Five Synthetic Grass Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking Greener Longer

Replacing your natural grass lawn with artificial grass saves you tons of time and money on maintenance. No more weekends spent mowing and watering your lawn!

While it’s easier to maintain, synthetic grass can still use some TLC to stay looking its best. Keep your lawn looking lush and green as long as possible with these five artificial turf maintenance tips.

1. Know Which Tools to Use

Artificial turf requires different maintenance than natural grass, which means you might need to switch up the equipment you’re using on your lawn. 

Some things can stay the same –  for example, leaf blowers and hoses can still be used on artificial grass. However, make sure you’re using a broom or comb with synthetic bristles when it comes to raking. Metal rakes can break and pull on your turf’s blades.

2. Clean Messes Right Away

Life isn’t always perfectly neat and tidy. Your lawn will ensure everything from drink spills to pet accidents – and being inorganic, artificial turf can’t break down these materials like natural grass.

To prevent stains, rinse the affected area of your artificial turf quickly. Spilled something sticky?  Applying a mixture of water and liquid detergent can help lift more stubborn materials.

3. Remove Stubborn Stains

If a stain has been sitting for a while, or your spilled something especially stubborn like motor oil, you’ll need more than just water and dish soap.

If you have mineral spirits on hand, applying them can help break up hard-to-remove stains. However, sometimes it takes a little more than a DIY to get sticky or greasy materials off of your synthetic turf.

Booking an artificial turf maintenance service is the best way to remove stubborn stains. The professionals at TurFresh have the tools and expertise to take care of even the most challenging jobs. Don’t have time to squeeze in an appointment? Our entire selection of premium products s available for at-home use at our online store.

4. Remove Weeds

Synthetic grass is far less prone to weeds, especially if you’ve installed a weed membrane underneath your turf. Still, some weeds can pop up around the seams of your artificial grass from time to time.

Using a weed killer is the best way to keep the problem under control – just make sure you’re using one safe for artificial grass. Harsh chemicals can break down the materials in your synthetic grass, so assuring that a product is safe for your lawn is crucial.

5. Stay on Top of Pet Waste

If you own pets, waste is the most significant factor keeping your lawn less-than-fresh. To keep odors at bay, pick up solid waste and rinse down your turf regularly to flush away bacteria.

Although you can take care of minor spills and messes at home, professional artificial grass maintenance services are the best way to keep your lawn green and clean. TurFresh services go well beyond a simple cleaning, addressing every aspect of your turf to extend its lifespan as long as possible. Book your first appointment online or give us a call at (469) 489-3321 today.

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