Central City, Phoenix, AZ

#1 Synthetic Grass Maintenance Service in Central City, Phoenix, AZ

Since our founding in 1999, TurFresh has been unfailingly committed to providing innovative artificial grass cleaning products and services to Central City, Phoenix, AZ, residents and business owners. Central City, Phoenix, Arizona, homeowners know that our market-leading turf cleaning products do more than simply mask odors like other brands. TurFresh’s chemical formula bonds to existing odor molecules and counteracts them, preventing the odor from ever reaching your nose and resulting in a longer-lasting freshness. Whether you want to DIY your synthetic turf maintenance with our market-leading products or you trust us to rejuvenate your lawn with our scheduled cleaning services, we have everything you need to maintain a pristine landscape all year long. Give us a call at (855) 444-8873 to schedule your turf cleaning appointment, or visit our online store to pick up the products you need to do it yourself!

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