McCullough Hills, Henderson, NV

Sustainable Artificial Turf Cleaning Solutions in McCullough Hills, Henderson, NV

TurFresh is McCullough Hills, Henderson, NV’s leading provider of synthetic grass maintenance services. Our sustainable, science-backed solutions and unrivaled customer service have earned us a long-standing reputation for excellence.

Other turf cleaners merely mask odors with fragrance; TurFresh eliminates them at the source. We put nature to work, using enzymes and natural minerals to kill odor-causing bacteria at the molecular level. Because our products are non-toxic, you’ll be able to enjoy your newly-refreshed lawn immediately after we leave! 

See for yourself why McCullough Hills, Henderson, NV home and business owners love TurFresh. Give us a call at (855) 444-8873 or contact us online to book your first appointment today.

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