TurFresh Plus PowerGroomer

Revitalize your artificial grass!

Introducing the new TurFresh Pro PowerGroomer. Perfect for the DIYer, the PowerGroomer equips homeowners with the power to deep clean their turf. Clear pine needles, dog hair, leaves, and other debris from your turf and rebloom your artificial grass fibers.

Product Highlights

• 24 inch wide brush head with debris shield
• Deep clean turf with powered brush capabilities
• Easy plug adapter for quick power connection
• Easy to assemble and store in a box

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Odor Solution without Pollution

Don’t mask pet odors, remove them.

Easy to Use

Revitalize your artificial grass with the TurFresh Pro PowerGroomer. Built with two 10-inch wide bristle brushes and a 1500 watt motor, this motorized brush is perfect for a large yard. Simply plug in your PowerGroomer and work your yard in a back and forth motion to lift turf fibers and renew your turf landscape.

Plug-in & Go

100% electric, with a smaller footprint than the professional installer power brushes, the TurFresh Pro PowerGroomer still packs enough power make artificial lawn maintenance a breeze.  3-inch bristles comb through turf fibers to remove pet hair, leaves, and debris.

Keep Your Yard Clean

One of the best benefits of artificial grass is its low maintenance qualities.  One thing that must be done to keep up the beauty of artificial grass is brushing.  Brushing your artificial grass extends the life of your lawn and keeps it appealing all year round.  Brushing helps get rid of debris and keeps the blades upright to keep it’s realistic look.

Using the Electric TurFresh Pro PowerGroomer along with TurFresh BioS+ Liquid and TurFill granular infill helps keep your lawn a pet paradise!

Additional Specifications

1500W TurFresh Plus PowerGroomer

Supply voltage :230V/50HZ

Power (W):1500W series excited motor

Idling speed (RPM) 200

Working ability

Sweep width (mm) 600

Sweep drum diameter (MM) 260

Product features

Hand shank type:H type(bicycle handle type)

Brake electronic reverse current brake 2S

Cable specifications HO5VV2*1.0MM, VDE plug, 0.35 meters

People Love TurFresh

“This is a great product.  I have 3 dogs and I can not live without this.”


“Super easy to use. I tried a few products but still was able to smell the dog urine. One application with this stuff and the smell was gone for months. “


“This product works very well! I’ve tried many other products, but they didn’t work as well. There was still a urine smell with the other products.”


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