Artificial Grass Ideas for 2019

Looking for artificial grass ideas for 2019? Perhaps some creative artificial grass balcony ideas?  We have great tips to inspire you to garden with astro turf like a real pro, and impress all of your neighbors and guests with your efforts!

Place Artificial Grass on Your Balcony

You can add calming elements of green to your balcony with the help of AstroTurf, transforming it into a more welcoming, natural-looking space in which to spend plenty of time. Just remember to get the correct gradient to allow for water run-off to help ensure that your turf is able to stand the test of time.

Place Artificial Grass Between Pavers

Using artificial grass for this purpose promises perfectly groomed edges all year round with minimal maintenance. It is also very easy to do yourself:

  • Begin by laying a concrete screed and giving it plenty of time to dry before adding your pavers, securing them with cement and leaving them to dry.
  • Next, simply cut your AstroTurf to size and glue it down along the edges and between the pavers. Voilà!

Place Artificial Grass Underneath Trees

Every homeowner knows just how frustrating it can be to try to maintain natural grass beneath a large, shady tree. AstroTurf makes it possible for you to keep the area green and perfectly manicured regardless of the amount of sunshine it receives!

Place Artificial Grass on Your Rooftop

Craft a beautiful rooftop outdoor space using artificial grass and you will not have to worry about maintenance. You will be able to enjoy the view and your new green space any time you wish without having to stress about its condition.

Here at TurFresh, we specialize in artificial grass maintenance. Contact us now for more artificial grass ideas for 2019 or for details regarding our professional artificial grass cleaning services!

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