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We could go on for days talking about how amazing TurFresh is at offering superior service! However, it’s safe to say that we may be a bit biased… That’s why we have created this page so that you can see what real customers have to say about TurFresh. You don’t need to take our word for it, see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Paws for Purple Hearts San Diego

I had TurFresh come out to clean my K-9 grass about 6 months ago. With my pet sitting business, there are many dogs who pass through my very small backyard. It was a mess! Having them clean it as well as they did was fantastic!

A few days ago, after having lost the majority of my business due to “shelter in place”, I received an email about having my grass done again. I replied to Jon that due to losing almost all of my business, I just couldn’t afford to do it at this point. Even though it needed it desperately after all of the dogs that have been in my yard these past 6 months. His response literally took my breath away and caused me to cry. He said, “We will do it for free, just pay it forward.” And just a few days later, today, Jesus came out and worked on this lawn for a long time and it’s gorgeous! I am still blown away at this whole thing!

This is a very good company to deal with. I highly suggest using them. I cannot say enough kind words to express how much this gesture means to me.

Thank you again Jon, Jesus and Randy. You guys all ROCK, big time! Xxxooo

Been using TurFresh for 3 years and it’s the only product that works consistently. Great smell and when used before running the TurfGroomer leaves our turf looking And smelling brand new – in fact better than new as the fragrance is a plus! If you have pets that use your Turf – or if you just want to make it look new and fresh I highly recommend the combo of the TurFresh and the TurfGroomer in combination!

Friendly, Helpful, and responsive team at TurFresh – thanks

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