Cleaning Artificial Turf For Dogs

Pet owners who have smaller yards or the majority of their backyard is concrete but want to have a special dog area.

Benefits of artificial turf for dog kennels and dog runs include allowing an owner to let their dog outside alone without worrying about traffic and keeping your Dog safe from vehicles and predators.  Artificial turf dog kennels and dog runs are commonly used to keep dogs in a confined area but also allow them  access to play and do their business.

When dog runs are installed on the owner’s property, its important to stay on top of keeping it clean.  Its much easier to clean than natural grass, but nothing is worse than that urine smell on hot days and the people that smell it the most are your neighbors.

We recommend the following cleaning system to keep artificial turf clean and smelling great for you, your dog, your family and YES, your neighbor!

The perfect odor prevention plan for dog runs is a combination treatment or artificial grass using TurFill to address continual urine.  The Bioturf Biost will treat the bacteria in the urine as well as feces and other contaminants.

TurFill Pet Deodorizer For Turf

The TurFill will reduce the sudden impact of the smell on really hot days and our BioTurf will eliminate the bacteria that causes the smell.  These two products when coupled effectivelly will increase the benefits to owning an artificial turf system.  Lets not forget picking up the dogs mess when needed.

Clean Turf

For pet owners with artificial grass seeking a highly-concentrated, organic, commercial grade bioA+enzymatic turf cleaner that effectively treats offensive pet odors and reacts to bacteria contaminants in artificial grass and other surfaces without harming pets and children.

BioTurf™ with BioS+ Technology is the perfect turf cleaner to keep your residential or commercial artificial grass FRESH and CLEAN!

BioTurf™ is a completely new approach to eliminating stains and treating pet odors in artificial grass and other surfaces. It’s CUSTOM FORMULATED for artificial turf, using naturally occurring organic digestive bio-enzymes. Using BioTurf™ artificial grass cleaners also reduces environmental impact and keeps your family safe from adverse, allergic reactions with using average cleaning products.

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