Enhancing Pet Care Services: Creating a Refreshing Experience with TurFresh

In the world of pet care services, providing a safe and pleasant environment for clients’ beloved pets is a top priority. While many factors contribute to a positive experience, one aspect that is often overlooked is the role of odor. By harnessing the power of scent and incorporating a product like TurFresh, artificial grass cleaning and pet odor eliminating solution, kennels and doggy daycares can not only create a safe and clean environment but also enhance their marketing perception. In this blog, we will explore how the use of TurFresh can elevate the pet service business by appealing to the six senses and establishing a strong connection with clients.

The Power of Smell

Smell is a powerful sense that evokes emotions and memories. In the context of pet care services, it plays a crucial role in creating a positive experience for both pets and their owners. Unpleasant odors can leave a lasting negative impression, while fresh and clean scents can foster a sense of comfort and well-being. TurFresh offers an effective solution by eliminating pet odors and ensuring a refreshing atmosphere.

A Safe and Clean Environment

Kennels and doggy daycares have a responsibility to maintain a hygienic environment for the pets in their care. TurFresh not only eliminates pet odors but also helps in cleaning and maintaining artificial grass. By using TurFresh, pet care businesses can ensure that their facilities are clean, odor-free, and safe for pets to roam and play.

Enhancing Marketing Perception

The use of TurFresh can significantly enhance a pet care business’s marketing perception. By highlighting the fresh and clean environment provided by TurFresh, kennels and doggy daycares can differentiate themselves from competitors. Customers are more likely to choose a facility that values cleanliness and takes proactive measures to create a pleasant atmosphere for their pets.

Connecting with Clients

Building strong connections with clients is essential in the pet service industry. Utilizing TurFresh not only benefits the pets but also demonstrates a commitment to providing the best possible experience for pet owners. By emphasizing the importance of odor elimination and cleanliness, pet care businesses can establish trust and loyalty with their clients, leading to long-term relationships.

The Emotional Aspect

Pets are valued members of the family, and owners want the best for their furry companions. By using TurFresh and ensuring a fresh-smelling environment, kennels and doggy daycares can evoke positive emotions in pet owners. The peace of mind that comes from knowing their pets are in a clean and hygienic space enhances the overall experience and builds a positive reputation.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Happy clients become brand ambassadors. When pet owners experience a clean and odor-free environment provided by TurFresh, they are more likely to share their positive experiences with friends, family, and even on social media. Word-of-mouth marketing can be a powerful tool in attracting new clients to your pet care business.

Incorporating TurFresh into the cleaning and odor elimination process for artificial grass in kennels and doggy daycares offers numerous benefits. It creates a safe and clean environment for pets, enhances the marketing perception of the business, and establishes a strong connection with clients. By acknowledging the power of smell and prioritizing cleanliness, pet care services can elevate their offering and provide an exceptional experience for pets and their owners.

Remember, when it comes to pet care services, the use of TurFresh and its impact on scent should not be overlooked. Embrace the opportunity to provide a refreshing experience that will leave a lasting positive impression on clients and their beloved pets.

Conquering the Heat: Unleashing the Power of TurFresh for Pet Turf in Hot Regions like Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada

Maintaining a fresh and clean artificial grass surface, often referred to as pet turf, in scorching hot regions like Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, can be an arduous task. However, there’s an innovative solution that excels even in the most sweltering conditions. TurFresh, a groundbreaking product, utilizes advanced technology to eliminate pet odors, ensuring a pleasant experience for both pets and their owners. In this blog, we will explore how TurFresh surpasses expectations in high-temperature areas, revolutionizing pet odor elimination while rejuvenating dirty turf, specifically in the scorching regions of Phoenix and Las Vegas.

Understanding the Heat Challenge in Phoenix and Las Vegas

Regions like Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, experience extreme heat, which poses unique challenges for pet turf. The intense temperatures can exacerbate odors and make it crucial to have a solution that can withstand and combat these conditions effectively. TurFresh rises to the occasion by utilizing cutting-edge technology specifically designed to excel in these hot climates.

Engineered for Heat Resilience

TurFresh is engineered to tackle pet odors in the most demanding environments, including areas with soaring temperatures and dirty turf in hot regions like Phoenix and Las Vegas. Its advanced formulation incorporates ingredients and processes that enhance heat resilience without sacrificing efficiency. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, TurFresh ensures continuous odor elimination even under extreme heat conditions.

Enhanced Stability for Pet Turf in Hot Climates

Maintaining the stability and integrity of pet turf in scorching regions like Phoenix and Las Vegas becomes a paramount concern. TurFresh’s unique formulation demonstrates exceptional stability, allowing it to withstand the heat and combat odors effectively without causing damage or degradation to the turf surface. This ensures that the pet turf remains fresh, vibrant, and inviting even in the hottest climates.

Targeted Odor Neutralization on Dirty Turf

TurFresh employs a targeted approach to neutralizing pet odors on dirty turf, tackling the problem at its source. Its advanced formula is specifically designed to break down and eliminate odor-causing molecules, effectively neutralizing unpleasant smells. This targeted approach ensures that even in the hottest temperatures, pet odors on the turf surface are effectively eliminated rather than masked.

Extended Durability for Pet Turf in Hot Regions

In areas like Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, where intense heat is a reality, durability becomes a critical factor for pet turf. TurFresh excels in this aspect by providing long-lasting odor elimination while rejuvenating dirty turf. Its robust formula and advanced technology create a protective barrier that helps prevent the re-emergence of odors, ensuring a consistently fresh and vibrant pet turf surface in these hot regions.

Trusted by Professionals in Hot Climates

TurFresh’s exceptional performance in extreme heat has earned it the trust of professionals in the pet care industry, particularly in hot regions like Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Its efficacy, reliability, and ability to excel in high-temperature conditions have made it a preferred choice for pet turf maintenance in these areas. The testimonials and recommendations from these professionals serve as a testament to TurFresh’s effectiveness in rejuvenating dirty turf and eliminating pet odors in scorching climates.

In scorching hot regions like Phoenix, Arizona, and Las Vegas, Nevada, maintaining a fresh and clean pet turf surface can be a challenging task. However, TurFresh, a groundbreaking pet odor elimination solution, rises to the occasion. With its advanced technology and heat-resilient formulation, TurFresh excels in these high-temperature conditions.

Creating the Ultimate Synthetic Turf Maintenance Plan For Sports Fields

Athletic facilities from San Diego, CA, to Garland, TX, are adopting synthetic grass for their sports fields. Not only does turf grass provide the same great look as real grass, but the low maintenance levels make it easy to preserve the perfectly-manicured green while cutting costs.

However, you will still need to perform routine turf maintenance for your athletic facility. After all, sports fields often harbor a lot of germs, and inadequate synthetic grass maintenance can leave your players with illness, injuries and more. Luckily, artificial grass maintenance is easy when you have a comprehensive plan. Here are a few tips for creating the ultimate synthetic turf maintenance plan for your sports field.

Keep the Turf Cool & Comfortable

If the temperature of your synthetic grass field is too high, it can be uncomfortable for players and even cause health and safety issues such as burns, blisters and heat stroke. To keep your artificial turf cool and comfortable for players, hose down the surface before practices or games to prevent overheating.

You can also opt for synthetic grass products manufactured with UV inhibitors that keep surface temperatures cooler than other turf products or natural grass. These turf products require the same maintenance as standard artificial grass, so it’s a worthwhile investment for sports fields in warm climates.

Don’t Neglect Proper Sanitation

Thorough cleaning and disinfecting are crucial for keeping players safe from germs and bacteria. Sports fields can be a breeding ground for bacteria-borne illnesses, so make sure that you are performing all essential turf maintenance steps and disinfecting thoroughly.

Flush your field with a cleaning solution or apply a turf disinfectant to kill all surface germs. Top up your antimicrobial infill to further protect against germs, bacteria, mold and other hazards. Make sure that this infill is always evened out after topping it up, as uneven infill can cause athletes to lose their footing and injure themselves.

Know the Schedule

It’s important to know not only the game schedule for your field but the practice schedule as well. Your field should always be safe for gameplay, and this includes practice sessions. 

Knowing the schedule will help you create a maintenance schedule that ensures the field is clean before it’s needed but avoids scheduling conflicts where you are still performing turf maintenance when practice starts. Turf maintenance tools and equipment can be a safety hazard for players, so you’ll need to work around their games and practices in an efficient manner.

Don’t Underestimate the Time Commitment

Although synthetic grass is much lower maintenance than natural grass, it still requires a time commitment to ensure it’s properly cleaned and sanitized. This is especially important in athletic applications where bacteria runs rampant, and athlete health is imperative.

Make sure that you’re aware of how often you’ll need to clean the turf and how long it will take. In addition to ensuring that you don’t interrupt players during practice, this will also ensure that the turf doesn’t get neglected and that corners aren’t cut during cleaning.

Ideally, athletic fields should be thoroughly cleaned daily, so ensure you have staff available to perform all the necessary duties. If you don’t have the time to perform all of the proper maintenance yourself, consider hiring a turf maintenance professional that can come out daily, weekly, or however often is necessary to maintain your sports field to the necessary standard.

Artificial grass maintenance is a non-negotiable if you run a sports facility with artificial turf. If you need the proper equipment to maintain your synthetic grass, visit the TurFresh online store for a wide range of turf cleaning products specially created for artificial grass, including our famous TurFresh BioS+ turf deodorizer. If you don’t want to have to worry about routine maintenance, or if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, consider professional artificial grass cleaning services. TurFresh’s 10-point cleaning process can be scheduled as often as you need us, whether that’s once a week or twice a year. If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s artificial turf maintenance services or book your first appointment, give us a call at 855-444-8873 or fill out our online contact form today.

Turf Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Balcony Fresh

Housing prices are on the rise from San Diego, CA, to Garland, TX, and outdoor space is at a premium in many cities across the country. Luckily, whether you have a backyard or a balcony, synthetic grass allows you to have green space to enjoy, no matter your available square footage.

Apartment owners and property managers love synthetic turf for balconies because it provides attractive, vibrant green space with low maintenance requirements, and it can even be installed on concrete. Maintaining a synthetic grass balcony takes some time and effort, but if done properly, it can make your outdoor space look stunning. By following these turf maintenance tips, you can keep your balcony looking fresh and inviting for years to come.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Turf Maintenance Tools

Balcony turf maintenance is much the same as turf maintenance for synthetic grass yards and even indoor turf. Before beginning the process, it’s important to make sure that you have the right tools for synthetic grass maintenance.

It’s always important to have a stiff broom or brush for cross-brushing, but make sure that its bristles aren’t metallic. Synthetic bristles are best, and there are many options made specifically for artificial grass maintenance. You’ll also need a hose and bucket, as well as a spray bottle. Paper towels also come in handy, and a turf cleaning solution of some sort will be necessary for spills or accidents. You can use an at-home cleaning solution of water and soap, or you can invest in a high-quality turf deodorizer like TurFresh BioS+ for a deeper clean.

Routine Turf Maintenance for Balconies

Once you have all the right turf cleaning products on hand, you’re ready to maintain your balcony’s synthetic grass. Routine turf maintenance is always best for extending your turf’s lifespan and keeping it looking its best year-round.

It’s important to pick up any debris, such as leaves or branches, as often as possible. Leaving these for too long can cause matting, which will impede drainage and worsen the appearance of your balcony. You’ll also need to rinse your synthetic grass once a week to wash away any dust, small debris, and pet urine. Using a hose shouldn’t take more than a few seconds on a balcony application. 

Cross-brushing your turf regularly is also important for maintaining your synthetic grass. In addition to making the bristles appear lush and full, it preserves their structural integrity, helps them last longer, and ensures that your drainage remains unblocked.

If you notice any odors from pets or other uses, apply a turf deodorizer to eliminate foul scents. TurFresh BioS+ is great for balcony turf maintenance as it bonds with ammonia molecules to eliminate pet odors at the chemical level, neutralizing them before the scent ever reaches your nose.

Incident Cleaning for Your Synthetic Grass Balcony

Even if you maintain your lawn religiously, accidents happen. If you have a spill, stain, or other mess to clean up, make sure that you do it carefully and quickly. 

Pick up any solids and dab as much liquid as possible with a paper towel. Rinse the affected area with water, and spray the area with a mild soapy solution. After allowing the solution to sit for a few minutes, rinse the area again with water. Pat the area dry once again with a rag or paper towel and then allow the area to fully air dry. If you still have remaining stains, repeat the process with a water and vinegar solution rather than a soap solution for extra cleaning power.

Whether you have a small balcony in your apartment or a commercial rooftop space, proper turf maintenance is essential for preserving your investment. Whether you want to do it yourself with turf cleaning products or leave it to the professionals, TurFresh offers a wide range of products and services that suit every need. To find out more about our turf maintenance services and how we can help your balcony look as fresh as the day it was installed, give us a call at 855-444-8873 or fill out our online contact form. You can also visit our online store to browse our selection of industry-leading artificial turf cleaning products for a DIY clean.

The Good, the Better and the Best: Which Artificial Grass Maintenance Routine Is Right for You?

Homeowners and property managers from San Diego, CA, to Garland, TX, are making the switch to synthetic grass landscaping because of its unparalleled beauty and remarkably low maintenance requirements. However, artificial turf still requires periodic care to look its best and last as long as possible.

Luckily, since turf is so low-maintenance, synthetic grass maintenance can be customized to your needs. Whether you want quick and easy at-home remedies or comprehensive professional cleaning, here are some artificial turf maintenance routines for you to consider for your unique needs.

Easy Homemade Remedies

For those looking for the quickest and cheapest solution available, you can use homemade remedies to clean your turf and keep it looking clean year-round. This includes rotating furniture periodically to prevent matting as well as applying simple solutions made from cleaning products you have around the house.

If you have any spills or messes, use a combination of water and mild detergent to clean the area. For tougher stains and hard water, try a solution of water and vinegar. You should also rinse down your lawn both after cleaning it with a solution and on its own weekly to rinse away pet waste and other dust and debris. If you take these basic steps regularly, you can improve the look and feel of your synthetic grass without breaking the bank.

Powerful Synthetic Turf Disinfectant

If you want something you can still do yourself but will provide a deeper clean, invest in low-cost specialized synthetic grass cleaning products. This is especially important for homes with kids and pets or commercial facilities that see high foot traffic and regular wear.

To counteract matting and keep your lawn looking lush, cross-brush your turf every other week. This means brushing your turf against the grain using a comb, rake or brush with synthetic bristles. Make sure not to use a tool with metal bristles, as these can damage the turf fibers.

To eliminate odors and sanitize the lawn, we recommend an easy-to-use turf deodorizer like TurFresh BioS+. The all-natural chemical formula bonds to ammonia molecules and neutralizes them, eliminating odors — even stubborn pet waste odors — at their source. This leaves your lawn smelling fresher for longer versus water-and-soap solutions or lower-quality deodorizing products that simply mask odors with fragrance.

Another way to keep your lawn clean is by investing in antibacterial TurFill infill. Your lawn naturally loses infill over time due to birds, wind, foot traffic and other use, so you’ll need to top up your infill at least annually. By investing in an antibacterial infill that’s safe for kids and pets, you can keep your landscape clean, safe, and odor-free with little effort.

Top-Tier Professional Turf Maintenance

If you don’t have time to perform turf maintenance yourself or need something reliably thorough, you can never go wrong investing in professional synthetic grass maintenance services. Whether you have a busy home or a large commercial complex, professional turf maintenance is great for properties and budgets of all sizes.

At TurFresh, we offer a range of customizable services, including our famous 10-point TurfClean service and our TurfBloom service specifically for rejuvenating turf blades. No matter what you need, we have a service plan that fits the bill, and we have several schedules to choose from that range from twice a month to once a year. Whenever you need us most, we’ll be there with all the products and tools needed for a clean like you’ve never seen.

No matter which option you choose, regular artificial turf maintenance is essential to keeping your lawn looking and performing its best. With the right routine, you can enjoy a beautiful, low-maintenance landscape for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s artificial turf maintenance services or book your first appointment, give us a call today at 855-444-8873 or fill out our online contact form. If you want to try synthetic grass maintenance for yourself, you can visit our online store for a wide range of turf cleaning products specially created for artificial grass, including our famous TurFresh BioS+ turf deodorizer.

Keep Your Gym Safe and Clean With Regular Turf Maintenance

If you own or manage a gym in Los Angeles, Santa Ana or San Diego, you want to ensure a safe and clean environment for your members. Gyms can be a messy business, and with so many people sharing the same equipment during exercise, it can quickly become a breeding ground for germs and grime.

To keep your gym safe and sanitary, regular synthetic turf maintenance is essential. Here are four easy ways that you can keep your gym’s turf well-maintained and make your athletic facility one of the best in the area.

Promptly Clean Any Messes

When you have artificial grass, it’s important to clean up any spills and messes as soon as possible. This can include protein shakes, sports drinks, snacks, and debris from the outside.

It’s important to have a cleaning plan in place to ensure that messes are taken care of quickly and properly. When an accident occurs, blog any liquid stains with a towel. Rinse the affected area with a mixture of water and mild detergent, or use ammonia and water for more stubborn substances.

Remove Pet Waste

Whether you have a pet-friendly gym or an outdoor area where stray dogs may pass by, pet waste can happen when you have synthetic grass landscaping. If a dog does do its business on your turf, remove any solid pet waste as soon as possible as you normally would. Rinse the area thoroughly to wash away any urine or leftover waste, and let the drainage system do the rest.

While pet waste won’t leave your synthetic grass brown or bleached, it can still cause bacteria and odors that put your members’ safety at risk, so it’s always best to clean pet waste promptly and thoroughly.

Cross-Brush Your Turf Fibers

Your synthetic turf likely sees a lot of high-impact activity. While turf’s durability is one of its greatest assets, it still needs to be properly maintained in order to remain in its best condition despite this heavy use.

Remember to re-bloom your turf blades regularly in order to counteract any matting that may result from constant foot traffic. This means cross-brushing your turf fibers, or brushing them away from the grain so that they stand up again and are restored to their original lush appearance. Just remember to use a brush or rake with synthetic bristles only; metal bristles can damage your turf fibers and reduce your turf’s lifespan.

Eliminate Bacteria

If you manage a gym, then you already know how crucial sanitizing your facility is. From wiping down machines to mopping the floors, eliminating bacteria is the No. 1 most important aspect of gym cleaning and maintenance. The same applies to your synthetic grass.

Turf deodorizers like TurFresh BioS+ help kill bacteria and eliminate odors at their source. The commercial-grade formula bonds to ammonia molecules and neutralizes odors, leaving your turf fresh and odor-free even after a busy day of heavy workouts.

Similarly, TurFresh’s TurFill antibacterial infill can help prevent bacteria growth if regularly reapplied. Infill isn’t just part of the installation process; it also needs to be reapplied regularly as infill is naturally lost over the course of weeks or months of heavy use. Opting for an antibacterial infill for this top-up will add another layer of cleanliness and protection that will give you and your members peace of mind.

If you don’t want to worry about routine artificial grass maintenance, or if you don’t have the time to do it yourself as often as you need to, consider professional artificial turf maintenance services. TurFresh’s 10-point cleaning process can be scheduled as often as you need us, whether that’s once a week or twice a year. If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s turf maintenance services for gyms and athletic facilities, give us a call at 855-444-8873, or fill out our online contact form today to book your first appointment.

TurFresh Opens Service Division In Dallas

Specializing in artificial grass maintenance, TurFresh has been growing exponentially to meet the evolving needs of the rapidly expanding artificial grass industry. To meet the increasing demand for artificial grass cleaning in the area, we recently opened a new location in Dallas, Texas! 

Investing in artificial grass has many benefits, despite the challenges that may come with it. One such challenge is dealing with odors from pet urine and other organic matter; TurFresh has the expertise in artificial grass odor elimination to help. We offer custom products and services specifically designed to eliminate even the toughest of bacteria-promoted odors, ensuring that your artificial grass remains fresh and odor-free.

Property owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can now take advantage of the wide variety of turf cleaning services available from TurFresh, including TurfClean and TurfBloom, as well as our long line of artificial grass maintenance products, such as our TurFresh BioS+ turf deodorizer and TurFill Granular Pet Waste Odor Eliminator

As communities across the country continue to experience rapid growth in artificial grass installations, TurFresh is growing alongside them. In addition to Dallas, we also provide services in Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV and across California. Our broad reach and growing clientele have made us the leading provider of artificial grass maintenance products and services in the Southwest region.

With over 20 years of experience in artificial grass maintenance, you can rely on our expertise to keep your artificial grass looking and smelling fresh. Call us today at 855-444-8873 or visit us online to find out more about how we can bring your turf landscape back to life. For a convenient DIY turf cleaning solution, our online store has all the products we use in our services – perfect to use between artificial grass maintenance appointments!

The Importance of Leaving Turf Maintenance to the Professionals

If you’ve replaced your natural grass with synthetic turf, you’re already enjoying how little upkeep your new landscaping requires. No more mowing and fertilizing!

When your artificial turf does require maintenance, it’s best to leave the work to the professionals. These are the top five reasons to call in the experts for synthetic grass maintenance.

Professional Synthetic Turf Expertise

Unlike artificial turf experts, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about synthetic grass. In our over 20 years of experience, TurFresh has mastered the art of artificial turf maintenance. Whether you’re concerned about pet odors, stains or a stubborn piece of stuck gum, we have the tools and expertise to tackle any job!

Industrial-Grade Artificial Turf Maintenance Equipment

Another advantage of working with a professional turf cleaning team is our access to industrial-grade tools and equipment. Unlike consumer products, our professional power brooms allow deep and thorough cleaning. The results of our TurfClean and TurfBloom services are far more dramatic and long-lasting than what can be achieved without industrial equipment.

Targeted Synthetic Grass Cleaning Formulas

While durable against heavy foot traffic, artificial turf blades can still be stripped and weakened by the wrong cleaning products. Harsh chemical formulas can break down synthetic grass fibers, causing blade splitting and a dingy, worn-looking lawn.

We created our own patented, gentle artificial grass disinfecting products to ensure your turf stays strong and natural-looking. We use natural minerals and enzymes to kill bacteria without stripping your turf blades. They’re even safe for use around children and pets – our entire product lineup is available online for at-home use!

Less Time Working in Your Yard

No one looks forward to yard work, and cleaning an artificial turf lawn yourself takes up far too much of your free time. Professional turf cleaners will have your lawn in pristine condition in just a few hours so you can focus on more important things.

Longer-Lasting Artificial Grass Landscaping

When you invest in artificial grass, you want your landscaping to last as long as possible. Proper maintenance is key to preserving the life of your lawn, which is why scheduling regular TurFresh appointments is ideal!

We’ll ensure proper drainage, repair any damage and eliminate harmful bacteria to keep your lawn looking and functioning exceptionally. From Los Angeles to Santa Ana, TurFresh is home and business owners’ leading choice for artificial turf maintenance. Call us today at 855-444-8873 or contact us online for more information!

Everything You Need To Know About Reblooming in Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial grass is one of the most low-maintenance landscaping solutions on the market, which is why it’s beloved by Los Angeles, Santa Ana and San Diego homeowners alike. However, it does require occasional care to keep it looking its best. 

Although your synthetic turf will never turn brown, it can become matted with continuous use. Having matted artificial grass can make your lawn look less lush and more artificial, which is why it’s important that you take the time to rebloom your turf blades as part of your regular synthetic grass maintenance routine.

What Is Artificial Turf Reblooming?

Artificial grass reblooming is the process by which you or your synthetic turf maintenance company rejuvenate your turf blades to bring them back to life. Without regular maintenance, the blades of your turf grass can become matted, lying flat against the lawn’s surface instead of standing upright as usual. To prolong the life of your turf and keep it looking its best, you’ll need to occasionally push these blades back upright.

Reblooming is typically done with a power broom or turf comb. Many homeowners use a brush or comb to cross-brush their synthetic grass lawn. If opting for this method, make sure that your turf brush has synthetic bristles, as metal bristles could further damage your turf blades and compromise the integrity of your synthetic grass installation. If you choose to hire a synthetic grass maintenance professional, they’ll likely use a power broom to gently lift the matted blades at a faster rate than can be done with a manual turf comb.

How Does Reblooming Help Your Lawn?

Does your synthetic grass look just as perky and vibrant as the day it was installed? If the answer is no, turf reblooming will benefit your lawn. Reblooming your matted turf blades, first and foremost, enhances its visual appeal. As foot traffic, weather and patio furniture push down your turf blades, your entire turf lawn can begin to look withered and dull. By helping the blades stand back upright, your lawn will look as lush, vibrant and realistic as the day it was first installed.

Turf reblooming also offers functional benefits, such as restoring its full drainage capabilities. Matted grass can impede drainage, causing water and pet urine to pool on the surface of your lawn. Not only is this unsightly, but it can become a safety hazard as mold, mildew and bacteria grow and even become odorous. By reblooming your turf blades, you once again allow water and other liquids to flow efficiently through to your drainage system, keeping your lawn cleaner, fresher and safer for your family.

How Often Should You Rebloom Your Lawn?

Believe it or not, it is possible to rebloom your lawn too often. Cross-brushing your turf too frequently can cause excessive wear and tear to the turf blades, potentially splitting the grass fibers and even voiding your warranty. However, if you don’t rebloom your lawn frequently enough, you can be left with permanent matting and memory loss that leaves your backyard lackluster and performing sub-optimally.

To avoid these issues, it’s best to hire a synthetic turf maintenance professional who knows how and when to rebloom turf blades to achieve the best lawn possible. TurFresh’s TurfBloom artificial grass maintenance service was created with this in mind, offering customizable service plan schedules that suit each household’s needs and budget. 

Our trained turf technicians will remove debris, rebloom turf blades, and closely inspect your lawn to ensure it’s in good condition. We also perform turf reblooming as part of our 10-point TurfClean turf maintenance service for an even more comprehensive lawn care plan. If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s artificial turf maintenance services or book your first artificial turf reblooming appointment, give us a call today at 855-444-8873 or fill out our online contact form. If you want to try synthetic grass maintenance for yourself, you can visit our online store for a wide range of turf cleaning products specially created for artificial grass maintenance

Why Is Decompacting Artificial Turf Sports Fields Important?

There are thousands of sports fields across the country, from San Diego, CA to Garland, TX, and an ever-increasing number are switching to artificial grass for its durability and practicality. However, although artificial turf is incredibly low-maintenance, some synthetic grass maintenance is still required to preserve the lifespan of your investment.

This is especially true for athletic facilities, where the turf is used daily in intense conditions and receives a large amount of wear. For this reason, decompacting infill is a crucial step in your artificial grass maintenance routine, or you run the risk of reducing your sports field’s lifespan.

Turf Maintenance Prolongs Your Turf’s Lifespan

Compacted infill is a common problem in synthetic turf landscape applications that receive heavy use and minimal maintenance. It’s primarily caused by water, dirt, and debris passing through your turf and building up. When infill begins to deteriorate and compact, your drainage will be negatively affected your turf won’t perform optimally over time. When left compacted for too long, your turf maintenance can instead turn to extensive and costly repairs.

The best way to prevent repairs or replacement is through preventative turf maintenance. You can prevent your artificial turf infill from compacting by brushing it frequently to remove any surface debris. Items like dust, dirt and small debris can be easily removed this way, preventing them from settling into your turf backing. This cross-brushing will also help revive your turf blades and counteract matting, helping your sports field look its best year-round.

Game Litter Can Cause Drainage Issues

One common cause of compacting, especially prevalent in athletic facilities, is litter. After practice or a game, litter and large debris can contribute to compacted infill by weighing the turf down.  After each game or practice, remove any litter you can see on the field. While it may not seem like an issue that can impact your turf’s inner workings, organic compounds can decompose and lodge deep in the yarn of your turf, leading to compacted infill and drainage issues.

Plastic bottles especially can cause significant damage if not promptly picked up. Not only can the refracted sunlight cause compaction, but your turf can even become scorched or melted under extreme heat. If you want to preserve the lifespan of your artificial turf landscaping, prompt and thorough artificial grass maintenance is the best course of action.

Failed Synthetic Turf Maintenance Can Void Your Warranty

Even the most well-maintained artificial turf can sometimes have defects and unusual wear. If you want to cash in on a valid warranty, however, you need to be performing regular maintenance.

Failure to perform adequate and routine turf maintenance can void some manufacturer’s warranties, leaving you high and dry with ruined turf to replace. If you want to ensure that your warranty will cover any unusual defects, make sure you keep up your side of the agreement with routine synthetic grass maintenance services.

If you need the proper equipment for your synthetic grass maintenance needs, including infill, visit the TurFresh online store for a wide range of turf maintenance products specially created for artificial grass. 

If you don’t want to worry about routine artificial grass maintenance, or if you don’t have the time to do it yourself after every game, consider professional artificial turf maintenance services. TurFresh’s 10-point cleaning process can be scheduled as often as you need us, whether that’s once a week or twice a year. If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s artificial turf maintenance service or book your first appointment, give us a call at (855) 444-8873 or fill out our online contact form today.