La Madre Foothills, Las Vegas, NV

La Madre Foothills, Las Vegas, NV’s Top Pick for Artificial Grass Maintenance

Suppose you’re one of many La Madre Foothills, Las Vegas, NV home or business owners who have already invested in artificial grass. In that case, you’re already enjoying the time and money-saving benefits turf offers. Though lower maintenance than natural grass, synthetic turf still needs routine maintenance to stay looking and smelling fresh. Professional artificial grass maintenance services are a crucial step in ensuring your landscaping is clean and enjoyable, particularly for high-traffic areas or for families with pets. TurFresh proudly provides La Madre Foothills, Las Vegas, NV with two excellent synthetic grass maintenance services  – TurfClean and TurfBloom – to keep your artificial grass services in optimal condition. Ready to book your first appointment? Give us a call today at (855) 444-8873 or fill out our online contact form. Prefer to try things out for yourself? Browse our selection of premium, sustainable artificial grass disinfectant products at our convenient online store.

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