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The Trusted Source for Eco-Friendly Turf Cleaning Solutions

TurFresh is dedicated to providing Peoria residents with innovative artificial turf cleaning solutions. We offer cleaning and pet odor removal products that are safe, affordable, and sustainable as part of our mission to be a conscientious business. We take pride in providing all-natural turf cleaning solutions that don’t just mask unpleasant odors but eliminate them at their source. Since 1999, we earned our customer’s trust as the artificial grass go-to experts. Our dedicated staff is here to help and answer any questions. If you’re looking to spruce up your artificial turf lawn, look no further than TurFresh.


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Odor Solution without the Pollution

Don’t mask pet odors, remove them.

What’s included in a TurfClean Service

Turf Reblooming

Your cleaning starts with debris removal and turf reblooming. In this process, it will improve the drainage of your turf and remove pet hair and ground-in waste that help flush the turf of contaminants.

Detailed Inspection

Our technicians do a thorough inspection of the condition of the turf. They will tuck edges that may have lifted, or do minor adjustments to the turf to restore its condition. We also remove any weeds that occur due to normal erosion and sediment.

TurFill Application

We’ll apply our TurFill product that acts as a filter for the ammonia smell in pet urine, preventing any new odors from occurring. Our average service includes 100 lbs of new infill ( $100 value).

Apply TurFresh

Finally, we’ll apply our TurFresh BioS+ bacteria fighting cleaner and deodorizer, leaving your turf smelling fresh. We use enough product to ensure that we penetrate all the way to the base layer of your turf system.

Residential Turf Cleaning Services

If you’ve noticed any foul-smelling odors or matted areas on your turf, call the experts at TurFresh. Our 10-point cleaning service helps eliminate and protect against odors, remove pet hair and debris, and improve the overall appearance of your artificial turf lawn. We offer flexible service plans ranging from monthly to bi-annual, letting you chose the schedule that suits your needs and budget. We also offer a 30-day guarantee on all the jobs we perform, so if you notice that we missed something, we’ll come back and fix it for you at no additional cost. With TurFresh’s residential turf cleaning services, you’ll be able to enjoy your lawn for years to come. 

Our Values

TurFresh strives to not only offer amazing customer service but to also be a positive influence on our community. We are an environmentally-friendly company, using biodegradable cleaners manufactured in a facility that conforms to strict environmental protection standards. We are also proud supporters of the Paws for Purple Hearts charity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing military veterans with service dogs and canine therapy sessions.

See and Smell The Difference

We’re the premier artificial turf cleaner in CA, NV, AZ & TX.

We’re Highly Rated

Hear from our satisfied customers

After our first service visit from the TurFresh team (Jesus), we’re happy to report that “So far, so good!” What we thought would be a permanent stench of dog urine in our backyard, after trying every remedy ourselves, has now turned into a fresh-smelling plot of artificial turf. We can finally enjoy our backyard to its fullest. :) We look forward to our monthly service calls by the TurFresh team.

Scott Jacques

We have 3 dogs and the grass was smelling pretty bad, especially when it was hot outside. They spent 3 hours there (550 sq ft) and really worked hard at getting the odor out. Super nice and polite. We will definitely call them out again when needed.

Samara Saffian

TruFresh did an amazing job. Our grass looks brand new and smells so good. The tech that came out was super friendly and professional. He really took his time and ensured everything looked amazing. I will for sure use their service again.

Jacob Gabel

I had artificial grass but wanted to have it sanitized because of the smell when we have warm weather. They were extremely nice, efficient and careful. I would highly recommend this service if you have animals and artificial grass.

Susan Desgrouilliers

TurFresh Commercial Cleaning Services

High traffic areas like commercial properties are susceptible to becoming dirty and matted over time. If you’ve noticed your Peoria business’s artificial turf could use a pick-me-up, look no further than TurFresh. Our commercial turf cleaning services will help rejuvenate and maintain the appearance of your lawn in no time. From turf reblooming to minor repairs, our commercial turf cleaning services will keep your Peoria business looking pristine. Additionally, we provide custom maintenance plans that range from monthly to bi-annual, ensuring you get the right kind of service your business deserves. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TurFresh Really Work?

Yes! We service many apartment complexes and HOA communities and they love our TurfCare service because it’s powerful at eliminating odors and keeping common areas clean. Due to a higher pet usage of the turf, we recommend a combo of monthly service cleanings and customer self applications in between cleanings to keep the turf smelling its best. Because TurFresh is all-natural and safe for kids and pets it’s a great choice for regular use in any community.

How long before I can use my turf again?

After you apply our TurFresh™ product or after we perform our services to your artificial grass surface, you can use your artificial grass or surface immediately after you apply TurFresh™ BioS+. There is no need to wait since all our products are safe for kids and pets.

How often do I need service?

Every customer is different, but with over ten years of artificial grass cleaning experience, we know that with frequent use your turf system may need to be cleaned up to 4 times a year. Many customers start with a quarterly service and adjust from there. For apartments and HOAs, we recommend a monthly cleaning service to maintain a clean turf area.

What makes TurFresh different?

Simple. There is no competition! TurFresh is the only experienced, professional artificial turf cleaning technology company to bring you the TurFresh BioS+ artificial grass organic enzyme cleaning system.

Our Online Store

If you prefer to take care of your synthetic turf on your own time, TurFresh offers a full range of turf cleaning and maintenance products. Our online store gives you access to all of our turf cleaning solutions at an affordable price. From turf reblooming tools to our propriety cleaners and deodorizers, our TurFresh online store is your one-stop-shop for all your turf maintenance needs. 

Ready to enjoy your clean, fresh turf again?

Whether you’ve had your artificial grass for years or you just had it installed, one of our turf maintenance plans will eliminate bacteria and keep your yard smelling fresh. Our all-natural TurFresh products organically eliminates odors from your artificial turf.