TurFresh BioS+ mini Power Pack

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Mini Combo Pack includes 32oz bottle of TurFresh along with our popular BiolFill to eradicate smaller areas.  You also to save money on shipping since they are packed in one box. Put together for smaller areas including indoor potty areas, or apartment patios.  Urine odor will give you a problem and your not alone. We all love our pets dearly but the urine smell in your house or backyard is driving you nuts! Pet urine odor is unmistakable, strong and extremely difficult to permanently remove. Dogs and all pets are sensitive creatures and sometimes the only way they can communicate with humans is through urine! TurFresh BioS+ is the #1 recommended product for pet urine odor removal on almost all surfaces. In the past, pet urine odor were nearly impossible to eliminate. Now, with TurFresh BioS+ you can permanently eliminate your pet’s urine odor and stains from virtually any surface.

TurFresh BioS+ Product Highlights

  • All Natural
  • Kid Safe
  • Pet Safe
  • Commercial Grade, makes one gallon of concentrate.
  • Guaranteed to get rid of the toughest pet odors on any surface! 


8 pound pail of BioFill artificial turf deodorizer granules is 100% natural and safe for children and Pets. BioFill is a great product for pet owners who want to naturally address a safe way to neutralize pet urine ammonia. BioFill eliminates the amount of outgassing or offgassing (gas release) from contaminated artificial grass by absorbing or chemically bonding the released ammonia gas.

BioFill Product Highlights

  • All Natural Product
  • Cooler than other infills
  • Safe for kids
  • Easy to use, just evenly sprinkle on frequently used areas.
  • Long Lasting
  • Perfect for Indoor Potty Pads or Artificial Turf