Uptown, Phoenix, AZ

Expert Synthetic Grass Maintenance in Uptown, Phoenix, AZ

Artificial grass is beloved throughout Uptown, Phoenix, Arizona, for being far more durable than natural grass. However, it still requires periodic maintenance to stay pristine. With the innovative TurFresh 10-point cleaning system, you can have a lawn that is clean, odor-free, long-lasting, and always safe for little ones. We’re a family-run business that continues to be the artificial turf maintenance company of choice for clients throughout the Uptown, Phoenix, area. We effectively clean artificial grass by removing nasty pet odors, feces, saliva, stains, static, and much more with our proprietary TurFresh cleaning products. Visit our online store today to see which of our market-leading products are available, or give us a call at (855) 444-8873 to book your first artificial turf cleaning service.

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