Odor Solution without the Pollution

Don’t mask pet odors, remove them.

Easy to Apply

The best way to apply TurFill is to use a drop spreader for larger applications to get an even application of infill on your turf.  The goal is to get a uniform application.  For smaller yards, evenly spread the infill by hand, applying a dusting of infill over the turf, with a more heavy application on areas frequented by pets.  After the infill has been applied, take a stiff-bristled brush to work the TurFill into the thatch by brushing back and forth.

How it Works

TurFill Targets Pet Odors

The chemicals in your pet’s waste are what create the pungent smell that seems impossible to get rid of.

Apply Evenly and Brush In

TurFill is easy to apply and its natural structure makes it perfect for neutralizing odors.

Breaks Down Odor At Source

TurFill acts like a sponge to break down the odor and neutralize the smell and will stay local until more waste is added to the area.

Stays Ready for the Next Time

TurFill helps dry up pet messes fast and keeps away bacteria that cause the odor then stays ready for the next mess.

Kid & Pet Safe

Controlling pet odor is an issue that many artificial grass owners struggle with, but some residents are starting to learn the secret to easy maintenance: TurFill. Super safe and non-toxic – TurFill is an all-natural turf infill with odor elimination properties that are biodegradable and non-toxic. TurFill can help you control pet odor with unrivaled effectiveness.

Easy Application

All Natural

Kid & Pet Safe

Fresh Scent

American Made

The Science

TurFill’s chemical nature can take care of your pet odors on artificial grass.  TurFill is a natural mineral created by a reaction between volcanic ash that fell into an alkaline water source during a volcanic eruption.  This extreme event when combined with pressure resulted in a mineral with a porous three-dimensional honeycomb structure with a negative charge.  This framework allows TurFill to both absorb liquids and neutralize compounds.

In short, TurFill acts like a sponge and magnet.  It soaks up microscopic particles and traps them inside to neutralize the odor.  TurFill is the best way to be proactive and take the odor prevention offense while TurFresh helps treat the balance of the bacteria in your pet’s urine.

Additional Information

Safety Data Sheet – TurFill Granular Pet Waste Odor Eliminator

People Love TurFill

“Simple to use and totally and completely removes the smell of pet urine and I have large dogs”


“Just add a good amount depending on the size of your pets and it works great and the smell stays away for good”


“It was incredible what happened, once I got it I added it to the turfgrass and the Next day when I went outside the Smell was GONE! I was just shocked!”

We’re Highly Rated

Frequently Asked Questions

TurFill acts as a filter for the ammonia smell in pet urine, preventing any new odors from occurring and is 100% natural and safe for children and Pets.  TurFill works both like a sponge and a magnet; soaking up microscopic particles and trapping them inside.

Paired with TurFresh BioS+, your turf will be clean and fresh again.  Turfresh is scientifically formulated to remove pet urine odor and stains by breaking down the ammonia and proteins to eliminate the smell rather than covering it up. Safe to use around kids and pets and perfect for almost any surface – especially artificial turf.  Our core product was created by our own demand, so the quality and reliability of the product had to be there. If not, we would not be in business for 15 years.

Each square foot of artificial turf requires about ¼ to 2 pounds of TurFill. However, we are careful to not overfill your turf.

Our TurFill product is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that is used in many different holistic methods.  It’s 100% organic and safe to use with kids and pets.

After you apply our TurFill product to your artificial grass surface, you can use your artificial grass immediately after you brush in the product.

TurFresh and TurFill natural turf cleaning enzymes will NOT kill, damage or hurt plants.

Simply because it weighs 40lbs. We base all of our shipping cost on weight, so our automated USPS or FedEx system automatically calculates it.