4 Tips for Synthetic Grass Maintenance After a Skunk Sprays Your Lawn

Few things will get the whole family running back inside quicker than a skunk spraying your backyard. It might be a good excuse when you’re trying to get the kids to the dinner table, but for the most part, we’d all rather avoid that odor – especially when it lingers on artificial grass for days to weeks.  Thankfully, there are a few tried and true synthetic grass maintenance tips to get rid of unpleasant odors on your synthetic grass so you can get back to enjoying the fresh air.

Tomato Juice

Because tomato juice is so acidic, it can neutralize the chemicals in skunk spray that create everyone’s least-favorite scent. Just let it sink in for 10 – 20 minutes before rinsing it off, and you should be set – if only a small part of your lawn is affected. Skunks can cover quite a bit of surface area, so unless you’ve been stocking up on tomato juice for a while, you’re likely going to want to try other kinds of artificial grass maintenance.

Try Out the Humane Society’s Method

Thanks to how our four-legged friends seem to love squaring off with skunks, the Humane Society has developed a simple home recipe that removes the smell from pets and works on artificial turf. 


  • One quart of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
  • One teaspoon of liquid dish soap
  • ¼ cup of baking soda

And you’ve got yourself a make-shift deodorizer. It’s essential to rinse the solution off afterward to avoid the hydrogen peroxide bleaching and breaking down your artificial turf.

Turf Deodorizing Spray

Suppose you’re not in the mood for a science experiment and want the simplest and most convenient way to erase the legacy left behind by your recent visitor. In that case, TurFresh BioS+ deodorizing spray is an excellent solution to eliminate odors. Our deodorizing spray works at the chemical level to not only mask odors but eliminate them at the source.  It’s all-natural and non-toxic, so it’s safe to use right before use by kids and pets. Unlike hydrogen-peroxide solutions, our patented synthetic grass disinfectant doesn’t run the risk of bleaching your artificial turf.

TurFresh Deodorizing Infill

Our all-natural Turfresh TurFill is an excellent choice for those of us with pets, as it breaks down the ammonia and proteins in pet urine that produce an unpleasant odor.  In the same way, TurFill is helpful when a skunk sprays your lawn by eliminating the chemicals in skunk spray that cause that infamous odor. TurFill is a great way to keep your artificial grass clean, safe, and ready for your next outdoor gathering. 

Keeping quality products on hand is key to successful synthetic grass maintenance. TurFresh provides science-backed, sustainable artificial turf disinfectants for our friends with pets or who live in areas with wildlife that leave behind stubborn, unpleasant odors. Your yard is made to be enjoyed – our all-natural products are safe and efficient to get you back outside and having fun in a clean, fresh-smelling environment. For more information about our artificial turf cleaning products, call us at (469) 489-3321 or visit us online.

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