Weed Growth Around Synthetic Turf Edges & What You Can Do About It

Although synthetic turf does not need frequent maintenance, your artificial landscape still benefits from routine maintenance. While weed growth is generally more of an issue for natural grass lawns, it can sometimes grow around the edges of artificial turf. If you do notice weed growth around the edge of your synthetic turf, here’s what you can do to address it. 

Weed growth can occur for a number of reasons whether it be because of erosion or sediment. If your turf edges weren’t cut properly during install, they will not rest effectively against your wood deck, concrete, or other platforms. This contributes to sedimental build-up, and weed growth around the parameters of your synthetic grass landscape. When you first notice weed growth on the edge of your turf, you should call a professional company like TruFresh who can come and examine the issue. TruFresh is a trusted company that gets the job in a comprehensive and complete manner. Upon contacting us, we’ll come over and manually remove the grown weeds. For this situation, we choose to not spray weed killer because it could put children and pets at risk. We’ll perform minor repairs outside the normal seams and edges of your artificial grass to keep your turf in good condition and prevent weed growth from reoccurring any time soon.

These two solutions are just part of our extensive 10-point turf cleaning service that we provide to customers. We tailor our services to best fit the needs of the customer. Our comprehensive service ranges from magnetically sweeping your turf to remove dangerous items like screws, pins, or needles to improving your drainage by using our TurFlush system to flush out contaminants.

If you want your artificial grass to remain in its pristine condition, periodic cleaning can help it retain its aesthetic and functionality. TurFresh provides thorough cleaning and maintenance services for your synthetic turf. Our expert professional team will leave no stone unturned in our quest to make your artificial grass look and feel brand new. To learn more about the difference TurFresh can make or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873.

Give Your Artificial Turf A Holiday Makeover

With the holiday season in full swing, now is the perfect time to make your artificial turf and yard look better than ever. Take part in the festivities of the season by decorating and dressing up your synthetic turf. If you’re feeling some seasonal spirit, here’s how you can give your artificial turf a holiday makeover.

Freshen Up Your Artificial Turf With TurFresh

Before you can implement a creative design for your yard, you’ll want to make sure that your synthetic turf is as fresh and clean as it can be. To get the job done in the most efficient manner, you’ll need a company like TurFresh who will make your artificial grass look brand new. TurFresh offers a variety of stellar services that will not only improve your turf’s appearance, but also its condition. TurFresh’s elite professional team can prevent bacteria from growing on your synthetic grass by improving drainage. This will help eliminate odors and foul smells. TurFresh can also help your yard stay clean by removing pet hair, debris, and weeds. TurFresh’s services will make sure that your turf lasts longer and looks better. 

Holiday Designs and Ideas For Your Yard

There are several fun holiday theme designs that you can implement for your yard. A common more simplistic option is hanging and spreading out outdoor lights throughout your yard. If you’re in a Christmas-type mood, you can vary the color of your lights mixing in some red and green in there. Another Christmas-inspired design is using different props like candy canes, sleds, or nutcracker figurines and placing them all around your artificial grass. Another approach a homeowner can take is using the current layout of your yard and the existing structures to create a design. One iconic holiday imagery is of a person snuggled up in a blanket by a fireside that’s been decorated with Christmas trinkets. If you own an outdoor fireplace, you can recreate this feeling outside in your yard by simply decorating its mantle with different ornaments and accessories. 

TurFresh is dedicated to helping you maintain your artificial turf’s beautiful quality and condition. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873 or fill out one of our forms. Our friendly team at TurFresh would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Cleaning & Disinfecting Artificial Grass Sports Fields During COVID-19

As some communities across the United States return to sporting activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, owners of artificial grass sports fields have expressed concerns about how to keep playing surfaces safely maintained for athletes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the coronavirus is mainly being spread from person to person, but it is also possible to contract the disease through contact with objects and inanimate surfaces. While scientists and researchers are still learning about the virus, at TurFresh, we are committed to your safety and are here to serve you through the pandemic. 

It’s important to note that disinfectants, detergents, and soaps will only clean an artificial grass field temporarily. It is not a permanent fix, and it will not prevent future transmission of the virus. In order to help you, your sporting community, and loved ones in taking preventative measures to establish clean, fresh, and well-maintained sports fields, here are a few steps we adhere to in our routine cleaning & disinfecting process: 

  • We always use gloves and proper protective equipment 
  • Our turf cleaning professionals respect and adhere to social distancing guidelines 
  • TurFresh’s products scientifically adhere to, breakdown, and eliminate many forms of bacteria, significantly reducing the spread of germs
  • We follow a strict 10-point cleaning service to assist in restoring the freshness & increasing the longevity of your turf field 
  • All coordination of services and payment can be handled remotely, and through social distancing practices, minimizing any potential risk of transmission

As industry leaders in synthetic turf field maintenance for over 20 years, we are here to do our part in assisting our athletes to feel more at peace while they play the field. We also understand that life happens, and people get busy, which is why TurFresh offers a variety of service plans to assist you in cleaning and disinfecting your artificial grass sports field to keep the surface safe for players without the fuss. In addition to maintenance, we will deep clean your field using our proprietary cleaning and deodorizing products, which disinfect by killing bacteria on synthetic grass sports field surfaces.

As we continue to consciously return to everyday activities, while monitoring the latest updates with COVID-19, our TurFresh professionals are available to answer questions regarding best practices for disinfecting your synthetic turf. To find out more about our turf field cleaning services, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873, or fill out one of our forms!

How To Clean Your Synthetic Grass Putting Green

One of the benefits of having synthetic grass is that it’s not nearly as demanding as natural grass. With artificial grass, the beauty is that very little maintenance is involved. In order to keep your putting green in optimal shape, some upkeep is required. Here are some tips to ensure your synthetic grass putting green remains beautiful, functional, and in great condition. 

Brush The Green

After removing branches, leaves, and any other visible debris, brush your green to keep the grass blades upright. This step will help ensure that the synthetic turf maintains a quality ball roll. Brushing will also keep the turf performing well after constant foot traffic.

A brush made especially for synthetic turf or a soft rake can be used on your green. Brush carefully to avoid damaging your putting green. 

Rinse and Hose the Turf

Once you’ve removed all trash and visible debris, rinse your artificial turf putting green to help keep debris, pollen, and dust from building up. Rinse your turf once a month to clear out debris between the fine blades of your synthetic turf. There’s no need to use any chemicals.

Use a Power Broom 

Under constant foot traffic, artificial grass blades can start to lie flat and lose their vibrancy. Using a power broom helps fluff artificial grass turf. Power brooms also help keep the grass standing in an upright position. 

Cleanup After Pets

When there’s pet waste on your turf, it’s best to remove it as soon as you see it. Hose and rinse the areas following the cleanup. It’s important to clean after pets regularly to ensure that your synthetic putting grass remains clean and odor-free.

Clean Minor Stains

The key to cleaning minor stains is to act quickly. One of the benefits of synthetic turf is that it’s  stain-resistant, which makes cleaning up after spills easy. Eco-friendly soap or a small amount of vinegar can be used to remove minor spots and mildew on your synthetic grass putting green.

Remove Weeds

While rare, it is possible for weeds to grow through artificial turf. Weeds can sometimes make their way to the surface through cracks, small holes, and around edges. Be sure to remove them as soon as you see them.

Though synthetic turf requires minimal maintenance, it’s still crucial to have it periodically cleaned in order to ensure that it’s beautiful, functional and retains its value for as long as possible. TurFresh offers comprehensive artificial grass cleaning services and maintenance for your synthetic turf putting green. We’ll deep clean your artificial turf and bring it back to like-new quality in no time. If you’d like to DIY, we also offer our proprietary cleaning products and grooming tools on our online store https://turfresh.com/store/. To find out more about our synthetic grass cleaning services, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today: (855) 444-8873.

Artificial Grass Maintenance for Your Commercial Property

One of the many benefits of synthetic grass is that there isn’t much needed in terms of artificial grass maintenance. Unlike natural grass, cleaning artificial grass is simple. There’s no need to water, add fertilizer, or mow it. However, there are still some services and upkeep needed to keep your artificial grass in great shape. At TurFresh, we are a full-spectrum artificial grass cleaning service that serves Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California, as well as Arizona and Nevada, and many locations across the United States. We offer a range of service plans to keep your artificial turf looking beautiful and in top-notch shape for years to come. 

TurFresh Service Plans for High-Traffic Areas

Traffic on the artificial grass of your small, medium, or large business helps determine the type of synthetic grass maintenance that’s right for your landscape’s needs. First impressions are important for your business. Our service plans are customized to make sure that when customers and clients set foot on your artificial turf, it will be clean, fresh, and in excellent condition

Commercial establishments with higher foot traffic, such as dog kennels, and areas with lots of kids, require a different level of maintenance than businesses with lower foot traffic. High traffic, over time, can cause your turf blades to be matted down. Pets also leave behind odors and wastes. With Monthly TurfCare or Bi-Monthly TurfCare from TurFresh, our technicians rebloom your turf blades to ensure that they are standing straight. We also eliminate and protect against all odors, remove debris, pet hair, and any weeds from your artificial grass, among other synthetic turf maintenance services.

TurFresh Service Plans for Low-Traffic Areas

While businesses with lower foot traffic, such as apartment complexes utilizing turf to enhance aesthetics, and may not require as much upkeep, it’s still important to keep artificial grass fresh and in excellent condition by cleaning and eliminating bacteria, removing stains and odors, as well as debris and pet hair.

These and other services are included in Quarterly TurfCare or BiAnnual TurfCare from TurFresh.

Regardless of whether your business experiences high or low foot traffic, your landscape will benefit greatly from one of our TurFresh Service plans.

Synthetic Grass Maintenance Services 

In addition to synthetic turf maintenance, our 10-point artificial turf cleaning service covers everything from artificial turf reblooming and de-compacting infill, to minor repairs, pet hair removal, and other synthetic turf services. TurFresh offers comprehensive, artificial grass maintenance, and cleaning services for commercial properties of all sizes in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. We’ll deep clean your artificial turf and bring it back to like-new quality in no time. We back all of our services and products with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. To find out more about our synthetic turf maintenance services, cleaning products, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873.

Increase Your Artificial Turf’s Lifespan with TurFresh

Many homeowners and commercial properties tend to seek out artificial grass to achieve an environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, ever-green landscape. When you take into consideration the versatility synthetic turf offers, from personalized putting greens, to lush backyards, to non-toxic play areas for kids, or durable kennels for pets, it’s hard to resist the long term synthetic turf solutions. At TurFresh, we have spent over three decades helping people maintain, and get the most out of their synthetic turf. So, if you are considering making the switch to a year-long verdant landscape, here are some things to keep in mind to increase the lifespan of your turf. 

Opt for the Right Artificial Grass Product 

When shopping for artificial turf, you definitely want to go with good quality turf. Going with better quality products in itself allows you to get at least 15 years out of your landscape. Aside from quality, you want to take into account the level of foot traffic your turf will be exposed to. This will allow you to have a better concept of the extent of durability required for your space. 

Work with Professional Installers

You have finally decided upon the perfect turf product for you, and now it’s time to install it. Low-quality turf installations can reduce the lifespan of your artificial landscape by contributing to things like excessive matting, or an increase in dust and debris retention amongst other potential issues. Don’t waste perfectly good turf on a poor installation! Vet your potential turf installer by looking them up, scoping out their reviews and reputation, and level of experience.

Routine Turf Maintenance

Residential and commercial turf may have different maintenance requirements, depending on foot traffic and other environmental factors, however, routine turf maintenance and deep cleaning are a sure fire way to keep your artificial lawn rejuvenated, looking beautiful, and smelling fresh for years to come. Whether you are looking to maintain your lawn on your own, or utilize scheduled maintenance services, TurFresh has you covered. We offer a line of organic, science-based proprietary products that effectively clean your synthetic turf by removing pet odors, feces, saliva, stains, static, and more. If you find yourself dealing with more complicated areas, or would simply like to have one of our turf cleaning experts take care of the work for you, we offer a range of one-off, and recurring maintenance services. Whichever option you require, rest assured in knowing that you will benefit from a comprehensive 10-point cleaning process that includes tucking lifted seams, topping off infill, removing odors, and more! 

By pairing together top artificial grass products, with experienced installers and trusted turf cleaning products and services, you can achieve that long-lasting, enviable landscape and keep it for years to come. For guidance in choosing the right maintenance service, or product for your synthetic turf landscape, give us a call at (855) 444-8873, we are happy to help!

Why Should You Clean Your Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is rising exponentially in popularity due to its low-maintenance nature. Whereas natural grass needs to be watered daily, mowed weekly, and regularly cared for, artificial grass will remain green year-round. However, it does still require occasional cleaning and maintenance in order to prevent matting and extend its lifespan. Although it will never turn brown if you neglect it, you should still regularly clean your artificial grass for a variety of reasons.

Prevent Permanent Damage & Matting

The number one reason that homeowners switch to artificial grass landscaping is for the aesthetic benefits. They want a landscaping solution that will remain beautiful and lush during all times of year despite any harsh weather. However, artificial grass needs to be cleaned and brushed occasionally in order to prevent any staining, tearing, or matting. Matted turf blades are a common occurrence, especially in homes that have pets or host events often. Matting can cause your turf to look more artificial and less like full, natural grass. Keeping the blades upright through proper care and maintenance will extend the turf’s overall lifespan and help ensure that it looks as natural as possible.

Remove Pet Odors

If you have dogs around the house, then you know that your lawn can cling on to pet odors and make your backyard an unpleasant place to be. Cleaning your artificial grass regularly by rinsing it down and applying a deodorizer will eliminate any pet odors and leave your lawn fresh and clean. Our proprietary TurFresh BioS+ is a market-leading turf deodorizer that neutralizes pet odors at the source, resulting in long-lasting freshness. It’s non-toxic, all-natural, and completely safe for kids and pets.

Increase Your Lawn’s Lifespan

Artificial grass is an investment, and like all investments, you want to make sure that you get the most for your money and protect that investment. Taking care of your artificial grass by cleaning it on a regular basis will help it last for as long as possible and maintain your increased property value. Synthetic grass should easily last upwards of a decade, so schedule routine cleanings to ensure that you get the most for your money before needing a new installation. TurFresh’s 10-point cleaning process includes more than just re-blooming blades and adding infill; we also tuck any loose edges or seams and perform minor repairs to keep your turf in the best shape possible for as long as possible.

Artificial grass is definitely a far lower maintenance landscaping solution than natural grass. However, it’s still smart to have it periodically cleaned in order to ensure that it looks beautiful and retains its values for as long as possible. TurFresh offers comprehensive cleaning services for residential and commercial properties of all sizes. We’ll deep clean your turf and bring it back to like-new quality in no time. To find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873. We also offer our proprietary cleaning products and grooming tools for DIY care on our online store. 

Artificial Grass Cleaning Tips for Fall

Autumn can be a tough season for your lawn. It’s likely seen wear as you enjoyed the outdoors during summer, and now harsh weather and falling leaves will add another challenge. If there’s any time of year that you should pay special attention to artificial grass cleaning and maintenance, it’s fall. If your backyard is looking worse for wear, give TurFresh a call for a professional cleaning and follow these maintenance tips to keep your lawn sparkling clean year-round.

Bring Your Turf Blades Back to Life

It’s inevitable that your artificial grass blades will become matted over time. It can take weeks or months depending on how much foot traffic your lawn receives and what type of turf you have installed, but all turf blades will begin to flatten after a while and will require cross-brushing to bring them back to life. In order to preserve your lawn’s fluffy, lush appearance, cross-brush your lawn every few weeks using a rake or broom with synthetic bristles. We advise against using metal bristles, as these can damage the turf. We offer several suitable turf grooming tools through our online store so you can be sure that you’re giving your lawn the best care possible. Maintaining an upright blade position will go a long way in helping your lawn stay as natural-looking as possible all year round.

Spot Clean Any Messes

Whether your home has backyard barbecues or pet playtime, summertime fun can often get messy. If you have any spills or stains, make sure to take care of them right away. Pick up any solids before rinsing the affected area thoroughly. Then gently rinse the area with a mixture of warm water and household detergent. If this doesn’t work, a mixture of water and 3% ammonia solution is also acceptable. After applying the solution to the stain, rinse it again with cold water for the final step. Taking care of spills like this right away will help prevent any permanent staining and preserve the long-term cleanliness of your artificial grass.

Clear Debris Regularly

Autumn leaves are a nuisance for many homeowners. Whether it’s your trees or your neighbors’, most homes will have to contend with dying trees and plants and the resulting debris they’ll leave around your lawn. To keep your artificial grass in top shape, clear this debris as regularly as you can. Leaving it on your lawn for too long can cause your turf blades to become matted, especially if the leaves are repeatedly stepped on, so we recommend clearing your lawn of all leaves and debris at least once a week. Use a comb with synthetic bristles or a very gentle leaf blower to accomplish this most efficiently. Be careful when opting for a leaf blower, however, as high power can disturb your infill if you’re not careful. 

Call the Professionals

If you have stubborn dirt that won’t come out—or if you simply don’t have time to clean your yard yourself–it’s always a good idea to trust artificial grass cleaning professionals. Our 10-point cleaning process covers everything from blade re-blooming to adding infill and from tucking edges to applying deodorizer. We’ll deep clean your yard and make it look sparkling clean, pristine, and ready to enjoy right away.

If your artificial grass lawn needs a pick-me-up, call the industry’s leading artificial grass cleaning service providers. At TurFresh, we provide a comprehensive 10-point cleaning service using our proprietary products to make your lawn look and smell as fresh as the day it was installed. To schedule your first appointment or find out more about pricing, give us a call at (855) 444-8873 today.

3 Ways to Keep Your Turf Fresh Between Cleanings

If you’ve ever had a professional artificial turf cleaning service from TurFresh, you know how remarkably it rejuvenates your lawn. Our comprehensive 10-point cleaning process goes beyond what the average homeowner can do and deep cleans your synthetic grass from root to tip. However, as much as we’d like to be there for you every day, sometimes you may notice that your lawn starts looking a little worse for wear before you’re due for your next TurFresh service. If this is the case, follow these three tips to keep your synthetic grass looking fresh and vibrant between TurFresh cleanings.

  1. Clear Your Synthetic Grass of Dirt & Debris

The step that will make the biggest difference in the appearance of your lawn is simply to keep it clean of any stray debris or noticeable dirt. Pick up large items that have fallen onto your turf such as twigs and leaves. You can use a synthetic bristle rake or a push broom to collect large amounts of debris, but avoid using more powerful tools such as a leaf blower. It’s also recommended that you rinse down your lawn every week or two in order to flush away any microbes and minuscule dirt and debris that may be caught between turf blades. Your turf’s drainage system should make this a quick and easy process with incredible results.

  1. Keep Your Turf Blades Lifted & Full

Another factor that has a big impact on the appearance of your lawn is the matting of your turf blades. When your artificial grass blades become flattened or matted down, it will detract from the overall appearance of your outdoor space. Cross-brush your turf blades on a monthly basis in order to keep them standing on end and looking full. Brush your turf blades away from the grain using a comb with synthetic bristles in order to counteract any matting and make your lawn look fluffy and visibly more healthy. This will also help ensure that your lawn looks as natural as possible. 

  1. Apply Turf Deodorizer to Prevent Odor Buildup

The number one reason that we get calls from clients requesting our services is because of noticeable pet odor. If you have any pets at home, especially large dogs, you may notice that your lawn retains an unpleasant odor after a few months due to pet waste and other germs. TurFresh’s turf cleaning services eliminate all pet odors for long-lasting freshness; however, you may find yourself in need of a quick fix before your next cleaning service is scheduled. If you start to get pet odors that can’t wait until your next appointment, use a turf deodorizing product such as TurFresh BioS+. Our turf deodorizer is all-natural and non-toxic, using natural enzymes to completely neutralize odors at the source.

If your artificial grass is in need of a pick-me-up, choose TurFresh turf cleaning services. Our thorough 10-point process will revitalize your lawn and leave it looking as spotless as the day it was installed. To make an appointment today, give us a call at (855) 444-8873. We also have an online store where you can purchase our proprietary cleaning products and grooming tools, perfect for keeping your turf fresh between cleaning services. 

How to Restore Your Synthetic Turf Lawn After Summer

Summer is one of the best, most enjoyable times of the year. With warm weather comes barbecues, pool parties, sprinkler runs, bonfire nights, and all kinds of other fun. However, once those dog days of summer come to an end and it’s time to retreat indoors, your lawn can often be left looking worse for wear. All of that running, jumping, playing, and socializing can leave your artificial grass blades matted and even full of odor. If you want to revive your synthetic grass lawn after summer, here are a few tips to get it back to perfect condition in no time.

Rebloom Your Turf Blades

Extensive running or walking on artificial grass can cause the turf blades to become matted after several months. This can also be caused by patio furniture such as grills or lounge chairs sitting out on the turf for months on end. When the sunny, outdoor season comes to a close, you’ll want to rebloom your turf blades in order to fix any matting and make your lawn look as full as it did before summer. In order to help your blades stand on end, use a specialized tool such as our TurFresh turf groomer or a synthetic bristle brush in order to cross-brush your lawn. This means brushing your lawn against the direction of growth. Using a specializing grooming tool such as those available in the TurFresh shop will help you most effectively rebloom your turf blades and bring your artificial grass back to life. 

Get Rid of any Lingering Odors

After months of water fights, doggy playtime, and little kid messes, you may find that your artificial grass has collected a lingering odor. Luckily, TurFresh’s proprietary turf deodorizer makes it a breeze to eliminate any odors and make your lawn fresh and clean. TurFresh BioS+ deodorizer uses natural enzymes produced by ammonia-eating bacteria to capture and neutralize odors at their source. It’s specially formulated to eliminate stubborn pet odors from artificial grass, but it can also be used for a wide range of applications on turf as well as other common backyard surfaces. TurFresh BioS+ is completely non-toxic and biodegradable, so it’s safe for kids and pets and will allow them to go out and play right after TurFresh is applied.

Schedule A Professional Turf Cleaning Service

If you have any particularly stubborn areas, or if you simply don’t want to clean your turf yourself, you can leave it to the professionals. TurFresh offers a comprehensive 10-point cleaning process that will thoroughly rejuvenate your artificial grass lawn and lift away all dirt, debris, and odors left behind from months of summer playing. We’ll rebloom your turf blades, top up infill, remove odors, tuck lifted seams, and more. If you want the deepest clean possible for your artificial grass lawn, there’s no better solution than a TurFresh cleaning service.

To find out more about our turf cleaning products or to schedule an appointment for your first cleaning service, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873. We are committed to employee and client safety, following all best practices and safety guidelines for COVID-19 social distancing. We also operate an online store where you can purchase our turf deodorizer products and specialized grooming tools for DIY synthetic grass maintenance.