Synthetic turf has become the go-to option for those seeking a low-maintenance alternative to the traditional grassy jungle.

Creating a Safe Haven: How Turf Cleaning Benefits Kids and Pets in Residential Spaces

In recent years, artificial grass has burst onto the scene as the ultimate choice for residential spaces. Whether you’ve got a sprawling backyard, a cozy rooftop garden, or a charming little balcony, synthetic turf has become the go-to option for those seeking a low-maintenance alternative to the traditional grassy jungle. But here’s the kicker, just like any other surface, artificial grass needs some tender loving care to keep it safe and downright delightful, especially for your rambunctious kids and furry pals. Buckle up as we take you on a lively journey through the vibrant world of turf cleaning and discover how it can transform your outdoor space into a haven for your loved ones. 


The Unstoppable Rise of Artificial Grass 

Artificial grass, often lovingly referred to as synthetic turf, is having its moment in the sun, and for good reason. This stuff is like a miracle carpet for your outdoor spaces. It’s green and lush all year round without the fuss of mowing, watering, or fussing about fertilizer. Plus, it’s as tough as nails, ready to handle the wildest of playdates and the harshest of weather conditions. 

The Marvel of Turf Maintenance 

Now, let’s talk maintenance. While synthetic turf is a breeze compared to the high-maintenance drama of natural grass, it’s not exactly “set it and forget it.” You’ve got to show it some love. Regular turf maintenance is your golden ticket to keeping your artificial grass clean, safe, and in tip-top condition. Let’s break down the key elements: 

  1. Routine Cleaning

Picture this: dirt, dust, leaves, and debris all conspiring to turn your lovely turf into a chaotic wilderness. Regular artificial grass cleaning is your superhero move to thwart this nefarious plot, keeping your turf looking fresh and ensuring a hazard-free playground for the kiddos and pets. 

  1. Pet Waste Management

Ah, pets, our beloved fur babies! But they do leave their mark, don’t they? Proper pet waste management is key to maintaining a clean and odor-free outdoor oasis. Synthetic turf maintenance includes the heroic removal of pet waste and a dash of sanitization to keep harmful bacteria at bay. 

  1. Weed Patrol

Even though artificial grass is like a fortress against weeds, those pesky invaders can sometimes sneak through the cracks. Routine maintenance helps spot and vanquish these intruders before they become a full-blown turf takeover. 

Turf Cleaning Techniques: The Magic Wand 

Now, let’s unveil the magic wand – turf cleaning techniques that will make your artificial grass the envy of the neighborhood: 

  • Brushing and Raking: Imagine giving your turf a spa day. Regular brushing and raking redistribute the infill material, prevent matting, and give debris and leaves their walking papers. 
  • Stain and Odor Removal: For those with four-legged friends, stain and odor removal are like a breath of fresh air, ensuring your turf remains a clean canvas, free of unsightly marks and funky smells. 
  • Infill Top-Up: Over time, the infill material in your artificial grass might need a little pep talk. Adding more infill material revives the turf’s resilience and cushioning, making it comfier for playtime. 


The Blessings for Kids and Pets 

Why go the extra mile with turf maintenance? Well, for the sake of your precious little ones and the furry companions who fill your heart with joy: 

  • Safety: A clean turf is a safe turf. It minimizes the risk of slips, trips, and tumbles, creating a haven for your kids to romp and play without a care in the world. 
  • Health: Regular turf cleaning and pet waste removal help keep your living space healthy. Say goodbye to those pesky bacteria and parasites that could cause trouble. 
  • Comfort: Clean, well-maintained synthetic turf is like a cloud beneath little feet and furry paws, ensuring outdoor activities are a delight for everyone involved. 
  • Durability: Proper maintenance is your secret weapon to make your artificial grass last longer, protecting your investment and ensuring years of family fun. 


TurFresh: Your Turf Cleaning Superheroes 

Now, here’s the kicker: if you’re not up for the routine artificial grass maintenance gig or just don’t have the time for it, enter the cavalry—professional artificial turf maintenance services from TurFresh. We’ve got a 10-point turf cleaning process that’s ready to swoop in and save the day. Whether you want us once a week or just twice a year, our expert team is here to make your turf troubles disappear. 

So, if you’re itching to create a haven for your kids and pets without the hassle of ongoing maintenance, look no further. Contact TurFresh at 855-444-8873 or fill out our online contact form today to book your first appointment. 

In the end, investing in regular turf cleaning isn’t just about keeping up appearances; it’s about crafting a safe and endlessly enjoyable outdoor space for your family, including those four-legged, tail-wagging members. With TurFresh, your residential area can remain a sanctuary of fun and relaxation, all thanks to the simple magic of maintaining your synthetic turf. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Always Leave Artificial Turf Maintenance to the Pros

Artificial turf is known for its low maintenance and resilience, but even with these advantages, occasional upkeep is ultimately essential. While it’s tempting to take turf maintenance into your own hands, the potential challenges often make the expertise of professionals necessary. Let’s explore three pivotal reasons why turf maintenance is a job best left to the professionals:

Bacteria and Viruses Can Thrive Without Proper Turf Cleaning

Although artificial grass isn’t organic like its natural counterpart, it isn’t immune to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Over time, various contaminants, from pet waste to spilled food and beverages, can become breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms. Professionals utilize specialized cleaning agents, like those available from TurFresh, ensuring that these pathogens are dealt with, providing a sanitized and safe surface for both family and pets.

Synthetic Turf Cleaning Keeps Pet Odors At Bay

For pet owners, synthetic grass is a great solution to the difficulties they face with natural grass. No mud, no digging, and no dead patches. However, pet waste can introduce unpleasant odors that linger if not properly treated. DIY cleaning might mask the smell temporarily, but professional treatments are able to dive deeper. Expert services use solutions like Turfbloom to neutralize odors at the source, ensuring your backyard remains fresh and inviting.

Prevent Turf Damage with Professional Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial turf is strong, but it’s not indestructible. The wrong cleaning tools or harsh chemicals can damage the fibers, affect the turf’s color, or even compromise its structural integrity. Professionals understand the intricacies of different turf types and utilize techniques that clean without causing harm. With their expertise, you avoid unintentional damage that can reduce the lifespan of your investment and give you costly repairs.

While artificial turf is a great landscaping solution, it deserves the care and expertise of professionals to maintain its optimal condition. The potential downfalls of DIY maintenance, from unintentional damage to health risks, make a convincing case for professional intervention. If you’re looking to ensure the longevity and beauty of your artificial turf, consider reaching out to the experts at TurFresh at 855-444-8873; you can also visit our online store to purchase the same state-of-the-art turf cleaning supplies we use and ensure your turf stays looking and smelling great between turf maintenance services. Our trained professionals guarantee your turf remains clean, safe, and odor-free.

Helpful Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips for Busy Apartment Managers

Apartment managers are all too familiar with the challenges of maintaining the most attractive environment possible year-round. A beautiful and well-maintained exterior reminds homeowners and tenants that they live in a good building that is worth the price they’re paying. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons why apartment complexes and other residential facilities make the switch to synthetic grass landscaping.

However, while much easier to care for than natural grass, turf grass still needs to be routinely maintained in order to look its best year-round. If you’re a busy apartment manager looking for quick and easy artificial grass maintenance tips, here are three key ways you can prevent wear and tear and ensure that your apartment building looks pristine 365 days a year.

Clean Spills Quickly

With so many people enjoying the apartment complex’s outdoor space day-to-day, spills and stains are all but inevitable. When accidents so happen, make sure that you clean them up quickly in order to avoid permanent staining or damage.

Blot any liquid stains with a towel or use a dry absorbent. Apply a mixture of water and mild detergent to the affected area, or use ammonia and water for more stubborn substances. After allowing the solution to sit for 10-15 minutes, rinse the area thoroughly with cold water. If the area still has a lingering scent after it’s dry, apply specialized artificial grass cleaning products such as a turf deodorizer to refresh the area and eliminate any odors.

Manage Foot Traffic

One of the biggest challenges to exterior landscaping in an apartment complex is foot traffic. Your green space likely gets trekked on daily, whether someone’s cutting to their front door from the parking lot or having a barbecue and a game of volleyball. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf will never turn brown from too much foot traffic or patio furniture, which is why it’s beloved by apartment complexes. However, the turf blades can get matted down over time, detracting from the visual appeal of your property.

To prevent matting and proactively avoid the effects of high foot traffic, move any outdoor furniture on a regular basis. Constant pressure from chairs, tables, umbrellas, and other furniture can cause the turf blades to flatten, so moving them or rotating them occasionally can help alleviate this problem.

Cross-brushing or power-brooming turf blades will also help counteract any matting. This can be done at home using a brush with synthetic bristles, but for a property with a high square footage such as an apartment complex or HOA, it’s typically best to opt for a professional service such as TurFresh’s TurfBloom service. We’ll re-fluff your lawn and bring your turf blades back to life in no time, no matter how much square footage you have to maintain.

Invest in Regular Synthetic Turf Cleaning

Cleaning up spills and managing foot traffic are great ways to keep your turf looking its best day-to-day, but regular cleaning and maintenance are needed to extend the lifespan of your turf and keep it clean and safe for tenants.

If you want to ensure that your artificial grass is always looking its best and smelling fresh, schedule regular synthetic turf cleaning with a turf maintenance professional. Whether you need weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointments, routine cleaning sessions are the best way to effectively and thoroughly clean your synthetic grass landscaping without wasting significant time and money trying to do it yourself.

At TurFresh, our expert technicians specialize in synthetic turf cleaning for apartment complexes, and we can rejuvenate your green space using our proprietary products and proven techniques. We achieve a deeper, fresher clean than competitors, giving you long-lasting freshness that will impress guests and keep tenants satisfied.

If you don’t want to worry about routine artificial grass maintenance for your apartment complex, or if you don’t have the time to do it yourself as often as you need to, consider professional artificial turf maintenance services from TurFresh. Our 10-point turf cleaning process can be scheduled as often as you need us, whether that’s once a week or twice a year. If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s turf maintenance services for apartment complexes, HOAs, and other residential facilities, give us a call at 855-444-8873, or fill out our online contact form today to book your first appointment.

At TurFresh, our core mission has perennially been empowering pet parents to extract maximum joy from their artificial lawns.

Not All Turf Base is the Same: The Silent Culprit of Unpleasant Odors

By John Pla, Owner of TurFresh, with 20 years of expertise in artificial grass cleaning and installations.


When pet parents decide to switch to artificial grass, they’re often looking to elevate their property’s curb appeal and relish in the prospect of a low-maintenance yard for both their front and back lawns. The dream? A yard that’s forever green and immaculate and without an odor. However, for pet owners, especially those with playful little or big canines, that picture-perfect yard can sometimes be marred by an unexpected foe: odor. And the culprit isn’t just the type of artificial grass or infill you choose but the 2 – 4” of base lying and compacted underneath.

In my twenty-year journey at TurFresh, dedicated to mastering the nuances of artificial grass installations, I’ve encountered numerous projects where the turf wasn’t the problem; it was the base material beneath it. Let’s unravel the mystery of bases and understand how a misguided or misinformed choice can lead to lingering, unwelcome odors.

5 Types of Base Layers for Artificial Lawns

Thanks to industry advancements, homeowners now have a range of reliable options for base layers, each offering unique advantages:

Pea Gravel Base

Comprising tiny, rounded rocks, pea gravel, commonly used for pathways and patios, can be a tricky choice for turf bases. Their round and slippery nature can lead to shifts, resulting in a less compacted, uneven surface over time.

Crushed Misc. Base

A preferred choice for budget-conscious homeowners, this type of base is a blend of Portland cement and asphalt concrete. It’s not only economical compared to granite but also boasts commendable compaction. Plus, there’s the option of using recycled materials for the eco-friendly homeowner.

Decomposed Granite

Consisting of smaller granite fragments, this turf base provides a smooth underlying surface and top-notch drainage. However, it’s on the pricier side and tends to settle in the first year, causing potential unevenness.

Crushed Aggregate

Distinct from the miscellaneous base, this variant can comprise different mixes of crushed rock, asphalt, and concrete. Its array of particle sizes and jagged edges allows for durable and reliable compaction. Homeowners also have the flexibility to select between finer or coarser aggregate materials.

Class II Road Base

A premium choice for artificial turf enthusiasts, this base is a specialized blend of small and large aggregates, perfect for various applications, from driveways to patios. With its permeable nature ensuring exceptional drainage and resilience even under frequent footfall, it’s a top choice for quality installers.

Navigating and Neutralizing Odors

The secret to an odor-free artificial grass lies in:

Optimal Drainage: Regardless of your base choice, it’s crucial to guarantee swift drainage, preventing the stagnation of liquids like urine and liquified feces.

Routine Maintenance: A consistent cleaning regimen with TurFresh is indispensable. Regular rinsing, combined with the TurFresh BioS+ Enzyme cleaner, promises a continually fresh-smelling turf.

Quality Turf Selection: Lean towards artificial grass variants that boast anti-microbial features, assisting in minimizing bacterial growth which would include the proper Turfill.

For those already dealing with constant odor challenges, the path forward might necessitate anything from a comprehensive turf cleanse to a total revamp of the base, contingent on the issue’s depth.

In Conclusion

At TurFresh, our core mission has perennially been empowering pet parents to extract maximum joy from their artificial lawns. The essence of an exceptional artificial grass installation, metaphorically and practically, rests in the perfect type of base. Make informed choices, stay committed to upkeep, and when in doubt, always lean on experts. Your dream of a fragrant, picturesque lawn is absolutely attainable!

Helpful Turf Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lawn Fresh This Summer

Summer brings radiant sunshine, enjoyable outdoor activities, and a chance to show off your beautiful synthetic lawn. Maintaining the appearance and functionality of your artificial turf during the hot season requires specific attention and care. 

While synthetic grass has lower maintenance requirements compared to natural grass, it is not completely maintenance-free. High temperatures and increased foot traffic during summer can impact the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your synthetic turf. Let’s delve into three essential turf maintenance tips that can help you keep your synthetic lawn fresh and vibrant this summer.

1. Regular Cleaning

One of the most critical steps in artificial turf maintenance is regular cleaning. Your synthetic lawn is subjected to the accumulation of various types of debris, such as leaves, branches, and dirt over time. It is essential to regularly remove these elements to maintain the lush green appearance and ensure the durability of your artificial grass.

Start by using a rake or leaf blower to effectively clear off debris from your turf. Regular cleaning also includes taking care of spills and stains. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass doesn’t have living organisms that can break down substances, leading to staining. Use a mild detergent with warm water to clean the spill as soon as it happens.

For those with pets, cleaning becomes even more important. Pet waste needs to be removed promptly and the area cleaned to prevent any unpleasant odor. Cleaning your turf at least once a week or more often in high-usage areas helps keep it clean, fresh, and inviting. After events or parties, it is crucial to conduct a thorough cleaning to maintain the aesthetic and functional integrity of your artificial turf.

2. Turf Grooming

Another integral part of synthetic turf maintenance is grooming, particularly when your artificial lawn experiences high foot traffic. Continual walking or running can cause the grass blades to flatten over time, reducing the natural look of your lawn.

A turf groomer can be an ideal solution for this issue. It helps lift the grass blades, restoring the original lush, upright look of your synthetic lawn. Grooming also prevents matting and compaction, helping to maintain the soft, comfortable texture of your turf. TurFresh provides professional turf cleaning services and offers a range of effective grooming products, easily accessible in our online store, ensuring your synthetic lawn stays vibrant.

3. Deodorizing Your Turf

Keeping your synthetic lawn smelling fresh is crucial, especially for pet owners. Unpleasant pet odors can linger if not addressed promptly and effectively. Applying a turf deodorizer can help combat this issue, preserving the freshness of your lawn.

TurFresh’s BioS+ Turf Deodorizer is a top-tier product designed to eliminate pet odors effectively. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, and uses live bacteria to break down ammonia in pet waste, leaving your turf fresh and clean. The BioS+ Turf Deodorizer is available in our online store, providing an easy and effective solution to keep your turf smelling fresh.

In summary, maintaining the freshness and appeal of your artificial turf throughout the summer is a manageable task with these helpful turf maintenance tips. Regular cleaning, proper grooming, and effective deodorizing play a crucial role in preserving the life and beauty of your synthetic grass. Remember, proper maintenance not only enhances the appearance of your turf but also extends its lifespan, making your investment even more worthwhile.

For more information about turf maintenance or inquiries about our products and services, feel free to contact us at TurFresh. Our team of professionals is always ready to guide and assist you in maintaining the optimal condition of your synthetic lawn. Reach out to us today at (855) 444-8873.

Maximize Your Investment: How Regular Turf Maintenance Helps Homeowners Associations

If you’re an HOA board member or property manager trying to attract residents to your association, it’s imperative that your neighborhood maintains a beautiful and well-kept appearance year-round. However, accomplishing this can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, especially when you have so many other day-to-day matters to worry about.

Luckily, with scheduled synthetic turf maintenance from a professional turf maintenance provider like TurFresh, you can keep your HOA looking lush, green, and pristine 365 days a year. Here are just a few of the many benefits of professional synthetic grass maintenance for homeowners associations like yours.

Year-Round Curb Appeal

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners associations make the switch to synthetic grass landscaping is because of its evergreen appearance. Even during sweltering summers and frigid winters, your neighborhood will enjoy the appearance of a lush, vibrant landscape, boosting curb appeal and, ultimately, property values.

However, with daily foot traffic, pet use, and weather fluctuations, your turf can end up looking worse for wear. Although your landscape will remain green, it can become matted, dingy, and even odorous, detracting from your community’s curb appeal. That’s where professional synthetic turf maintenance services come in.

With routine synthetic grass cleaning, your green space will remain lush, tidy, and smelling fresh. Even with kids at play, dogs being walked, or lawn furniture being moved around, your amenities and common areas will always look inviting to new and current residents, improving member satisfaction.

Safe & Fun for Kids & Pets

Your HOA is where dozens, if not hundreds, of families call home. As such, you likely have kids and pets enjoying your common areas each day, year-round. With so much heavy use, your synthetic grass can build up odors, bacteria, and other health hazards without proper maintenance, endangering residents and making your common areas a less enjoyable space.

By investing in synthetic grass maintenance, you can keep your green space safe, healthy, and odor-free. In addition to reviving the look of your turf lawn, your maintenance provider will restore full drainage capabilities, top up your antimicrobial infill, and eliminate bacteria with a turf deodorizer. If you have dog runs, playgrounds, or other kid- and pet-friendly common areas, synthetic turf maintenance is a crucial investment for keeping families happy and safe.

Save Time & Money

Switching to artificial grass is a cost-effective measure for any HOA thanks to its low maintenance requirements. However, you can’t abandon maintenance altogether once it’s installed. Synthetic grass still requires periodic upkeep, but you can save time and money by investing in high-quality professional turf maintenance services.

While you may not want to add an expense to your annual budget, professional turf maintenance is essential. Trusting your usual landscapers with synthetic grass maintenance is often a costly mistake, as they typically aren’t specially trained and can damage the turf using improper tools and techniques. Shirking maintenance altogether can also cost you in the long run since you’ll endure premature wear and tear and will need to replace your landscaping years earlier than if you had invested in routine maintenance. It can also cost you in property value. Without regular upkeep, your HOA can lose its curb appeal, damaging member satisfaction as well as neighborhood home values.

If you’re worried about budgeting or having to raise dues to afford the extra service, don’t be! At TurFresh, we offer customizable service schedules that range from monthly to biannually, so you can choose the plan that fits your foot traffic needs and budget. We also offer commercial turf maintenance services specifically tailored to HOAs and apartment complexes, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving exactly the services you need. We understand the unique needs of residential facilities and can offer a one-of-a-kind synthetic grass cleaning service that will keep all areas of your property looking clean, fresh, and well-maintained year-round. 

If you’re an HOA board member, management firm, or property manager looking for a reliable artificial grass maintenance provider near you, look no further than TurFresh. We offer customizable service plans that suit your needs and provide an unbeatable clean every time. To learn more or book your first turf maintenance appointment for your HOA, give us a call at 855-444-8873 or fill out our online contact form today.

Unveiling the Turf Cleaning Secret: How TurFresh Became the Unrivaled Leader in the Industry

When it comes to maintaining your artificial turf, the difference between mediocre and exceptional service can be vast. Turf owners seek a company that not only delivers outstanding results but also prioritizes value, warranty, and credibility. In a competitive market, one name stands alone – TurFresh. With over two decades of experience, TurFresh has pioneered professional turf cleaning services, and their commitment to price, service, and quality sets them apart as leaders in the industry. Let’s explore why TurFresh is the go-to choice for those who refuse to compromise on excellence.

 1. Unparalleled Experience and Credibility

TurFresh’s reputation speaks volumes, with a track record of serving satisfied customers for more than 20 years. Being the first and oldest company to offer specialized turf cleaning services has solidified their expertise in the field. Over the years, they have honed their techniques, perfected their approach, and garnered the trust of countless turf owners. When choosing TurFresh, you’re selecting a company with a proven history of delivering exceptional results.

 2. Maximum Value – No Cutting Corners

At TurFresh, value isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the cornerstone of their service philosophy. Turf owners can rest assured that no corners are cut when it comes to delivering the utmost value. TurFresh prides itself on offering an extensive range of services that go beyond mere cleaning. From meticulous brush-up to comprehensive pet odor elimination, they ensure every aspect of your turf is revitalized to its full potential. With TurFresh, you get more than just cleaning; you get a complete transformation.

 3. The Turf-Specific Approach

What sets TurFresh apart is their dedication to artificial turf and their in-depth understanding of its unique requirements. Unlike generic cleaning services, TurFresh focuses solely on artificial turf, tailoring their techniques and products to maximize efficacy. This specialized approach ensures that your turf receives the care it deserves, resulting in a long-lasting, vibrant, and healthy lawn.

 4. Generous Warranty for Peace of Mind

TurFresh stands by the quality of their work and the products they use. As a testament to their confidence, they offer a generous warranty on their services, providing customers with ultimate peace of mind. This commitment to satisfaction is rare in the industry and further underscores TurFresh’s dedication to delivering excellence.

 5. Leaders in Innovation

From the very beginning, TurFresh has been at the forefront of innovation in the turf cleaning industry. They continually seek better solutions, refine their techniques, and incorporate cutting-edge technology to stay ahead. Choosing TurFresh means choosing a company that not only follows industry trends but sets them. 


When it comes to turf cleaning services, TurFresh truly stands alone. With their unmatched experience, commitment to value, turf-specific approach, and a reputation built over two decades, they remain unrivaled in the industry. Turf owners seeking the best service, quality, and credibility need look no further. Trust TurFresh to transform your artificial turf into a vibrant, clean, and odor-free oasis that will exceed your expectations and elevate your outdoor living experience to new heights.

The Hidden Dangers of Pet Waste on Artificial Turf: A Mom’s Guide to Safe and Clean Playtime

Hey there, fellow moms and pet turf enthusiasts! If you’ve installed artificial grass to create a safe and low-maintenance play area for your kids, you probably love its convenience and consistent beauty. But there’s one aspect that we can’t ignore: pet waste cleanup. As much as we adore our furry friends, leaving their waste to dry on the turf can lead to unseen dangers, affecting both our kids’ well-being and the longevity of the grass. Let’s explore why dealing with this “poo-situation” is essential and discover an organic and safe solution for keeping our artificial lawns pristine!

The “Poo-Situation” – A Not So Fun Fact

We all know how busy life can get with kids running around, but it’s crucial to address the “poo- situation” on our artificial turf. When pet waste is left unattended, it becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and pathogens. These invisible dangers can lead to various health issues, especially for our little ones who love spending time outdoors.

Protecting Our Family’s Health and Happiness

As moms, the safety of our kids is paramount. Those invisible bacteria lurking on the grass can cause gastrointestinal problems, skin irritations, and even respiratory infections. Yikes! To ensure our kids’ health and happiness, we must take action to keep our artificial turf clean and safe.

Say Hello to Organic and Kid-Friendly Solutions

Now, here comes the good news! You don’t have to resort to harsh chemicals to clean your turf effectively. Embrace organic treatments like TurFresh BioS+ to the rescue or its professional services! This natural bio-enzyme cleaner is specially designed to neutralize bacteria and eliminate pet odors without any harmful effects on your kids or the environment.

A Few Simple Steps to Turf Perfection

With TurFresh BioS+, maintaining a pristine artificial lawn is a breeze. Follow these easy steps to ensure a safe and clean playtime for your kids:

  1. Regular Cleanup: Don’t wait! Scoop up pet waste promptly and dispose of it properly.
  2. Bio-Enzyme Magic: Apply TurFresh BioS+ as directed to neutralize bacteria and eliminate odors.
  3. Rinse and Refresh: Give your turf a quick rinse with water to keep it looking fresh and inviting.

The Joy of a Safe and Lush Outdoor Oasis

Imagine your kids playing freely on a lush and clean artificial lawn, giggles echoing in the air. With TurFresh BioS+ taking care of those pesky bacteria, you can relish in the joy of a worry-free outdoor oasis for your family.


Moms, we’ve got this! By prioritizing pet waste cleanup and using organic treatments like TurFresh BioS+, we can create a safe and clean haven for our kids to explore and play. Let’s embrace responsible turf maintenance, ensure our little ones’ well-being, and cherish the precious moments spent on our beautiful artificial turf. Say goodbye to the “poo situation” and hello to endless outdoor fun!

Stop Worrying About These Bacteria With Proper Synthetic Turf Maintenance

Whether you live in San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Ana or Phoenix, germs are everywhere. From bacteria and viruses to parasites and infections, there are many potential health risks that can affect you, your family, and your pets if you neglect good hygiene and regular disinfecting around your property.

While many people regularly clean and disinfect interior surfaces such as countertops and tables, most people neglect disinfecting their backyards. However, regular synthetic grass maintenance is crucial for preventing the spread of nasty illnesses and organisms that can put your family and guests at risk. Here are a few types of bacteria, viruses and other infection-causing organisms that can be prevented from spreading with the help of an effective synthetic grass disinfectant.

1. Ringworm

Ringworm is a type of skin infection caused by a fungus. Ringworm is often found on the skin and in the environment, and it easily spreads in the presence of humidity and warmth. Ringworm can affect many parts of the body, including the scalp, groin and feet. If someone with athlete’s foot (a form of Ringworm) has recently stepped onto your artificial grass yard, your family could be at risk for catching it, which is why it’s always important to hire a turf maintenance service to thoroughly disinfect your yard after you have visitors or gatherings.

2. Staph

A Staph infection, also known as Staphylococcus, is another common bacteria found on the skin and in the environment. It’s highly contagious and can easily spread in places where people gather, such as public pools, schools, and backyard gatherings. A Staph infection can become very serious very quickly, and can even result in death if it isn’t treated properly. If you suspect that someone who’s recently used your synthetic grass lawn may have a Staph infection, contact TurFresh to clean your turf right away.


MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. This bacteria is also highly contagious and can spread quickly when people come in contact with an infected person. It’s also resistant to certain antibiotics and can be difficult to treat, making it especially important to prevent in the first place. Since it can be spread through close contact with infected individuals or contaminated surfaces, including synthetic grass, prompt and thorough disinfecting is highly encouraged. Your pets can also catch MRSA, so keep an eye on their skin and fur, and see a veterinarian right away if they show any possible signs of infection.

4. Influenza A (H1N1)

Finally, influenza A (H1N1) is one of the most common kinds of viruses, and it’s one that can infect both humans and pets. Rates of this virus have been on the rise in recent years, making it especially important to ensure that high-touch surfaces are regularly sanitized and disinfected. Synthetic grass maintenance can effectively prevent influenza A from growing in artificial turf, mitigating the spread of this virus if someone in your home or on your property is sick. Common symptoms of influenza in both humans and pets include fever, cough and sneezing.

Synthetic turf maintenance, including the use of synthetic grass disinfectant, is crucial to keeping your turf safe to use for everyone in your home. Whether you want to apply our best-selling turf deodorizers yourself or trust the experts with a professional synthetic turf maintenance service, TurFresh can help you with your synthetic grass maintenance needs to ensure peace of mind for your entire family. 

If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s professional artificial turf maintenance services or book your first appointment, give us a call at 855-444-8873 or fill out our online contact form today. Visit our online store to view our full selection of turf deodorizers and at-home synthetic turf maintenance products.

Essential Tips To Stop Your Dog From Eating Turf

Installing an artificial grass lawn on your residential or commercial property comes with a transition period for everyone involved. It will take a while to fully remember that you no longer need to water, mow, or perform other maintenance tasks on your artificial grass lawn – and of course, you’ll also need to adjust to having luscious greenery on your property year-round. More importantly, your furry friends will also need to adjust to having a new synthetic grass lawn. Some dogs take to artificial grass right away, while others need time to adjust to the new substance. 

Perhaps the biggest challenge pet owners face is when their dogs chew on their synthetic grass. While synthetic turf is durable, this sort of behavior can eventually cause damage to your synthetic turf landscaping investment. Additionally, since artificial turf is not dog food, you do not want your dogs to consume it. Today, we’ll be going over some helpful tips to help prevent your dog from eating artificial grass. 

Use Traditional Dog Training Methods

In general, the best way to address adverse dog behavior is with traditional training techniques. In this case, you’ll need to spend time with your dog around the turf in order to teach them not to eat it.

After you’ve installed your new synthetic turf lawn, go outside with your dog. Reprimand them when they chew on the synthetic turf; if they behave properly, reward them with a treat. If you are able to communicate consistently and make your expectations clear, your dog will learn to stop consuming your synthetic turf. 

Try to Contain the Issue

When using traditional dog training methods, it is typically advised to separate the dog from the item(s) they are chewing on. Examples of this can include closing your closet or bathroom door, putting up a baby gate in your kitchen or kenneling your dogs when you’re at work or school or running errands. 

When it comes to artificial grass, however, containment isn’t as easy of a task. While fencing off your synthetic turf is an option, you may have to get a little more creative if you’re looking for a less time-consuming fix. Try taking your dogs for walks in the backyard, or accompany them during backyard time. This is a great way to get a little more control over the situation and implement some new training methods. Once the training sticks, they will be fine to play on the turf on their own. 

Provide Alternative Chew Toys

Dogs ultimately may chew on synthetic turf blades for two reasons – either due to digestive distress or because they are just looking for a new chew toy. Dogs use chewing as a form of stress relief and a way to play and combat boredom. Essentially, dogs like chewing, and grass (natural or artificial) is a viable option for them.

When your dog wants to turn to chewing artificial turf, provide them with a better chew toy. Some dogs even like to chew on old socks or rags. Regardless, when you find them something better to chew on, they’ll leave your artificial turf alone. 

If you find that your dog’s synthetic grass-chewing habit is digestion-related, you can plant a small section of real plants that they can chew on in place of synthetic turf. Additionally, you can also try to modify their diet to resolve any chronic issues. 

Evaluate Your Pup’s Diet

A hungry dog will chew on just about anything, synthetic grass included. Dogs do not get any type of nutrition from natural or synthetic grass – but they will still chew on whatever they can find in order to process their hunger. If your pup is able to safely consume more food, it might provide a solution to this issue. 

Tire Your Dog Out 

Oftentimes, dogs use chewing behaviors as a way to cope with boredom. With more exercise and stimulation incorporated into their routine, your dog will be too tired to spend time chewing on your synthetic turf. A whole lot of playing, walking and running can go a long way, both for your synthetic grass landscaping and the well-being of your pup.  

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