Five Synthetic Grass Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking Greener Longer

Replacing your natural grass lawn with artificial grass saves you tons of time and money on maintenance. No more weekends spent mowing and watering your lawn!

While it’s easier to maintain, synthetic grass can still use some TLC to stay looking its best. Keep your lawn looking lush and green as long as possible with these five artificial turf maintenance tips.

1. Know Which Tools to Use

Artificial turf requires different maintenance than natural grass, which means you might need to switch up the equipment you’re using on your lawn. 

Some things can stay the same –  for example, leaf blowers and hoses can still be used on artificial grass. However, make sure you’re using a broom or comb with synthetic bristles when it comes to raking. Metal rakes can break and pull on your turf’s blades.

2. Clean Messes Right Away

Life isn’t always perfectly neat and tidy. Your lawn will ensure everything from drink spills to pet accidents – and being inorganic, artificial turf can’t break down these materials like natural grass.

To prevent stains, rinse the affected area of your artificial turf quickly. Spilled something sticky?  Applying a mixture of water and liquid detergent can help lift more stubborn materials.

3. Remove Stubborn Stains

If a stain has been sitting for a while, or your spilled something especially stubborn like motor oil, you’ll need more than just water and dish soap.

If you have mineral spirits on hand, applying them can help break up hard-to-remove stains. However, sometimes it takes a little more than a DIY to get sticky or greasy materials off of your synthetic turf.

Booking an artificial turf maintenance service is the best way to remove stubborn stains. The professionals at TurFresh have the tools and expertise to take care of even the most challenging jobs. Don’t have time to squeeze in an appointment? Our entire selection of premium products s available for at-home use at our online store.

4. Remove Weeds

Synthetic grass is far less prone to weeds, especially if you’ve installed a weed membrane underneath your turf. Still, some weeds can pop up around the seams of your artificial grass from time to time.

Using a weed killer is the best way to keep the problem under control – just make sure you’re using one safe for artificial grass. Harsh chemicals can break down the materials in your synthetic grass, so assuring that a product is safe for your lawn is crucial.

5. Stay on Top of Pet Waste

If you own pets, waste is the most significant factor keeping your lawn less-than-fresh. To keep odors at bay, pick up solid waste and rinse down your turf regularly to flush away bacteria.

Although you can take care of minor spills and messes at home, professional artificial grass maintenance services are the best way to keep your lawn green and clean. TurFresh services go well beyond a simple cleaning, addressing every aspect of your turf to extend its lifespan as long as possible. Book your first appointment online or give us a call at (855) 444-8873 today.

Here Are Ways to Maintain Artificial Grass When You Have Pets

Synthetic grass is one of the most pet-friendly landscaping materials available, which is why it’s so popular with San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Ana and Phoenix homeowners who have dogs running around the property. Although it’s extremely durable, synthetic turf still needs to be maintained properly to remain lush, beautiful and safe for all members of the family to enjoy.

If you have dogs at home stinking up your artificial grass backyard, follow these maintenance tips to keep it looking and smelling fresh year-round.

Pick Up Pet Waste

Just like natural grass, your dogs can (and will) use the bathroom on your synthetic grass. The good news is that it’s much easier to clean and won’t lead to dead, brown patches over time. 

Urine flows easily away thanks to the ultra-efficient drainage system, and all it takes is a quick hose-down to flush away odors. Solid waste, however, will need to be scooped up and disposed of just as it would on natural grass. If solid waste is left to linger, it could leave your turf blades matted down from the weight and allow harmful bacteria to form that could stink up your lawn or make other pets sick.

Hose Down Your Synthetic Turf

Whether the waste is liquid or solid, it’s always recommended that you hose down any hot spots daily. After your pup goes to the bathroom, thoroughly rinse the area to flush away any residue and encourage complete drainage.

Blocked or inadequate drainage can encourage bacteria growth, mold buildup and more, especially when it comes to pet waste. It can also cause your synthetic turf to break down faster, shortening the lifespan of your investment and costing you severely in the long run. To preserve your lawn and keep your pets healthy and safe, hose down affected areas of your synthetic turf each time your doggy does their business.

Prevent Pet Odor on Artificial Turf with Infill

If you find that you still have slight odors, even with daily rinsing, you may want to consider replacing your infill with an odor-reducing antimicrobial infill like TurFill. Many types of infill are pet-friendly, but they likely won’t help reduce pet odors as TurFill does.

Our TurFill infill works by exchanging ions with odor-causing elements in pet waste, trapping the odor and preventing it from ever reaching the nose. It also absorbs any extra moisture from pet urine, which helps dry pet messes more quickly and prevents bacteria and mold from forming. Best of all, it’s 100 percent natural and completely safe for kids and pets.

Apply Synthetic Turf Disinfectant

Another effective tool for maintaining your pet-friendly turf and eliminating odors is a synthetic turf disinfectant. TurFresh’s best-selling TurFresh BioS+ is the industry’s premier choice for turf deodorizing and disinfecting, thanks to its unparalleled effectiveness and all-natural ingredients.

TurFresh BioS+ is an enzymatic concentrate that digests uric acid crystals, urea and proteins to effectively eliminate pet odor at the source. You can purchase it for your own as-needed use from our online store or allow our technicians to do the work for you through our comprehensive 10-point turf cleaning process. Even if you don’t have any pets, it’s a great way to battle odor caused by neighborhood dogs relieving themselves on your front lawn.

If you’re a pet owner looking for the easiest and most effective ways to take care of your synthetic grass, look no further than TurFresh. We’re a leading synthetic turf maintenance provider with customizable service options for homes and businesses, as well as a comprehensive selection of proprietary turf cleaning products available on our online store. To find out more or to schedule a cleaning, give us a call at (855) 444-8873 or fill out our online contact form today.

3 Synthetic Maintenance Tips to Make Your Turf Last Longer

Homeowners throughout San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Ana and Phoenix are switching to artificial grass landscaping because they know that it can withstand the dry climate and remain evergreen year-round. 

Re-sodding your lawn is often a futile effort, with the natural grass dying just a few weeks or months after it’s been completed. Synthetic turf, however, can last over a decade without ever turning brown or patchy, no matter how hot and dry the local climate is.

However, the exact longevity of your artificial turf is dictated by how well you care for it. While it will almost certainly last longer than any natural grass landscaping, it can still need premature replacement if you neglect your artificial turf maintenance or commit these three fatal flaws of turf ownership:

1. Never use pesticides

One of the most significant benefits of artificial grass landscaping is that it isn’t particularly hospitable for insects and garden pests. Whereas natural grass and pollen attract insects that may wreak havoc on your garden, the synthetic polyethylene fibers of turf often keep insects away all on their own.

As a result, you never need to use pesticides or harsh chemicals on your synthetic grass. In fact, it’s actively discouraged as some chemicals could damage the turf’s fibers. If you do spot any pesky insects, simply hose down your turf and let the efficient drainage system do the rest. 

2. Avoid fire hazards

Although your beautiful synthetic grass makes your backyard perfect for entertaining, it isn’t encouraged to use barbecues directly on your turf. While you don’t need to banish barbecues from your backyard entirely, be mindful when using them, and always use them on a solid hardscaping surface such as your patio or a specially-built brick barbecue area.

Although stray coals likely won’t start a fire, they could significantly damage your synthetic grass lawn. You could end up with burnt or melted turf blades, and your synthetic grass may need significant repair or complete replacement. If you want to avoid this possibility, always use a barbecue — or even cigarettes — with caution. Any hot objects such as these could pose a risk to the lifespan of your turf.

3. Don’t chew gum

Another danger to synthetic turf is adhesive. Manmade adhesives, even those as mild as chewing gum, can severely matte down your grass if caught in the blades of your turf. You may even need to cut the blades out to remove the tacky substance, leaving a noticeable hole or uneven spot in your yard. To avoid this possibility, we recommend spitting out any chewing gum before enjoying your turf lawn.

If you’ve already done any of the three points mentioned above, don’t worry! Professional artificial turf cleaning services are the No. 1 best way to make your synthetic grass last longer and get the most out of your investment. TurFresh’s residential turf maintenance service includes a comprehensive 10-point cleaning process that will remove gum residue and other unsightly wear and tear from your lawn in no time. 

If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s professional artificial turf maintenance services or book your first appointment, give us a call at (855) 444-8873 or fill out our online contact form today. You can also visit our online store to view our full selection of turf deodorizers and at-home synthetic turf maintenance products so you can DIY your turf maintenance between TurFresh appointments. 

Four Reasons Artificial Grass Maintenance is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Lawn

Like any home improvement project, your artificial grass looked its best the day it was installed. Green, lush and perfectly clean, your lawn looked picture-perfect.

Over time and with regular use, synthetic turf starts to look less-than-ideal. Foot traffic, debris and pet waste can take a toll on your lawn. 

Routine artificial grass maintenance keeps your lawn looking as great as the day you had it put in – and it extends the lifespan of your turf. Here are four of the biggest reasons why artificial grass maintenance is the best thing you can do for your outdoor areas.

Your Drainage System Will Work Better

Artificial grass technology has advanced tremendously in recent years. The drainage systems used in modern synthetic turf are highly effective at washing away rain, pet waste and other materials.

When dirt and debris begin to build up, your artificial turf’s drainage system won’t work as well. This can cause unpleasant odors, mold and may even start to break down your synthetic turf. Routine artificial grass maintenance services keep your drainage system working properly to prevent these issues.

Pet Odors Will Be Kept at Bay

For dog owners, odors are the biggest concern regarding their artificial grass. Proper maintenance is key to controlling unpleasant odors from pet waste.

Ensure you’re using artificial grass disinfectants that truly break down bacteria, rather than just masking the smell with fragrance. TurFresh artificial grass disinfectants are scientifically proven to eliminate bacteria at a molecular level to ensure your lawn is truly safe and sanitized. You can check out our entire lineup of products here.

Your Lawn Will Stay Clean, Lush and Free of Debris

Artificial grass begins to look dull, matted and dirty with regular use. Routine artificial turf reblooming services keep your lawn looking its best.

TurfBloom services take care of it all – from removing debris and dust to brushing your blades to keep them upright, they’re the best way to refresh and restore your synthetic grass lawn.  

You’ll Avoid Long-Term, Permanent Damage

Over time, waste and debris can take a severe toll on your artificial grass. Damaged seams and blades can also be permanent, so catching them quickly is essential.

Artificial grass is a significant investment, but it can have a tremendous return if properly cared for. TurFresh makes maintaining your artificial grass surfaces easy. We have a service package available for every home and business owner, so you can choose the artificial turf maintenance schedule that works best for you. Call us today at (855) 444-8873, text us at (949) 569-6453 or contact us online to book your first TurFresh appointment now.

Why Do Doggy Daycare Owners Love TurFill for Their Synthetic Turf Maintenance?

Every doggy daycare owner knows that regular maintenance is crucial for eliminating odors and keeping your facility in top condition. From enticing new clients to keeping your current ones happy, maintaining a clean doggy daycare is a necessity.

When it comes to routine artificial turf maintenance, dog kennel and daycare facilities throughout San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Ana and Phoenix know that TurFill infill is a crucial component of any comprehensive turf cleaning routine. Here’s a quick breakdown of why TurFill is the infill doggy daycare owners love for their synthetic turf maintenance.

What is TurFill?

TurFill is TurFresh’s proprietary all-natural synthetic grass infill product. Infill refers to the products placed between the blades of an artificial turf lawn, aiding the synthetic grass in structural integrity and comfort as well as UV protection. Infill weighs the turf down to prevent it from developing wrinkles, buckles or ripples, and it helps mimic the way soil absorbs impact in natural grass.

In addition to providing all the functional benefits of a synthetic grass infill, TurFill also neutralizes pet urine odors thanks to our effective enzymatic formula. TurFill is also 100 percent natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for kids and pets, and easy to use. 

How Does TurFill Prevent Odors?

TurFill more effectively prevents odors due to its chemical nature. TurFill is a natural mineral created by a reaction between volcanic ash and an alkaline water source resulting from a volcanic eruption. When combined with pressure, this event resulted in a mineral with a porous three-dimensional honeycomb structure with a negative charge.

This framework allows TurFill to act as both a sponge and a magnet, absorbing liquids and neutralizing compounds, proactively eliminating odors before they ever reach the nose. Whereas other odor-eliminating turf maintenance products simply mask odors with fragrance, TurFill works at the chemical level to thoroughly eliminate sources of odor in pet urine for unparalleled freshness.

What Are the Other Benefits of Using TurFill Infill?

In addition to eliminating odors caused by pet urine, TurFill also offers all of the benefits of premium silica sand infill. TurFill will help your artificial turf blades maintain their upright position by supporting them at the base. It also protects the turf’s backing from the sun’s rays, increasing your turf’s lifespan. Finally, TurFill gives your artificial turf the feeling of natural sod, mimicking how soil absorbs impacts and feels underfoot.

When you use high-quality infill like TurFill, you can rest assured that your artificial grass is safe and comfortable for your four-legged clients while remaining lush and verdant in appearance to please their two-legged owners.

How Else Can I Eliminate Artificial Turf Pet Odors?

TurFill is incredibly effective at eliminating pet odors, but it can’t do the job alone. We recommend pairing TurFill infill alongside applications of TurFresh BioS+ turf deodorizer as needed for lawn pick-me-ups when odors start to arise. TurFresh BioS+ uses the same proprietary enzymatic formula to neutralize the ammonia in pet urine, eliminating odors at the source.

If you want an even deeper clean for your pups to enjoy, we recommend professional artificial grass maintenance services from TurFresh. While DIY solutions can keep odors at bay, your turf can still look worse for wear over time, especially with the high foot traffic and rough play it experiences in a doggy daycare. TurFresh’s comprehensive 10-step TurfClean service will guarantee that your lawn is revitalized with long-lasting freshness and a rejuvenated appearance. We’ll re-bloom turf blades, replenish infill, tuck loose seams, eliminate odors and more. Just schedule us when you need us — we have a plan for all doggy daycares regardless of size or budget.

If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s professional-grade artificial grass cleaning products for San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Ana or Phoenix doggy daycares, visit our online store to view our full selection of turf deodorizers and at-home synthetic turf maintenance products. You can also give us a call at (855) 444-8873 or fill out our online contact form to receive a free quote for TurFresh professional synthetic grass maintenance services and to book your first appointment.

Four Important Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips for Fall

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year. Defined by changing colors, cooling temperatures and family gatherings, fall is often a favorite season.

The changing weather also creates new issues for homeowners with artificial grass. To help you keep your landscaping at its best, here are four tips for maintaining your turf during the fall season.

Rake Fallen Leaves

We love the changing colors as much as anyone, but leaves can start to cause problems if left on your artificial turf.

Left alone, leaves will begin to decay and cause mold or mildew to grow on your lawn. Because artificial turf is inorganic, decaying materials can’t decompose into the ground the same way they would on natural grass.

After jumping into a leaf pile, make sure to remove fallen leaves with a synthetic grass rake to prevent these issues. Synthetic grass rakes have bristles designed to prevent damage to your artificial turf while ensuring that your leaves are taken care of.

Give it a Rinse

Many of us suffer from allergies in the fall. Dust, ragweed and other allergens can accumulate on your artificial grass, making your yard a catalyst for sneezing, sinus issues and other discomforts.

Luckily, a simple wash is all it takes to keep your yard comfortable and enjoyable. Break out your hose every once in a while to keep allergens at bay.

Need a little more than water? Pet waste, spills and other debris can require more cleaning power. Keeping high-quality artificial turf deodorizers on hand keeps you ready for whatever life throws your way.

Keep an Eye Out for Tree Sap

If you’re lucky enough to have trees that change color in your yard, note that pruning trees will also drip sap onto your turf.

Tree sap makes your lawn sticky, matted and uncomfortable – and it’s difficult to remove on your own. If your artificial turf has been affected by tree sap, booking an artificial grass maintenance service is your best option. A professional can use a refrigerant to freeze the sap and then scrape it off, getting your turf as good as new.

Re-Bloom Your Blades

Fall brings with it a ton of fun gatherings. From trick-or-treating to football and family gatherings, your lawn gets a lot of traffic this time of year.

With lots of use comes matting. While completely normal, matting is the biggest way your artificial grass can begin to look lackluster and unnatural.

Professional re-blooming services are the best way to bring life back to your lawn. TurFresh provides comprehensive artificial grass maintenance services that go above and beyond a basic cross-brushing to truly revitalize your yard. We’ll remove debris, rebloom your blades and make any other adjustments your turf needs to get back to its optimal condition. 

Staying on top of artificial grass maintenance is the best way to extend the useful life of your artificial grass areas. TurFresh’s artificial grass maintenance services keep your lawn looking and smelling fresh. Our team will thoroughly inspect your lawn and address every last detail to keep your lawn beautiful and functional for years to come. Give us a call at (855) 444-8873, or contact us online to book your first TurFresh appointment today!

Three Ways To Keep Your Artificial Turf Looking Great

Many are sold on artificial grass when they hear just how low-maintenance it is. Desert areas like Phoenix and San Diego are being landscaped with synthetic turf more and more thanks to how much water it saves.

They’re not wrong; artificial grass is far less demanding than natural grass, which requires constant fertilizing and watering just to stay alive. However, synthetic grass does need some routine maintenance to stay at its best. High-traffic areas, like businesses, are especially prone to becoming matted, odorous and dull.

If you’ve had your artificial grass professionally serviced by TurFresh before, you know how it transforms your outdoor surfaces. Regular artificial turf maintenance is essential, but there are a few smart ways you can keep your artificial grass looking and smelling fresh between TurFresh services. 

Give the Blades a Bit of TLC

Matting is one of the main ways your artificial grass will start to look a little less lifelike. Foot traffic can cause your blades to flatten out, taking away from the lush appearance of your outdoor surfaces. Luckily, re-fluffing your blades is fairly simple.

Firstly, a monthly cross-brushing of your artificial grass will help the blades stand up straight again. Raking your lawn will also take care of any debris or leaves that may have accumulated over time. Refilling your infill can also help this problem, as infill is what supports the upright position of your blades.

Keep Synthetic Grass Disinfectants At The Ready

Bacteria is your artificial turf’s worst enemy. If you operate a doggy daycare, a school or a sports center business, you know just how quickly dirt, sweat and other forms of waste can make your synthetic turf incredibly odorous. 

In between TurfClean services, many clients choose to keep extra TurFresh deodorizing products on hand to keep their turf fresh and clean. You never know what life will throw at you next; stocking up on our at-home products is a great way to be ready for whatever accident or spill comes next. Our synthetic grass disinfectants are sustainable and non-toxic, so you can feel good about how you keep your turf looking great.

Schedule Regular Artificial Grass Maintenance Services

While you can do some upkeep at home, routine professional artificial grass maintenance services are the best way to keep your synthetic grass looking and smelling its best. Every service includes a comprehensive 10-point process that addresses every last detail of your turf.

We’ll hit every mark, from de-compacting and reblooming your blades to a thorough cleaning using our signature BioS+ artificial grass deodorizer. Our unique, science-backed formula breaks down the bacteria that cause odors at the chemical level. Unlike other products, TurFresh deodorizers eliminate odors at the source rather than simply masking them.

We take pride in keeping outdoor areas at their best. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, TurFresh provides professional artificial grass maintenance services that transform.  Contact us today to schedule your first synthetic grass maintenance service.

5 Helpful Artificial Turf Maintenance Tips for Doggy Daycares

Managing a Phoenix, AZ doggy daycare can be a messy business in more ways than one. From dirt and mud to urine and waste, there are a lot of mess-causing and odor-causing incidents that are largely unavoidable. 

Many Phoenix doggy daycares and animal kennels are switching to artificial turf for their exterior landscaping so the pups can have somewhere soft and safe to run and play that won’t end up dead, brown and full of holes in just a matter of weeks. Plus, since synthetic grass eliminates the use of soil, dirt and mud are no longer a problem. 

Synthetic grass is remarkably durable, making it excellent for commercial pet facilities in Phoenix. However, it still requires periodic artificial turf maintenance to stay in its best condition. If you want to keep your commercial turf looking good, smelling fresh and in top shape for visiting customers, follow these five helpful artificial turf maintenance tips for pet-friendly homes and doggy daycares.

1. Hose down busy areas

One of the biggest challenges facing Phoenix doggy daycares is odor-causing pet urine and waste. Urine and feces contribute to bacteria growth, virus growth and mold buildup, creating foul odors and even causing your synthetic turf to break down faster.

To keep your artificial grass pristine, simply hose down the area after your pets use it to do their business. The artificial turf’s rapid drainage will help clear away any urine and ensure there is no bacteria or odor buildup. If your dog daycare or kennel has too many four-legged friends to reasonably keep track of every potty time, hose down the entire area once or twice every day — especially at the end of the day — to flush away any waste.

2. Clean after potty time

Hosing down your synthetic grass will help you fully drain away any urine and eliminate odors, but solid waste can’t be as quickly flushed through the turf backing. If your dogs mark their territory on your artificial grass, you’ll need to scoop up any solid waste and throw it away before cleaning the turf with the hose or sanitizing products.

If you fail to pick up dog feces, it may block your turf from draining properly, fostering mold and bacteria buildup and creating undesirable odors over time. By throwing away any solid waste, you’ll save time when performing the rest of your artificial turf maintenance and will help preserve the lifespan of your turf landscaping.

3. Use pet-safe synthetic grass disinfectant

Any doggy daycare manager will know that dog-related odor isn’t solely caused by waste. Having dogs constantly on the property can leave your artificial turf with a slight odor, even if you promptly clean any waste.

To eliminate any odors on your synthetic grass, no matter the cause, apply an anti-microbial pet deodorizer spray such as TurFresh BioS+. These deodorizer sprays will break down the odor-causing ammonia in pet urine and eliminate foul scents at their source. It stops bacteria growth before it starts and leaves your outdoor smelling fresh for longer.

In addition to your synthetic turf, TurFresh BioS+ can also be sprayed on concrete and other outdoor surfaces to prevent and eliminate odors anywhere in your yard. It’s also 100 percent natural, non-toxic and fully pet-safe.

4. Refresh your infill

If you notice that your synthetic grass easily retains odors from your doggy clients, you may want to consider switching out your infill. Standard infill doesn’t do much to prevent or eliminate odors, and in fact, some infills may exacerbate the problem.

Switch to a pet-friendly infill such as TurFill to help prevent and eliminate odors caused by pets. The all-natural, anti-microbial infill works similarly to TurFresh BioS+, breaking down ammonia molecules in pet urine and neutralizing odors at their source rather than simply masking them with fragrance. It’s also completely non-toxic and pet-friendly, so it’s appropriate for any application, including doggy daycares and kennels.

5. Take advance of professional turf cleaning services

If you don’t have the time or manpower to perform routine artificial grass maintenance, or if you find your lawn needs a deeper clean from time to time, invest in professional commercial artificial turf maintenance for doggy daycares and kennels.

TurFresh’s signature TurfClean commercial synthetic turf maintenance service utilizes a comprehensive 10-point cleaning process to eliminate pet odors and rejuvenate your lawn like never before. Whether you have a backyard doggy daycare or a massive commercial kennel facility, we have the tools and technicians to achieve an unparalleled deep clean that will make your turf look as good as new.

Choose from one of our scheduled turf maintenance plans, ranging from once a month to twice a year, or call us when you need us. Dogs can be unpredictable, but you can also count on TurFresh to be there for you when your turf is looking worse for wear.

If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s professional artificial grass maintenance services for Phoenix, AZ doggy daycares, give us a call at (855) 444-8873 or fill out our online contact form today. We’d be happy to provide a free quote and book your first appointment. You can also visit our online store to view our full selection of turf deodorizers and at-home synthetic turf maintenance products.

3 Things You Can Do to Eliminate Weeds in Your Artificial Grass

If you’ve recently installed artificial grass in your San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Ana or Phoenix home or athletic facility, you may have noticed that weeds are still able to grow. Although synthetic turf installation will drastically decrease weed growth throughout your yard, weeds can still penetrate through seams in your turf or around the perimeter if you aren’t diligent about synthetic turf maintenance.

Luckily, there are several hassle-free ways to remove weeds from your synthetic turf and prevent them from regrowing. Here are three of the most common ways to eliminate weeds in your artificial grass.

1. Use Boiling Water

One of the quickest and easiest ways to kill weeds in your turf is by pouring boiling water over them. Boiling water will cause the weeds to wither and die without damaging your turf blades. 

Once the weeds have died, you can pull them up and throw them away. If your weeds haven’t died after the first douse with water, they may have a deeper root system and require a second round of boiling water to kill them completely.

2. Use Vinegar Spray

If you want to make your own all-natural weed killer for at-home synthetic turf maintenance, you can use a simple vinegar mixture. Fill a spray bottle with four parts white vinegar and one part water; you can also add other weed-killing ingredients like vodka, apple cider vinegar or dish soap to increase its potency.

Once you have your mixture, spray it generously onto the weeds and wait for a couple of days. If they haven’t died in this time, respray them as needed until they’ve fully withered. Once they’re dead, you can pull them easily out of your artificial grass.

3. Use an Artificial Grass Maintenance Service

If you don’t have the time to spare to create your own weed killer, or if you want to ensure that the job’s done right, professional synthetic grass maintenance services like TurFresh will eliminate any weeds from your turf lawn while giving it an all-around pick-me-up that will leave it looking like new.

Our TurfClean service is a comprehensive 10-point artificial turf cleaning process that includes re-blooming turf blades, restoring drainage and applying artificial turf disinfectant in addition to removing weeds. Our trained technicians will completely remove all weeds in your artificial grass with all-natural, non-toxic products that keep your lawn beautiful and safe for little ones.

You can call us as needed when you notice weed growth, or you can choose from one of our scheduled synthetic grass maintenance plans to ensure your lawn never looks unsightly. Whether you have a small backyard that needs us twice a year or a busy athletic facility that needs us once a week, TurFresh has you covered.

If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s professional artificial grass maintenance services or book your first appointment, give us a call at (855) 444-8873 or fill out our online contact form today. Visit our online store to view our full selection of turf deodorizers and at-home synthetic turf maintenance products.

How Much Commercial Synthetic Grass Maintenance Does Your Business Need?

As artificial grass becomes increasingly popular with commercial businesses, it’s important to note that regular synthetic grass maintenance is critical to keeping your turf looking and smelling fresh. Synthetic grass is a fantastic investment for business owners looking to save time and money on maintenance. While the upkeep required is far less than that needed for natural grass, routine professional artificial grass maintenance is still essential to properly sanitize and refresh your outdoor surfaces. Whether you run a fitness center or a doggy daycare, TurFresh has an artificial grass maintenance plan to transform your artificial grass surfaces – no matter the foot traffic they endure.

Synthetic Grass Maintenance for Low Foot Traffic Areas

If the outdoor areas of your business don’t get a ton of foot traffic, you might not notice the buildup of debris as quickly – but over time, all outdoor surfaces will collect dust, pet hair and bacteria from spills or pet waste. 

If your business has artificial turf, regular professional synthetic grass maintenance is essential to prevent odors and mold growth from occurring on your landscaping. We recommend scheduling a TurfClean service at least twice a year to keep your artificial grass clean, safe and presentable.

Our synthetic grass maintenance services are comprehensive – each TurfClean appointment includes a 10-point artificial turf cleaning process covering everything from infill and decompacting to a magnet sweep to remove any metal hiding between the blades. 

Artificial Turf Maintenance for High Traffic Areas

For businesses with higher foot traffic, we offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service plans to properly maintain your synthetic grass areas. Regular artificial grass maintenance is critical to keeping your clients happy and healthy, particularly for businesses that serve children or pets.

Many cleaning products and services simply mask odors rather than removing their cause. That’s a massive problem for places like schools and daycare centers, where properly sanitized surfaces are necessary to keep kids safe. Our non-toxic artificial grass disinfectants are child-safe, breaking down odor-causing bacteria at the chemical level to thoroughly sanitize your outdoor surfaces.

For businesses that work with animals, proper synthetic grass maintenance is critical for adequately removing pet waste. Places like doggy daycares quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria without regular maintenance.

Custom Artificial Grass Maintenance Plans for Your Unique Business

Your business is unlike any other, so your artificial grass maintenance plan should be just as unique. Customize your turf grooming to your needs – whether that’s a simple TurfBloom service every six months or a comprehensive TurfClean every two weeks. 

At Turfresh, we think every business owner should be able to focus on running their business without the added stress of maintaining their synthetic grass surfaces. We use industry-leading artificial grass disinfectants to transform your turf in just a few hours. Because our products are non-toxic and biodegradable, your loyal customers are cleared to enjoy your refreshed artificial grass surfaces immediately after a maintenance service. To learn more about TurFresh’s artificial grass maintenance services for your commercial business, call (855) 444-8873 or contact us online today.