Tule Springs, Las Vegas, NV

Tule Springs, Las Vegas, NV’s No.1 Choice for Artificial Grass Maintenance Services

You want your Tule Springs, Las Vegas, NV lawn to look and smell its best. Routine professional artificial grass maintenance services are paramount to keeping your synthetic grass surfaces clean and lush. TurFresh leads the industry in professional artificial grass maintenance products are services. Our expert team uses science-backed, sustainable synthetic turf disinfectant products to break down odor-causing bacteria at the chemical level. We’re passionate about restoring your outdoor surfaces to their optimal condition so you can focus on enjoying them. We offer flexible scheduling, so no matter your needs, there’s a fit for your Tule Springs, Las Vegas, NV home or business. To book your first appointment, give us a call at (855) 444-8873 or fill out our online contact form. Looking to do some upkeep in between services? Our premium products are available for your convenience at our online store.

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