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General FAQs

I need to clean indoor artificial grass, how do I do that?

Cleaning indoor artificial grass is a little different in its application, but the concept is the same. Customers that use our products indoors will use a pump sprayer so they do not over-saturate the artificial grass. Often indoor applications do not have the drainage to allow for the use of a hose. Because our BioS+ products come in a concentrated version you can mix some in a bottle sprayer and target specific spots that need focused cleaning treatments.

Does vinegar work to remove the smell?

No, we don’t know how or why this urban legend has gained momentum. We also do not recommend the use of bleach or any other chemical as these products can be dangerous to your pets and to your family. This recommendation was created prior to the creation of our product and this was simply because there were no other solutions but to mask the odor.

I want to ship to Hawaii, how do I do that?

You can visit and they can help save you a lot of money in shipping costs.

How long before I can use my turf again?

After you apply our TurFresh™ product or after we perform our services to your artificial grass surface, you can use your artificial grass or surface immediately after you apply TurFresh™ BioS+. There is no need to wait since all our products are safe for kids and pets.

Do we ship to Canada or Australia?

We do ship to Canada or Australia but these orders must be called in or sent via email. In your email, please provide us with your specific shipping address and we will return your email with pricing. With out-of-country shipments, we highly recommend the Super Concentrate as you can dilute the product with water yourself and save money on delivery costs.

Why is shipping so much for TurFill?

Simply because of the weight. All of our shipping costs are based on weight.

I bought TurFresh™ and it seems to not work the way that I thought it would. What should I do?

Our product is the #1 product for cleaning and treating artificial turf odor, TurFresh completely deodorizes and removes pet urine odor and feces bacteria, however, while rare, we occasionally receive feedback from a client claiming that the product is not working at an optimum level or the odor comes back within a few days. All of our testing over the years, as well as onsite applications and customer service satisfaction surveys have demonstrated to us that TurFresh works wonders and completely eliminates the foul turf odor. Sometimes there are variables that contribute to cleaning artificial turf challenging. Please be advised that every single one of these challenges has been presented to us in person and we have resolved them. Feel free to email or call us and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions.

These jobs required additional elbow grease to treat and eliminate the smell of urine:

The volume of Urine or Pooping is excessive (multiple dogs). Typically, this will be experienced by doggy daycare centers. I continue to use so much of your product. We offer our products in larger volumes at a discount, but there are a few steps to be sure to take during the cleaning process: During the TurFresh application, include frequent water saturation and use of a pressure hose to decompact potential hair and sediment buildup.
The product was applied during hot weather and does not seem to be as effective. Ensure that our product is applied during the evenings or early mornings which will allow the BioS+ technology to maximize its effectiveness. Do not apply in the hot sun or without cooling down your turf with water.
Artificial turf was placed on dirt without a sub-base. This is an installation that is not to manufacturer specification and if your artificial turf does not drain correctly, the urine will typically saturate into the compacted soil and our cleaner cannot or will not penetrate the soil enough for treatment. Remove turf and 3″ of dirt. Replace with a sub-base and compact accordingly. If you remove the turf to remedy this situation, add several more drains. You may want to add TurFill on top of your base to take a more aggressive approach to your odor prevention and removal.
Sand is used as an infill. The sand is absorbing too much urine and compacts very easily. Remove all the sand with a shop vacuum and replace the infill with TurFill or an antimicrobial coated silica sand. Sand is not an ideal option for a pet application. Sand absorbs and holds too much moisture and dog hair will prevent proper drainage, resulting in lingering odors.
Turf has not been de-compacted or aerated. Use a pressure washer to completely de-compact infill and also clean the turf backing of any contaminants. The method that we recommend is using a pressure washer with a surface sweeper. A turf brush or our TurfComb will also help with decompaction.
DrainCore and a weed sheet was installed to assist with the drainage. We have not had a lot of positive experiences with customers who have installed a drain core and a weed sheet. Unless the appropriate amount of water is used to push the urine into the drainage system on a continual basis, the urine will tend to pool on the plastic barrier, making the problem more challenging to rectify. You may also not have enough drains installed to properly flush the system.

Product FAQs

Where can I buy your products?

You can buy our TurFresh and TurFill products directly from our website.

Is TurFresh™ harmful to humans or pets?

TurFresh™ is made with all-naturally occurring bacteria and there are no genetically modified organisms (GMO) in our products. TurFresh™ is completely safe for people who use the product, safe for animals and pets, safe for the environment, and safe for aquatic life. We do recommend taking common-sense safety precautions and keeping the product away from children.

Can I use TurFresh BioS+ to treat nasty smelling odors that are not pet-related?

Absolutely! We recommend using our product on any odor, organic or non-organic which includes feces, vomit, sweat, urine. TurFresh is safe to be used on your child’s gym bags, baby’s diaper pail, fishing boat gear, or anything you can think of.

Is TurFresh™ a true “Green Product”?

Yes. TurFresh™ is an all-natural microbial enzymatic artificial grass cleaner that provides cleaning and odor control by consuming and degrading the waste that causes the odors. The residue left behind is simply a small amount of carbon dioxide and water, which will evaporate, leaving your grass surface and infill odor-free.

Since TurFresh™ turf cleaning microbes are so efficient at consuming and degrading organic waste, they will out-compete the harmful pet bacteria on the surface, causing them to die. The only residues left are completely safe for humans and pets.

Is TurFresh™ with BioS+ safe and has it been tested?

TurFresh™ is manufactured in a facility with very tight controls and stringent tests are incorporated into the production process to ensure that our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

When can my pets or kids use artificial grass?

After you apply our TurFresh™ product to your artificial grass surface, you can use your artificial grass or surface immediately after you apply TurFresh™ BioS+. The turf will be wet, so we recommend caution for a slippery surface, but TurFresh BioS+ is safe to use with kids & pets. After your initial application, the enzymes are working hard. If you are having a party or have kids or pets that want to play go right ahead. There is no need to wait since our product is clean, green, and smells great!!

On the BioSiphon Sprayer, there is a tab that looks like it blocks the turn crank from opening completely. Did I get a defective sprayer?

While it may visually look like the crank won’t turn, once you equip your hose with the sprayer and turn on the water, the pressure created will release the crank to turn which will dispense the TurFresh product. View this video to see how it works:

How much TurFill™ do I need for my turf?

Our TurFill artificial turf infill odor eliminator immediately treats odors from pet turf urine. Use TurFill as a preventative measure and our TurFresh BioS+ product to treat urine that has already infiltrated the base, infill, turf or drain. Each square foot of artificial grass turf requires about 1/4 to 2 pounds of TurFill turf infill product. Use more in areas where pet use is heavier.

What is the mixing ratio of your sprayer?

Our sprayer allows for 4.35 oz for every gallon of water that comes through the BioSiphon Sprayer. If you use a garden sprayer, start with a one-ounce to a gallon on your settings and work your way up to no more than four ounces per gallon. You can only do this with an adjustable sprayer.

Why isn’t my sprayer working?

A big culprit to the BioSiphon sprayer not working has to do with the siphon straw connection. Prior to use, the siphon straw must be connected to the main hub in order for the sprayer to work. This is what mixes the proper amount of TurFresh product into the stream of water injecting into the sprayer from the hose.

I own a dog daycare with artificial grass, will this work?

Yes! We have many dog daycare centers as customers. We offer partnership opportunities and discounts on bulk orders to best serve our commercial customers. Should you be interested in our services, we are proud to service dog daycares as well! Our products and service allow for a clean environment for your dogs, a higher level of customer confidence, and a business opportunity for those interested in reselling to their clients who may have a similar pet odor issue at home. When dog daycare owners purchase larger amounts such as our 5-gallon concentrate product, the level of necessary dilution may vary. We typically recommend starting with one ounce of product dilution per gallon using an adjustable hose-end sprayer.

How much TurFresh™ do I use?

The frequency of application is usually more initially and then it trends downward and parallels the square footage instruction on our bottle. No real exact answer as to frequency since each artificial grass cleaning is different, however, historical data shows that treatment frequency is related to the number of dogs you own. If you have one dog, we recommend a treatment once a month during the hot season and about once every other month during the winter. Couple the application with frequent watering. Be sure to remove dog hair buildup, as dog hair can clog the draining capacity of your artificial turf. Use a pressure washer to clean turf and flush out the debris stuck between the infill particles. Be careful to not blow all the infill away, but rest assured – it’s not unreasonable to be aggressive the first time and then just purchase some infill from your local contractor.

Will TurFresh™ kill my plants?

TurFresh and TurFill natural turf cleaning enzymes will NOT kill, damage, or hurt plants.

Service FAQs

How many square feet does the $399 service fee include?

Our price includes treatment for 400 square feet of turf surface area. Each square foot of turf cleaning surface area is $1.00 per square foot. You can measure the area yourself or we can measure it for you during our service.

How do we figure out how many square feet we have?

Since we charge by the square foot, we can measure for you. The math is simple for most jobs, so we will figure it out prior to performing the service and will charge accordingly. If you would like to measure on your own, please visit our YouTube channel.

What is included in your service?

All our services include the products and labor necessary to achieve the objective of clean turf. With a TurfClean service, we include ¼ to 1 pound of TurFill per square foot and an unlimited amount of TurFresh.

What areas do you service?

We are based in Orange County, California but service all of SoCal, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, and the Inland Empire. We are now serving the Bay Area, Sacramento, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Texas. We also have other affiliates in Australia, Canada, UK and the Middle East.

How often do I need service?

Every customer is different, but with over ten years of artificial grass cleaning experience, we know that with one dog your turf system may need to be cleaned up to 4 times a year. Many customers start with a quarterly service and adjust from there. For multiple dogs, we recommend a monthly cleaning service to maintain a clean turf area.

What do you do if we are not happy with the service?

We are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our visit. We are 100% customer focused and are confident in our products and our methods. Because of this, we have a 30 day guarantee on TurfClean services to ensure that you are completely happy with our visit. As your pet will continue to use the area that was cleaned, we do recommend subscribing to one of our TurfCare packages to ensure that your yard is always looking its best!

Are repairs included in your price?

We guarantee a TurfClean service for 30 days. Your pet will continue to use the outdoor space, so it is natural for the odor to return. We highly recommend regular cleanings to keep your turf looking and smelling great!

Do we need to be home for service?

You do not. We prefer you’re home for the first service but after you sign up for our TurfCare program, our system will automatically schedule future services depending on your personal preference of being at home or not.

What is your Warranty or Guarantee?

We guarantee a TurfClean service for 30 days. Your pet will continue to use the outdoor space, so it is natural for the odor to return. We highly recommend regular cleanings to keep your turf looking and smelling great!

Do we need to be home for service?

You do not. We prefer you’re home for the first service but after you sign up for our TurfCare program, our system will automatically schedule future services depending on your personal preference of being at home or not.

Who does the work?

We have our own in-house TurfTech professionals. Each TurfTech has many years of experience in the artificial turf industry and has been specially trained in our processes to confidently address any artificial grass concerns. Want to learn more about our team? Visit our About page.

How long do I have to wait after application to use the turf?

After your initial application the enzyme are working hard. If you are having a party or have kids or pets that want to play go right ahead. No need to wait since our product is clean, green and smells great!!

Additional Information

Safety Data Sheet – TurFresh BioS+ Pet Odor Eliminator

Safety Data Sheet – TurFill Granular Pet Waste Odor Eliminator

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