a week. This will involve picking up larger pieces of debris and occasionally cross-brushing. When raking or cross-brushing your lawn, make sure to use the right kind of tool. A rake or brush with metal bristles can damage your turf blades, so it’s recommended that you use a specialized comb with softer, synthetic bristles such as those available on the TurFresh website. After you’ve finished getting rid of debris and re-fluffing your turf blades, you can give the lawn a light rinse with a hose to wash away dust and smaller debris particles. If you have pets using the lawn as a bathroom, make sure to hose down those areas particularly well in order to avoid odors. You can also use a turf deodorizer product such as TurFresh BioS+ if unpleasant smells have already started to form. Our TurFresh BioS+ spray captures the ammonia in pet urine to neutralize odors at the source. It’s also all-natural and non-toxic, so your kids and pets can keep playing outside as soon as you’ve finished cleaning.

Deep Cleaning

It’s recommended by most artificial grass manufacturers that you have your turf lawn deep cleaned periodically. For residential installations, this will likely only be once or twice every year. For commercial facilities like athletic fields and kennels, deep cleaning will be needed every quarter on average. This deep cleaning should be performed by a professional turf cleaning service in Phoenix such as TurFresh. In a deep cleaning, we perform a comprehensive 10-step process that leaves your synthetic turf looking and smelling as fresh as the day it was installed. We begin by using a power brush to rebloom turf blades, de-compact infill, and dig up any lodged debris or pet hair that may be impeding drainage. For schools and athletic fields, we’ll also do a magnetic sweep to remove any dangerous metal contamination such as screws or needles. If any edges or seams have raised over time, we’ll also readjust and tuck these to help restore the turf to its original condition. To finish off the process, we’ll add our odor-neutralizing BioFill product if necessary, and apply our TurFresh bacteria-fighting deodorizer to leave your lawn smelling fresh. TurFresh’s deep cleaning services shouldn’t replace your regular cleaning and maintenance, but you can count on it to rejuvenate and restore your lawn’s appearance after long periods of heavy use. 

As the premier turf cleaning service in Phoenix, TurFresh is the local expert at deep cleaning for synthetic grass. We only use non-toxic and biodegradable turf deodorizer and cleaner products, and our 10-point process enables us to fully restore the appearance of your synthetic turf lawn. If you’d like to learn more about our artificial grass maintenance service or products, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873. You can also browse our online store to purchase the cleaning products and tools you need for a pristine, TurFresh lawn.

What is Turf Deodorizer & How Does it Work?

Synthetic turf can be a great choice for homeowners in Phoenix, where water usage is a concern year-round and the hot summers can easily kill off a natural grass lawn. Like other parts of your home, however, artificial turf needs occasional cleaning and maintenance to keep it in the best condition possible. Pet owners, in particular, will want to use an artificial grass maintenance service, as the ammonia in pet waste can leave behind unpleasant odors in their lawn. Fortunately, TurFresh uses products that excel as turf deodorizers and help make us the premier turf cleaning service in Phoenix.

A turf deodorizer does exactly what its name implies: it removes smells from artificial turf. We produce two different products that get rid of odors in synthetic grass: our BioFill infill product and our BioTurf Bios+ enzyme cleaner. Both products remove smells from your lawn, but they do so via different methods. 


Like other types of infill, BioFill sits between the blades of your turf lawn, supporting them and helping them stand upright. Unlike other infill solutions like sand or black crumb rubber, however, BioFill is made from mineral granules called zeolites. Zeolites are created when volcanic rock and ash interact with alkaline groundwater; with enough pressure, a mineral is created consisting of aluminum, silicon, and oxygen. Zeolites excel in capturing and neutralizing chemicals, and they are frequently used in water purification, laundry detergent, cat litter, and of course, turf cleaning and maintenance. Our BioFill infill possesses a net negative charge, which lets it capture ammonia molecules and prevent them from creating odors. Ammonia is the compound in pet urine that causes it to smell as it dries, so trapping ammonia at the source in this way prevents pet odors from ever reaching your nose. BioFill’s zeolite particles will hold ammonia molecules until they are washed out by rainwater (or a hose), recharging the zeolite and preparing it to trap ammonia once more. 

BioTurf BioS+

Our BioTurf BioS+ is a liquid cleaner product that we use as part of our artificial grass maintenance service. Using natural enzymes produced by ammonia-eating bacteria, BioTurf BioS+ doesn’t simply mask odors but completely neutralizes it at the molecular level. By mixing our concentrate with water and hosing your lawn with a sprayer, we apply these enzymes to affected areas. Once applied, the enzymes bond with odor-causing molecules, preventing any odor from reaching your nose. Over time, the enzymes will degrade and consume these molecules, leaving your lawn smelling fresh once more. BioTurf BioS+ is a completely non-toxic and biodegradable turf deodorizer, so your children and pets can safely play on your lawn soon after it’s been applied. 

If you have an artificial grass lawn that doesn’t smell as fresh as it once did, you can trust the professionals at TurFresh to take care of it. We’re one of the top turf cleaning service providers in Phoenix, with a range of turf cleaning and maintenance services that can fit any need or budget. We also operate an online store where you can purchase our turf deodorizer products and specialized grooming tools. If you’d like to learn more about our products and services or schedule a cleaning, call us today at (855) 444-8873.