Artificial Turf Cleaning for Gyms and Sport Facilities

When summer descends on desert cities like Phoenix and Las Vegas, gyms and indoor sports facilities become a must for beating the heat while working out. Many of them feature artificial grass areas that give you the same workout as an outdoor field, but with the luxury of shade and air conditioning. However, indoor athletic facilities can quickly become grimy from sweat, wear, and dirt tracked in from the outdoors. If you manage a gym or athletic facility that has artificial grass installed, follow these easy steps for proper maintenance that will extend the lifespan of your sports turf.

Everyday Maintenance

Whether you do it before you open in the morning or after you close at night is completely up to you, but you should make sure to clean your artificial grass each day as part of your regular cleaning and sanitizing routine. You don’t need to deep clean it with such regularity, but taking a few minutes to brush the blades and remove debris will go a long way toward protecting your investment and extending the lifespan of your artificial turf.

The first thing you should do during your everyday synthetic turf maintenance routine is to remove obvious debris. This can mean anything from twigs and leaves tracked in from outdoors to exercise equipment that’s been left lying on the turf blades. Then, brush your artificial grass blades against the grain using a synthetic bristle comb or broom in order to prevent matting and keep your artificial grass looking lush. We recommend investing in a specialized turf comb to ensure that your tools aren’t damaging your artificial grass blades. Finally, after you’ve rejuvenated the look of your synthetic turf, apply a deodorizing product to disinfect and prevent any odors. TurFresh BioS+ is the premier choice for indoor sports facilities, since the innovative BioS+ enzyme technology chemically neutralizes odors at their source, resulting in a longer-lasting freshness versus other deodorizing products. 

Deep Cleaning

In addition to quick daily refreshes, it’s recommended that you treat your artificial grass to a deep cleaning periodically. This can be anywhere from once a month to twice a year, depending on your synthetic turf product and the amount of foot traffic it sees. Moreover, when it comes to thorough deep cleanings, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. At TurFresh, we offer a comprehensive 10-step artificial grass maintenance program that handles everything from reblooming turf blades to de-compacting infill. We’ll retuck seams, remove hair, improve drainage, and even re-attached raised seams. We complete all of our commercial cleaning services with an application of our famous TurFresh BioS+ deodorizing spray, leaving your artificial turf fresh, clean, and odor-free for a new set of gym-goers.

If you want to get the most out of your indoor sport facility’s artificial grass, taking the time to perform thorough artificial turf maintenance can help your investment lasts for years more. No matter what size area or type of turf product you have to work with, TurFresh can handle it all. We offer thorough commercial cleaning services on a scheduled basis, or you can visit our online store for industry-leading products that will help you do daily maintenance with ease. To find out more or to schedule your first artificial turf maintenance service, give us a call at (855) 444-8873 today.

What to Do if a Skunk Sprays Your Synthetic Turf

Whether you live in Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Los Angeles, skunks can be hard to avoid. While they’re more common in some places than others, virtually everyone has smelled that unpleasant odor in their life. If your turf gets sprayed by a skunk, it can leave an unpleasant scent that lingers for days or even weeks. It keeps your kids from playing, your pets from roaming, and your whole family from enjoying the sunshine. Next time your artificial grass lawn gets sprayed by a skunk, try some of these remedies to get rid of the odor fast.

Pet Turf

Some artificial grass varieties are specially engineered with pets in mind, so if you’ve installed pet turf in your home, you’ll already have a leg up when it comes to ridding your lawn of skunk spray. Pet turf is designed to have ultra-efficient drainage that flushes away urine and its associated odor more quickly than other turf varieties, and it often has additional odor-preventing qualities. Skunk spray will still affect pet turf, so you aren’t completely off the hook, but paired with the remedies listed below, you should have far less of a problem cleaning up your pet turf lawn.

Home Remedies

If you don’t have any turf cleaning products on hand, there are a couple of home remedies recommended for lessening skunk odor. The first is tomato juice. Usually recommended for eliminating skunk odors on people and clothing, this tactic also applies to synthetic turf blades. If only a small section of your turf has been affected by the skunk spray, apply tomato juice and let it soak into the turf for 10-20 minutes before rinsing. The acid in the tomato juice should neutralize the chemicals that cause skunk spray to smell so foul.

If that doesn’t work, or if you don’t have tomato juice in your pantry, you can also use the Humane Society’s recommended home remedy. Simply mix 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, 1 teaspoon of liquid dish soap, and ¼ cup of baking soda. Rub the solution gently on the affected area while wearing gloves, then thoroughly flush the turf with fresh water. Don’t let the solution sit on the turf for too long, as the peroxide could bleach or otherwise damage your artificial grass blades.

Turf Deodorizing Spray

If you want a simple solution with no chemical mixing or grocery store runs required, TurFresh BioS+ is a highly effective turf deodorizer that eliminates odors and deposits a fresh scent. However, unlike other turf deodorizers, TurFresh BioS+ doesn’t just mask the odor; it eliminates foul scents at the source by chemically neutralizing them. Simply spray the solution over the affected area using the convenient BioSiphon sprayer. It’s all-natural and completely safe for kids and pets, and since it’s specially formulated for artificial grass maintenance, you don’t need to worry about potentially damaging your turf blades.

Deodorizing Infill

Using a deodorizing infill such as Turfresh TurFill can also help eliminate skunk odors. Our TurFill is specially constructed to fit perfectly between blades to neutralize the odors associated with pet waste by chemically breaking down the odor-causing bacteria. Paired with TurFresh BioS+, you can guarantee your family a safe, clean, and fresh-smelling lawn year-round, no matter what critters find their way onto your turf. 

If your artificial grass lawn is suffering from stubborn odors like skunk spray, trust the artificial grass maintenance experts at TurFresh. We have the tools and products to thoroughly refresh your lawn and remove even the toughest animal odors. Our proprietary TurFresh BioS+, TurFill, and cleaning products are some of the most powerful and effective on the market, and we use them in every single one of our turf cleaning services. If your synthetic grass lawn needs odor removal or a general pick-me-up, give TurFresh a call today at (855) 444-8873.

How to Properly Power Broom Your Artificial Turf

If your home has synthetic grass landscaping installed, then you know that occasional maintenance is required to keep it in its best shape. Although it never turns brown or becomes patchy like natural grass, your turf blades can become matted with repeated use and heavy foot traffic. When that’s the case, it’s time to rebloom your turf blades using a TurFresh power broom. No matter where you live in Southern California—whether it’s Los Angeles, Santa Ana, or San Diego—the TurFresh power broom will help keep your lawn in pristine condition in between artificial turf cleaning services

What is a power broom?

A power broom is essentially a motorized broom that vigorously brushes up synthetic turf fibers while setting infill down into the base. It does the same job as a rake or manual broom, but it provides much more effective results with less required labor due to its powerful motor. Manual cross-brushing will fluff up turf blades, but it won’t achieve the same deep clean as a power broom. Power brooming your lawn can help you remove pet hair, lodged debris, and other contaminants that are weighing down your turf and blocking drainage. The power broom is 100% electric, so it’s still an eco-friendly landscaping solution that never requires gasoline to run. Built with two 6-inch wide bristle brushes, the TurFresh power broom makes artificial grass maintenance a breeze.

How do you safely power broom synthetic grass?

Whenever you’re performing your synthetic grass maintenance yourself, you have to take care not to damage your turf blades in any way. Whereas professional artificial grass maintenance services know what to avoid in order to preserve the longevity of your turf, many DIYers can accidentally damage their lawn rather than cleaning it. If you’ve purchased a power broom and are getting ready to use it for the first time, make sure you take all the proper precautions to safely and effectively power broom your synthetic grass landscaping.

Before you start power brooming your turf, make sure that you check the way your blades naturally sit. You want to lift the blades up from the root, going against the grain, so identifying the direction of your turf blades is important. Next, check whether there are any loose edges. If you sweep over a loose part of your turf, it can lift or wrinkle, and you’ll likely need to call your artificial grass installer to repair it. Your turf could also wrinkle or buckle if you have any loose seams. Finally, make sure that there are no damaged or worn turf blades. If you spot any, take extra care in these areas. Otherwise, the pressure of the power broom could cause them to rip out of the base, damaging your turf. 

You also need to be sure not to over-broom your turf, also known as over-defibrillation. While power brooming is a great way to bring back your lawn’s natural luster, over-brooming your turf can cause a whole host of problems including matting, excessive wear, split blades, voiding of warranty, and more. If you’re ever worried about damaging your turf or over-defibrillation, it’s best to call a professional synthetic grass maintenance service. As seasoned experts, maintenance services such as TurFresh will know exactly how to power broom your turf in a way that is safe yet will accomplish the best possible final look. 

Power brooming your turf is a small maintenance step that can transform and revitalize the look of your lawn. When you finish power brooming your artificial grass lawn for the first time, you’ll be astounded at the difference. If you want the effectiveness of power brooming without having to invest in the equipment or do it yourself, TurFresh offers professional artificial grass services that will improve the overall appearance, freshness, and longevity of your turf. We’re 5-star experts, and our comprehensive 10-point residential cleaning services are beloved by homeowners from Los Angeles to San Diego and far beyond. To find out more about our services or to schedule your first cleaning, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873.

How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Safe for Pets During COVID-19

The knowledge surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing as we learn more about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and there’s a lot we, as a society, don’t know about it yet. From all of the different ways it transmits to long-term effects on survivors, research is ongoing and safety recommendations are always evolving. Until we know all we can about COVID-19, it’s recommended that you take every precaution possible in order to best protect you and your loved ones, even including your pets. If you’re a Las Vegas or Phoenix pet owner with artificial grass landscaping in your home, we recommend going the extra mile with artificial grass maintenance to ensure that your backyard remains safe for the little ones in your family

Avoid contact with your pets if you’re sick

Although the risk of transmitting COVID-19 to your pets is low, it’s still believed to be possible. Because of this, the CDC recommends limiting exposure to your cats or dogs while infected. If you become ill, try to quarantine within a designated area of your home. Keep any pets outdoors or outside of your quarantine zone in order to keep them safe from infection risk. If possible, have a family member or friend look after them until you are recovered and tested negative. It has not entirely known how pets contract COVID-19 or even whether pets can develop antibodies to the new virus, so it’s best to act with an abundance of caution in order to keep your furry friends as safe as possible. 

Clean your artificial grass regularly

Another way to reduce your pets’ risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19 is to clean your artificial grass lawn with extreme consistency. You likely wipe down and sanitize every other part of your home, so why not do the same treatment to the exterior? Although COVID-19 risk is significantly reduced outdoors, it’s always better to show an abundance of caution when it comes to keeping your home clean. TurFresh offers several products that boast antibacterial properties and enzymes that work to break down harmful contaminants. Our products are not proven to kill COVID-19, but the high-quality surfactants and enzymes in the TurFresh BioS+ formula can reduce the risk of exposure.

Invest in scheduled turf maintenance

If you don’t have the time to perform artificial grass maintenance yourself, invest in scheduled turf cleaning services provided by our turf maintenance experts. Routine turf cleaning services such as those offered by TurFresh provide a deep clean for your lawn and reduce your risk of COVID-19 transmission. In addition, it will leave your lawn looking and smelling better than it has since the day it was installed. We perform a comprehensive 10-point cleaning process for all residential cleaning services, which includes the application of several antibacterial products such as our proprietary TurFresh BioS+ turf deodorizer and TurfFill infill. All of the products we use are completely non-toxic and safe for pets, so your lawn will be safer, cleaner, and better for your pet once we’re finished with it. 

There is currently no evidence that animals play a significant role in spreading COVID-19, and the risk is considered low by the CDC. However, there have been some instances of COVID-19 spreading from people to animals, including cats and dogs, which is why proper precautions should be taken to protect them against the virus. It’s also unknown whether contaminants that your pet picks up from outside could make their way back to you if you make contact with your pet, so it’s best to implement routine sanitation practices in order to reduce your risk of contracting the illness. If you’d like to schedule a residential turf cleaning service in the Las Vegas, Phoenix, or Los Angeles areas, contact TurFresh today at (855) 444-8873.

How to Rake Leaves Without Damaging Your Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf is revolutionizing the landscaping industry with its lush appearance and astonishingly low maintenance requirements. From Los Angeles to Santa Ana to San Diego, residents across Southern California are switching to artificial grass because it saves you hundreds of dollars and man-hours each year compared to natural grass. However, you do need to perform artificial grass maintenance periodically in order to keep your turf in top shape year-round. If you’ve recently installed artificial grass and have had your lawn invaded by autumn and winter leaves, make sure that you follow these tips to rake leaves without damaging your turf.

Pick Up Large Debris

It’s a good idea to pick up any large debris that you see sitting on your lawn, whether you’re planning to rake it soon or not. Allowing larger debris, such as sticks and twigs, to sit on your lawn for days or weeks on end can cause your turf blades to become matted, which will make your lawn look more artificial and eventually shorten its lifespan. Before raking—or after any significant weather—walk around your lawn and pick up any sizable debris. This small step in artificial turf maintenance will go a long way in preserving your lawn and ensuring it looks in its best condition.

Choose a Turf-Safe Tool

Once your debris is collected and you’re ready to rake, make sure that you have the appropriate tool for doing so. Not all traditional rakes are suited for synthetic turf since some metal blades can damage the synthetic turf’s polyethylene material. Instead, try plastic or bamboo rakes for an effective clean that won’t damage your lawn. You can also purchase rakes created especially for synthetic grass, such as TurFresh’s TurfComb. The TurfComb’s 18” comb head is made with polypropylene bristles that are strong enough to penetrate the lawn and remove stubborn pet hair and autumn leaves, but gentle enough to not destroy your artificial turf. For an even deeper clean, we also offer our TurfGroomer power groomer which deep cleans and reblooms turf blades simultaneously. 

Cross Brush Your Lawn

Once you’ve raked up and disposed of all of the surface leaves, it’s time to cross brush your lawn. Leaves can cause your turf blades to become matted down, so cross brushing is a crucial part of artificial grass maintenance. It will rebloom your turf blades to help them stand upright, so your lawn retains a lush and full appearance. To cross brush your artificial grass, simply rake your turf fibers gently against the grain. You’ll notice that this causes them to appear more lifted, restoring your turf’s appearance. 

Trust the Turf Cleaning Experts

If your lawn is looking worse for wear after the fall and winter weather, you can skip the hassle of DIY and call the artificial grass maintenance experts at TurFresh. Our turf cleaning service is a comprehensive 10-point cleaning process that includes raking and cross brushing, as well as many other maintenance steps that ensure a deep clean for your lawn. As synthetic turf maintenance experts, we know how to thoroughly clean your lawn without damaging the turf blades, giving you complete peace of mind. To find out about our residential turf maintenance services across Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and San Diego, give us a call at (855) 444-8873 today.

Understanding TurFresh’s Antimicrobial Turf Cleaning Products

If you are someone with an artificial grass landscape, whether residential or commercial, you are probably looking to keep your synthetic turf fresh. You are in the right place! In visiting our site, you will notice we talk a lot about our TurFresh synthetic grass maintenance products, and you’ve likely seen the terms BioS+ and TurFill mentioned repeatedly throughout. But what are they really, and how do they work? In this blog, we’re giving you a deep dive into our most famous products to help you understand TurFresh’s industry-leading antimicrobial turf cleaning products.

TurFresh BioS+

TurFresh BioS+ is the superstar of the TurFresh product lineup; it’s an as-needed turf deodorizing spray that removes pet odor and leaves your lawn smelling fresh. This all-natural chemical formula utilizes the process of bioaugmentation by bonding to any existing malodorous molecules such as ammonia and changing its molecular make-up. By degrading the bacteria, TurFresh BioS+ eliminates odor at the source rather than merely masking it like other products. This ensures that your lawn stays fresh and clean for as long as possible, and since it’s easy to apply, traces of odor can be eliminated as quickly as they’re detected. Each bottle comes with a BioSiphon sprayer to help you apply the product with maximum efficacy. TurFresh BioS+ is available in fabric scent, lemon scent, and orange scent, as well as a variety of sizes and value packs. TurFresh BioS+ has been proven to provide the most effective long-term odor control in both labs and field applications, so you don’t need to just take our word for it—the science doesn’t lie!


Effective synthetic grass maintenance goes beyond the surface. Infill is one of the most crucial elements of protecting your lawn’s quality and longevity. TurFresh’s signature TurFill infill product works both independently as well as in conjunction with TurFresh BioS+ in order to keep your synthetic turf fresh and odorless. TurFill acts like a sponge to absorb and break down the ammonia and other odor-causing bacteria in your turf, eliminating smells at the source rather than covering them up. It helps dry pet messes quickly and proactively keep odor-causing bacteria at bay. To apply TurFill most optimally, evenly spread the infill by hand (or using a drop spreader for commercial applications), applying the most products where your pets most frequently urinate. Then work the TurFill into the thatch using a stiff-bristled brush. TurFill is specially created to fit perfectly between the blades of artificial grass where odor molecules are trapped. All natural, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, it’s fully safe for kids and pets.

If you want to have a fresh and clean lawn year-round, there’s no better choice than TurFresh’s market-leading antimicrobial artificial turf maintenance products. Our online store has a variety of product sizes and fragrances available to choose from, or you can take advantage of our full-service, 10-point turf maintenance service. We utilize our top-of-the-line proprietary products throughout the process to ensure the most thorough clean possible. To find out more or book an appointment, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873. We also encourage you to visit our online store to purchase TurFresh products for at-home turf maintenance as you need it.

Weed Growth Around Synthetic Turf Edges & What You Can Do About It

Although synthetic turf does not need frequent maintenance, your artificial landscape still benefits from routine maintenance. While weed growth is generally more of an issue for natural grass lawns, it can sometimes grow around the edges of artificial turf. If you do notice weed growth around the edge of your synthetic turf, here’s what you can do to address it. 

Weed growth can occur for a number of reasons whether it be because of erosion or sediment. If your turf edges weren’t cut properly during install, they will not rest effectively against your wood deck, concrete, or other platforms. This contributes to sedimental build-up, and weed growth around the parameters of your synthetic grass landscape. When you first notice weed growth on the edge of your turf, you should call a professional company like TruFresh who can come and examine the issue. TruFresh is a trusted company that gets the job in a comprehensive and complete manner. Upon contacting us, we’ll come over and manually remove the grown weeds. For this situation, we choose to not spray weed killer because it could put children and pets at risk. We’ll perform minor repairs outside the normal seams and edges of your artificial grass to keep your turf in good condition and prevent weed growth from reoccurring any time soon.

These two solutions are just part of our extensive 10-point turf cleaning service that we provide to customers. We tailor our services to best fit the needs of the customer. Our comprehensive service ranges from magnetically sweeping your turf to remove dangerous items like screws, pins, or needles to improving your drainage by using our TurFlush system to flush out contaminants.

If you want your artificial grass to remain in its pristine condition, periodic cleaning can help it retain its aesthetic and functionality. TurFresh provides thorough cleaning and maintenance services for your synthetic turf. Our expert professional team will leave no stone unturned in our quest to make your artificial grass look and feel brand new. To learn more about the difference TurFresh can make or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873.

Give Your Artificial Turf A Holiday Makeover

With the holiday season in full swing, now is the perfect time to make your artificial turf and yard look better than ever. Take part in the festivities of the season by decorating and dressing up your synthetic turf. If you’re feeling some seasonal spirit, here’s how you can give your artificial turf a holiday makeover.

Freshen Up Your Artificial Turf With TurFresh

Before you can implement a creative design for your yard, you’ll want to make sure that your synthetic turf is as fresh and clean as it can be. To get the job done in the most efficient manner, you’ll need a company like TurFresh who will make your artificial grass look brand new. TurFresh offers a variety of stellar services that will not only improve your turf’s appearance, but also its condition. TurFresh’s elite professional team can prevent bacteria from growing on your synthetic grass by improving drainage. This will help eliminate odors and foul smells. TurFresh can also help your yard stay clean by removing pet hair, debris, and weeds. TurFresh’s services will make sure that your turf lasts longer and looks better. 

Holiday Designs and Ideas For Your Yard

There are several fun holiday theme designs that you can implement for your yard. A common more simplistic option is hanging and spreading out outdoor lights throughout your yard. If you’re in a Christmas-type mood, you can vary the color of your lights mixing in some red and green in there. Another Christmas-inspired design is using different props like candy canes, sleds, or nutcracker figurines and placing them all around your artificial grass. Another approach a homeowner can take is using the current layout of your yard and the existing structures to create a design. One iconic holiday imagery is of a person snuggled up in a blanket by a fireside that’s been decorated with Christmas trinkets. If you own an outdoor fireplace, you can recreate this feeling outside in your yard by simply decorating its mantle with different ornaments and accessories. 

TurFresh is dedicated to helping you maintain your artificial turf’s beautiful quality and condition. For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873 or fill out one of our forms. Our friendly team at TurFresh would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Cleaning & Disinfecting Artificial Grass Sports Fields During COVID-19

As some communities across the United States return to sporting activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, owners of artificial grass sports fields have expressed concerns about how to keep playing surfaces safely maintained for athletes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that the coronavirus is mainly being spread from person to person, but it is also possible to contract the disease through contact with objects and inanimate surfaces. While scientists and researchers are still learning about the virus, at TurFresh, we are committed to your safety and are here to serve you through the pandemic. 

It’s important to note that disinfectants, detergents, and soaps will only clean an artificial grass field temporarily. It is not a permanent fix, and it will not prevent future transmission of the virus. In order to help you, your sporting community, and loved ones in taking preventative measures to establish clean, fresh, and well-maintained sports fields, here are a few steps we adhere to in our routine cleaning & disinfecting process: 

  • We always use gloves and proper protective equipment 
  • Our turf cleaning professionals respect and adhere to social distancing guidelines 
  • TurFresh’s products scientifically adhere to, breakdown, and eliminate many forms of bacteria, significantly reducing the spread of germs
  • We follow a strict 10-point cleaning service to assist in restoring the freshness & increasing the longevity of your turf field 
  • All coordination of services and payment can be handled remotely, and through social distancing practices, minimizing any potential risk of transmission

As industry leaders in synthetic turf field maintenance for over 20 years, we are here to do our part in assisting our athletes to feel more at peace while they play the field. We also understand that life happens, and people get busy, which is why TurFresh offers a variety of service plans to assist you in cleaning and disinfecting your artificial grass sports field to keep the surface safe for players without the fuss. In addition to maintenance, we will deep clean your field using our proprietary cleaning and deodorizing products, which disinfect by killing bacteria on synthetic grass sports field surfaces.

As we continue to consciously return to everyday activities, while monitoring the latest updates with COVID-19, our TurFresh professionals are available to answer questions regarding best practices for disinfecting your synthetic turf. To find out more about our turf field cleaning services, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (855) 444-8873, or fill out one of our forms!

How To Clean Your Synthetic Grass Putting Green

One of the benefits of having synthetic grass is that it’s not nearly as demanding as natural grass. With artificial grass, the beauty is that very little maintenance is involved. In order to keep your putting green in optimal shape, some upkeep is required. Here are some tips to ensure your synthetic grass putting green remains beautiful, functional, and in great condition. 

Brush The Green

After removing branches, leaves, and any other visible debris, brush your green to keep the grass blades upright. This step will help ensure that the synthetic turf maintains a quality ball roll. Brushing will also keep the turf performing well after constant foot traffic.

A brush made especially for synthetic turf or a soft rake can be used on your green. Brush carefully to avoid damaging your putting green. 

Rinse and Hose the Turf

Once you’ve removed all trash and visible debris, rinse your artificial turf putting green to help keep debris, pollen, and dust from building up. Rinse your turf once a month to clear out debris between the fine blades of your synthetic turf. There’s no need to use any chemicals.

Use a Power Broom 

Under constant foot traffic, artificial grass blades can start to lie flat and lose their vibrancy. Using a power broom helps fluff artificial grass turf. Power brooms also help keep the grass standing in an upright position. 

Cleanup After Pets

When there’s pet waste on your turf, it’s best to remove it as soon as you see it. Hose and rinse the areas following the cleanup. It’s important to clean after pets regularly to ensure that your synthetic putting grass remains clean and odor-free.

Clean Minor Stains

The key to cleaning minor stains is to act quickly. One of the benefits of synthetic turf is that it’s  stain-resistant, which makes cleaning up after spills easy. Eco-friendly soap or a small amount of vinegar can be used to remove minor spots and mildew on your synthetic grass putting green.

Remove Weeds

While rare, it is possible for weeds to grow through artificial turf. Weeds can sometimes make their way to the surface through cracks, small holes, and around edges. Be sure to remove them as soon as you see them.

Though synthetic turf requires minimal maintenance, it’s still crucial to have it periodically cleaned in order to ensure that it’s beautiful, functional and retains its value for as long as possible. TurFresh offers comprehensive artificial grass cleaning services and maintenance for your synthetic turf putting green. We’ll deep clean your artificial turf and bring it back to like-new quality in no time. If you’d like to DIY, we also offer our proprietary cleaning products and grooming tools on our online store To find out more about our synthetic grass cleaning services, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today: (855) 444-8873.