Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is extremely low-maintenance and easy to care for when it’s cared for correctly. However, like with anything, there are ways of cleaning your turf incorrectly that could be ineffective or even harmful. If you want to make sure that you are extending the life of your turf, getting the most out of your investment, and keeping your lawn as clean and beautiful as possible, there are several basic mistakes to know and avoid when cleaning your artificial grass.

Don’t Use Metal Rakes

One crucial part of artificial turf maintenance is cross-brushing your turf blades regularly and raking away any large debris such as leaves and twigs. When undergoing these maintenance steps, make sure that you aren’t using tools with metallic prongs as these can damage the synthetic grass fibers. Instead, opt for something with soft, synthetic or plastic bristles. These will most effectively fluff up the fibers and maintain the upright position of each blade. At TurFresh, we offer specialized turf grooming tools such as our turf comb and battery-powered turf groomer. By purchasing tools made specifically for the care of artificial grass, you can rest assured that your synthetic turf is entirely safe while using it.

How to Power Wash Artificial Grass.

Power washing is an incredibly effective means of quickly cleaning a variety of outdoor surfaces such as concrete and bricks. While power washing areas of your backyard, you may be tempted to wash your artificial grass as well to ensure a deep clean which is not a bad idea at all. However, you should never power wash your synthetic turf lawn using hot water because it could damage the yarn in your turf system. The safest way to power wash turf without blowing out all the infill is with a surface cleaning pressure washing attachment.  Virtually all residential turf installations will come with infill. If you choose to power wash your artificial grass with your traditional wand,  you could remove some or all of that infill product, compromising the integrity of your artificial grass lawn.  You could just simply refill your infill system with TurFill or another type of coated silica sand.  Do not infill with basic silica sand.  If your lawn looks like it’s in need of a wash, use a garden hose to rinse away any dust or debris. If you still feel like it needs a deeper clean, call the turf cleaning experts at TurFresh. Our comprehensive 10-point cleaning service will ensure that your synthetic grass looks sparkling clean and smells fresher than ever without any damaging side-effects.

Don’t Neglect Caring for Your Turf

On the other end of the spectrum, some homeowners may choose not to perform any care for their artificial grass lawn whatsoever. Synthetic turf is definitely much lower-maintenance than natural grass, but it still needs occasional light cleaning in order to look and perform its best. Choosing to never rinse, brush, or otherwise take care of your turf will likely result in a lawn that looks dull, matted, dirty, and generally neglected. Using TurFresh’s industry-leading artificial grass products, you can spruce up your lawn in no time at all. Get rid of pet odors with our proprietary turf deodorizer or top up infill with our signature TurFill. If you’d rather not do the work yourself, we’ll come out and do it for you! Our turf cleaning service will rejuvenate your lawn from brushing up turf blades to re-tucking seams. If you need someone to bring your artificial grass back to life, call the experts at TurFresh.

As industry leaders with 20 years of experience, we can make your artificial turf lawn look as beautiful and smell as fresh as the day it was installed using our innovative TurFresh cleaning products. We offer customizable service plans that include routine cleanings performed anywhere from monthly to bi-annually, depending on your needs. To find out more about our services and pricing, give us a call at (469) 489-3321.

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