5 Things New Pet Owners Need to Know about Synthetic Grass Disinfection

Synthetic grass is an excellent alternative to dirty and smelly dog yards. However, did you know artificial grass needs to be disinfected? Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it doesn’t have biological materials, it doesn’t require proper maintenance. 


This is why synthetic turf maintenance companies like TurFresh offer different cleaning systems for your yard with your pet’s needs in mind. In this blog, we’d like to share some vital information you’ll need for proper synthetic grass disinfection after your dog has had their fun.

Cleaning Up After Your Pet Is a Must for Artificial Grass Disinfection

You certainly don’t want those “accidents” to stay on your artificial grass. Accumulated pet waste can reduce the efficacy of your infill and prevent adequate drainage. 


As a result, it can cause your pet to ingest these substances, leading to severe illness. Constantly cleaning up after your pets will also simplify the cleaning process.

Hosing Down Waste on Your Artificial Turf

Pet waste can cause a build-up of bacteria and other materials that can get stuck in the fibers of your artificial grass. Hosing down your artificial grass after letting your pet run around or relieve itself is a simple way to maintain a sanitary pet yard. 


Keep in mind that when waste accumulates on your artificial turf, it could accelerate your artificial grass’ deterioration. Hosing down your artificial turf after each pet use will wash away the waste and promote complete drainage to prevent the build-up of bacteria and odor.

Anti-Microbial Spray and Pet Deodorizers Work Like Magic

A deodorizing spray is an excellent way to eliminate any pet odors that may have accumulated into your synthetic grass. You can also use an anti-microbial spray, such as our BioS+ artificial turf disinfectant to clean and disinfect your artificial grass and repel any bacteria that may be stuck in your synthetic turf. 


Our patented artificial grass disinfectant formula is non-toxic and all-natural, making it the perfect cleaning solution for artificial grass surfaces in homes with pets and children!

Refreshing Your Synthetic Grass Infill Can Do Wonders

Another way to help clean your yard is to refresh your synthetic grass infill. Replacing your infill after cleaning and deodorizing your artificial grass will help you remove any debris and dirt that may have gotten caught in your yard. 

TurFresh’s TurFill Granular Pet Waste Odor Eliminator is the perfect solution for rejuvenating your artificial grass infill, neutralizing pet odor by breaking down ammonia and proteins instead of covering it up like traditional deodorizers.

Hiring Professional Artificial Grass Maintenance Can Save the Day

If you don’t know how to do it yourself, it’s best to seek professional artificial grass maintenance services. An experienced artificial grass maintenance team will help you avoid causing any damage to your synthetic grass. 


While professional artificial turf maintenance may cost a little more and take a bit longer than a DIY solution, it’s well worth it.


If your synthetic grass yard gets frequent activity from your pet, you don’t want it to smell like an outhouse. Proper cleaning and disinfection of your pet turf will help keep it clean and smelling good. If you don’t know how to do it, hire someone who does. TurFresh offers exceptional artificial turf maintenance for your property, no matter the size or the need. We have the artificial grass maintenance services you need to make your synthetic turf last longer and look its best for many years to come. If you prefer to do it yourself, our online store is an excellent place to start. Call us at (469) 489-3321 or reach out to us online!

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