3 Synthetic Maintenance Tips to Make Your Turf Last Longer

Homeowners throughout San Diego, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Ana and Phoenix are switching to artificial grass landscaping because they know that it can withstand the dry climate and remain evergreen year-round. 

Re-sodding your lawn is often a futile effort, with the natural grass dying just a few weeks or months after it’s been completed. Synthetic turf, however, can last over a decade without ever turning brown or patchy, no matter how hot and dry the local climate is.

However, the exact longevity of your artificial turf is dictated by how well you care for it. While it will almost certainly last longer than any natural grass landscaping, it can still need premature replacement if you neglect your artificial turf maintenance or commit these three fatal flaws of turf ownership:

1. Never use pesticides

One of the most significant benefits of artificial grass landscaping is that it isn’t particularly hospitable for insects and garden pests. Whereas natural grass and pollen attract insects that may wreak havoc on your garden, the synthetic polyethylene fibers of turf often keep insects away all on their own.

As a result, you never need to use pesticides or harsh chemicals on your synthetic grass. In fact, it’s actively discouraged as some chemicals could damage the turf’s fibers. If you do spot any pesky insects, simply hose down your turf and let the efficient drainage system do the rest. 

2. Avoid fire hazards

Although your beautiful synthetic grass makes your backyard perfect for entertaining, it isn’t encouraged to use barbecues directly on your turf. While you don’t need to banish barbecues from your backyard entirely, be mindful when using them, and always use them on a solid hardscaping surface such as your patio or a specially-built brick barbecue area.

Although stray coals likely won’t start a fire, they could significantly damage your synthetic grass lawn. You could end up with burnt or melted turf blades, and your synthetic grass may need significant repair or complete replacement. If you want to avoid this possibility, always use a barbecue — or even cigarettes — with caution. Any hot objects such as these could pose a risk to the lifespan of your turf.

3. Don’t chew gum

Another danger to synthetic turf is adhesive. Manmade adhesives, even those as mild as chewing gum, can severely matte down your grass if caught in the blades of your turf. You may even need to cut the blades out to remove the tacky substance, leaving a noticeable hole or uneven spot in your yard. To avoid this possibility, we recommend spitting out any chewing gum before enjoying your turf lawn.

If you’ve already done any of the three points mentioned above, don’t worry! Professional artificial turf cleaning services are the No. 1 best way to make your synthetic grass last longer and get the most out of your investment. TurFresh’s residential turf maintenance service includes a comprehensive 10-point cleaning process that will remove gum residue and other unsightly wear and tear from your lawn in no time. 

If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s professional artificial turf maintenance services or book your first appointment, give us a call at (213) 279-6599 or fill out our online contact form today. You can also visit our online store to view our full selection of turf deodorizers and at-home synthetic turf maintenance products so you can DIY your turf maintenance between TurFresh appointments. 

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