Avoid These Pitfalls When Cleaning Your Synthetic Turf Putting Green

Laid-back cities like Phoenix, Las Vegas, and San Diego foster a relaxed lifestyle, where days are spent enjoying the golf course or lounging in the backyard. With this in mind, many homeowners have begun installing artificial grass landscaping into their homes, especially turf putting greens. Synthetic turf putting greens are a great way to enjoy a game of golf from the comfort of your backyard with little maintenance. However, artificial turf still needs to be properly maintained on a regular basis and in a more specialized manner than natural grass. Next time you need to clean your artificial grass putting green, avoid these five common mistakes that most homeowners make.

1. Using Harsh Chemicals

Although turf is synthetic, it shouldn’t be cleaned with generic cleaning solutions or chemicals. These may contain bleach, acid, or other substances which can harm your turf more than clean it. Rinsing your putting green with water will likely get rid of most dirt and debris, and a gentle mixture of water and mild soap will help eliminate more stubborn stains. Specialized cleaning solutions such as TurFresh BioS+ turf deodorizer can also help freshen your turf with no risk of damaging it. TurFresh BioS+ concentrate is specially formulated with all-natural ingredients so it’s effective at eliminating odors on turf without damaging your putting green’s turf blades or posing a health risk to kids and pets.

2. Using Hard Turf Brushes

When it comes to raking and cross-brushing your putting green, you need to be selective about which tools you use. Brushes with metallic or hard prongs can damage your turf blades and lessen your artificial grass putting green’s lifespan, so choose a comb with soft or synthetic bristles. Turf-specific tools like the TurFresh TurfComb are great because they’re created specifically with your artificial turf putting green in mind. The polypropylene bristles are strong enough to penetrate the lawn and remove any debris or pet hair, but they’re gentle enough to not destroy your turf. For something more powerful, or larger commercial putting greens, the TurfGroomer Plus enables you to deep clean your turf safely.

3. Not Maintaining Infill

One crucial mistake many homeowners make is forgetting to top up the infill in their artificial turf putting green. Although part of the installation process, infill needs to be added periodically as levels dwindle to maintain your turf’s lush and upright appearance. Without an adequate amount of infill, your putting green may look matted and become uneven. Not only is it more uncomfortable to walk on, but it could negatively affect your gameplay if the course warps in certain places. Top up with TurFill to keep your putting green’s infill at an optimal level for gameplay.

4. Not Cleaning Turf Regularly

Some homeowners choose the wrong supplies and techniques to maintain their putting green, but others just neglect synthetic turf maintenance altogether. This is just as damaging to your turf, if not more so, as it could lead to dangerous bacteria buildup and a shorter lifespan for your landscaping. If you don’t have the time or energy to maintain your artificial grass putting green yourself, TurFresh’s TurfClean and TurfBloom services will do the job for you with comprehensive cleaning packages that can be customized to your home’s unique needs. We use our industry-leading proprietary products to guarantee a deep and long-lasting freshness.

If your artificial turf putting green needs some TLC, visit the TurFresh online store to pick up everything you need for safe and effective cleaning. If you want to leave it to the professionals, we offer residential and commercial artificial grass maintenance services, including putting green cleaning. Give us a call today at (469) 489-3321 to schedule your first appointment or to learn more about our turf cleaning products and services.

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