The Best Synthetic Grass Tips to Eliminate Hard Water Stains

If you live in a region with hard water, you might notice your artificial grass becoming chalky and dull. Though synthetic turf doesn’t need water to grow, nearby sprinklers, your pool and the occasional rinse can still be enough to cause limescale buildup.

Removing hard water stains is critical to keeping your lawn soft and lush-looking. We’ve compiled three options for eliminating limescale that will have your turf looking as good as new!

Household Ingredients to Try

If your hard water stains are mild and you’re looking for a quick fix, household ingredients might be all you need. 

Combine equal parts apple cider vinegar and baking soda, then apply the mixture to the affected areas of your synthetic grass. The acid in the vinegar will help break down the scale, while baking soda will help you scrub off the stain. 

Let your home remedy sit for around 10 minutes, then scrub the in circular motions using a rag. Rinse with a hose and repeat as needed.

Consumer Cleaning Products

For moderate to severe limescale, consumer bathroom products can sometimes remove the stains.

However, household cleaners can sometimes contain harsh chemicals that damage synthetic grass blades. Make sure to do a small patch test before applying them all over your lawn, and always rinse them off thoroughly.

While any limescale product will work in a pinch, we recommend keeping a cleaner on hand that’s made specifically for artificial grass. At TurFresh’s online store, you’ll find gentle, turf-friendly formulas that remove hard water stains without stripping your blades.

Professional Turf Cleaning Services

If DIY measures aren’t cutting it, it’s time to call TurFresh! Our artificial grass maintenance services are the best way to preserve the useful life of your turf. Our Turf Techs have the skills and tools to tackle any job – plus, we only use all-natural artificial turf deodorizing products to prevent damage to your turf fibers.

With a long-standing reputation for quality artificial turf cleaning services and unsurpassed customer service, TurFresh has become the leading choice for home and business owners nationwide. For more information about our products and services, contact us online or call (469) 489-3321 today!

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