Four Reasons Artificial Grass Maintenance is the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Lawn

Like any home improvement project, your artificial grass looked its best the day it was installed. Green, lush and perfectly clean, your lawn looked picture-perfect.

Over time and with regular use, synthetic turf starts to look less-than-ideal. Foot traffic, debris and pet waste can take a toll on your lawn. 

Routine artificial grass maintenance keeps your lawn looking as great as the day you had it put in – and it extends the lifespan of your turf. Here are four of the biggest reasons why artificial grass maintenance is the best thing you can do for your outdoor areas.

Your Drainage System Will Work Better

Artificial grass technology has advanced tremendously in recent years. The drainage systems used in modern synthetic turf are highly effective at washing away rain, pet waste and other materials.

When dirt and debris begin to build up, your artificial turf’s drainage system won’t work as well. This can cause unpleasant odors, mold and may even start to break down your synthetic turf. Routine artificial grass maintenance services keep your drainage system working properly to prevent these issues.

Pet Odors Will Be Kept at Bay

For dog owners, odors are the biggest concern regarding their artificial grass. Proper maintenance is key to controlling unpleasant odors from pet waste.

Ensure you’re using artificial grass disinfectants that truly break down bacteria, rather than just masking the smell with fragrance. TurFresh artificial grass disinfectants are scientifically proven to eliminate bacteria at a molecular level to ensure your lawn is truly safe and sanitized. You can check out our entire lineup of products here.

Your Lawn Will Stay Clean, Lush and Free of Debris

Artificial grass begins to look dull, matted and dirty with regular use. Routine artificial turf reblooming services keep your lawn looking its best.

TurfBloom services take care of it all – from removing debris and dust to brushing your blades to keep them upright, they’re the best way to refresh and restore your synthetic grass lawn.  

You’ll Avoid Long-Term, Permanent Damage

Over time, waste and debris can take a severe toll on your artificial grass. Damaged seams and blades can also be permanent, so catching them quickly is essential.

Artificial grass is a significant investment, but it can have a tremendous return if properly cared for. TurFresh makes maintaining your artificial grass surfaces easy. We have a service package available for every home and business owner, so you can choose the artificial turf maintenance schedule that works best for you. Call us today at (469) 489-3321, text us at ​(714) 709-2551 or contact us online to book your first TurFresh appointment now.

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