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Repair unsightly problem areas in your turf today with our TurFix service.

Fixing low spots Replacing burned or singed areas TurfBlooming and decompacting
Weed & debris removal Edge tucking

Fix Your Turf!

Take care of problem areas with our help!

Types of TurFix Repairs

Low Spots

We lift and backfill portions of your base that has subsided for a variety of reasons.

Melted Turf

Landscapers will inadvertently set down their equipment which will singe the turf. We can replace the singed turf spots with turf supplied by the client. TurFresh cannot supply turf due to matching issues.


Over time some turf systems may require additional infill. If this item is requested by our clients our charge is by the square foot and is an itemized option provided on all of our repair estimates.

Lifted Turf

Due to circumstances such as plumbing leak, root damage or remodeling we can lift and reset your turf.

What’s included in a TurFix Service

Detailed Inspection

TurFix services are different from a cleaning, in that our technicians will come out and do a thorough inspection of the condition of the turf. Depending on the size of the damaged area, they will make the best assessments on how to proceed with your TurFix service. Our assessment costs $150 but is free with any service we perform.

Debris Removal

Our technicians will remove all debris that consists of leaf litter and branches so they can access the problem areas better and help prepare the turf for the blooming process later. We also remove any weeds that occur due to normal erosion and sediment.

Repair & Replace

Our technicians then focus on the problem areas that were assessed. There are many types of repairs that can be done, such as fixing low spots, replacing melted turf, restoring infill, and fixing lifted turf. Our technician will restore the turf’s condition based on the agreed service.

Bloom and Groom

We’ll then perform the turf reblooming. In this process, it will improve the drainage of your turf by clearing ground-in waste deep within the turf fibers along with de-compacting the existing infill system.

Save money by fixing your turf, not replacing it.

Accidents happen, and we’re here to help you out when your turf gets a problem spot.

Our experienced TurFresh team provides services to help restore, repair, and rejuvenate your artificial grass to maximize its longevity and keep your home healthy.

People Love TurFresh

“I have been utilizing them for several years! If you have artificial turf on the ground, you need TurFresh to keep your turf looking great all year long! Highly recommended!”

-Mickey A.

“These guys are kind and helpful! They came on time and even cleaned my kids’ toys off the lawn before they began. The turf looked and smelled great after they finished.”

-David C.

“Absolutely GREAT! Our turf is 10 years old and was looking to be replaced. TurFresh came out and it looks brand new. Couldn’t be happier with the results. Everyone that I dealt with was very pleasant and professional.”

-Jim R.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really fix my turf?

In most cases, yes! If you have problem spots from burning or a chewed-up corner from pets, our skilled technicians can help out with that.

Where does the replacement turf come from?

If your installer left some remnants after installation, we will use those pieces depending on the size of the repair and the size of the remnant. If your installer did not leave any remnants, you will need to purchase a remnant to best match your turf so our team can repair your turf.

Can you replace my entire turf system?

No, the TurFix service is for more spot fixes or barrier borders. If your entire turf system needs to be replaced, we would recommend reaching out to a local installer that would replace your artificial turf.

What areas do you service?

We are based in Orange County, California but service all of SoCal, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, and the Inland Empire as well as parts of Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.

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