Half Moon Bay, CA

Artificial Grass Maintenance Bringing the Lushness Back to Half Moon Bay, CA

More and more Half Moon Bay, CA property owners are swapping their natural grass for artificial turf. It’s easy to see why: synthetic grass is one of the most functional and beautiful drought-resistant landscaping options. 

TurFresh artificial grass maintenance services are the key to keeping your turf looking and smelling its best. Unsatisfied with products that merely masked odors, we created our own line of artificial grass deodorizing products that break down bacteria at the chemical level. Our bio-augmentation chemical formula degrades organic proteins, like those found in pet waste, to eliminate odors at the source.

Artificial grass is a leading eco-friendly landscaping option – don’t negate that positive environmental impact with toxic cleaning products. TurFresh artificial grass deodorizing products are sustainable, all-natural and non-toxic, so they’re safe to be used around children and pets. Browse our online store to try them for yourself, or book an artificial grass maintenance service by calling (855) 444-8873 or contacting us online today.

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