Revitalize your turf with a blooming service.

Re-fluff your lawn

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Turf Blooming Services

Does your yard need to be fluffed but not cleaned? Sign up for the blooming service to bring your lawn back to its full lushness.

Our experienced TurFresh team provides services to help restore, repair, and rejuvenate your artificial grass to maximize its longevity and keep your home healthy.

What’s Included in a TurfClean Service

Debris Removal

Your cleaning starts with debris removal and turf reblooming. In this process, it will improve the drainage of your turf and remove pet hair and ground-in waste that help flush the turf of contaminants.

Turf Reblooming

We’ll then perform the turf reblooming. In this process, it will improve the drainage of your turf by clearing ground-in waste deep within the turf fibers.

Detailed Inspection

Our technicians finish with a thorough inspection of the condition of the turf. They will tuck edges that may have lifted, or do minor adjustments to the turf to restore its condition. We also remove any weeds that occur due to normal erosion and sediment.

People Love TurFresh

“TurFresh did an amazing job for us from start to finish. They were easy to work with, have great support technology, and the end result was beyond expectations! Our very professional technician was fantastic and worked through the steps of the multi part cleaning and application process on a hot, 114 degree Phoenix day. The turf looks wonderful and smells great”

-Linda L.

“Jesus came right on time and did a thorough, phenomenal job on our turf. He explained the process clearly, and wow what a difference! I feel so much more comfortable sending our kids out to play knowing how clean the turf is. A huge perk is that it now looks brand new again. Thanks, Jesus and TurFresh!”

-Ashley W.

“I can’t recommend this company highly enough!! We were considering replacing our turf altogether due to pet smell. TurFresh came in and saved the day! Our turf is like new! Luis did an amazing job showed up on time and got right to work making our turf shine. The stink is gone and the blades are actually standing up again. If you have turf that needs some love call TurFresh you will not be disappointed.”

-Dick F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Reblooming Really Work?

Yes! Our commercial grade power brush is strong enough to pull out stubborn debris, but gentle enough not to damage your artificial grass. Our power brush is similar to what installers use to fluff up artificial grass after it’s been installed. If your turf blades are no longer standing up right and you don’t need a cleaning, the reblooming service is perfect for you!

How long before I can use my turf again?

There is no need to wait since all our products are safe for kids and pets including our reblooming services. Once our technicians are done servicing the area, your turf is immediately ready for use.

How often do I need service?

Every landscape is used differently, and high traffic areas require more frequent maintenance. On average, most clients service their artificial grass quarterly, but commercial landscapes may require more frequent service.

What makes TurFresh different?

Simple. There is no competition! TurFresh is the only experienced, professional artificial turf cleaning technology company to bring you the TurFresh BioS+ artificial grass organic enzyme cleaning system.

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