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Freshness Guaranteed

Our experienced TurFresh team knows what it takes to maintain a fresh artificial lawn. If we didn’t exceed your expectations, we’ll make sure to make it right. Our goal is to make your Turf smell Fresh again.

Kid & Pet Safe

There is no need to wait to use your artificial lawn after TurFresh products are applied since our product is clean, green and smells great! After your initial application, the enzymes are working hard. If you are having a party or have kids or pets that want to play. Go right ahead.

Safe for the Enviornment

TurFresh developed its own turf cleaning technology. Many of our competitors use harsh chemicals and strong fragrances to mask pet odors. At TurFresh, we use only non-toxic, organic ingredients that are built to remove the odor and to ensure pets and kids are safe.

People Love TurFresh

I have 2 dogs & often have doggie friends over. The back yard starts to smell, especially in the summer heat. They do a great job of deodorizing & reconditioning so that my back yard looks & smells like new. They have always been on time.

-Linda L.

They always do a spectacular job cleaning our artificial turf. We are a rescue and our dogs use the yard all day every day 365 days a year! Since using TurFresh we are able to go 1.5 months in between deep cleans. The staff is friendly, responsive and professional. You will not be disappointed.

-Jessica F.

“I can’t recommend this company highly enough!! We were considering replacing our turf altogether due to pet smell. TurFresh came in and saved the day! Our turf is like new! Luis did an amazing job showed up on time and got right to work making our turf shine. The stink is gone and the blades are actually standing up again. If you have turf that needs some love call TurFresh you will not be disappointed.”

-Dick F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does TurFresh Really Work?

Yes! We service many apartment complexes and HOA communities and they love our TurfCare service because it’s powerful at eliminating odors and keeping common areas clean. Due to a higher pet usage of the turf, we recommend a combo of monthly service cleanings and customer self applications in between cleanings to keep the turf smelling its best. Because TurFresh is all-natural and safe for kids and pets it’s a great choice for regular use in any community.

How long before I can use my turf again?

After you apply our TurFresh™ product or after we perform our services to your artificial grass surface, you can use your artificial grass or surface immediately after you apply TurFresh™ BioS+. There is no need to wait since all our products are safe for kids and pets.

How often do I need service?

Every customer is different, but with over ten years of artificial grass cleaning experience, we know that with frequent use your turf system may need to be cleaned up to 4 times a year. Many customers start with a quarterly service and adjust from there. For apartments and HOAs, we recommend a monthly cleaning service to maintain a clean turf area.

What makes TurFresh different?

Simple. There is no competition! TurFresh is the only experienced, professional artificial turf cleaning technology company to bring you the TurFresh BioS+ artificial grass organic enzyme cleaning system.

We’re Highly Rated

Over 470 Reviews!

Over 2.1k Reviews!

Over 60 Reviews!

Over 75 Reviews!

Additional Information

Safety Data Sheet – TurFresh BioS+ Pet Odor Eliminator

Safety Data Sheet – TurFill Granular Pet Waste Odor Eliminator

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