Garden Design Ideas that are Perfect for a Low Maintenance Garden

There is nothing more wonderful than being able to relax outside – in your garden, ice-cold drink in hand, taking in the gorgeous surroundings and watching the sunset after a long, exhausting day. Unfortunately though, very few of us actually have the time to properly care for our gardens. But, that definitely does not mean that we do not want them to be beautiful! Fear not. Here are some incredible garden design ideas that are perfect for a low maintenance garden:

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Artificial Turf
Wondering how do I create a garden for my budget? One that will also not require a lot of my time to maintain? The very best thing to do is to invest in artificial turf, otherwise known as ‘fake grass’. This turf requires minimal maintenance! And, you will never have to worry about watering or weeding – ever again! It is one of those maintenance-free landscaping ideas that solves all problems.

Add a Deck
Along with artificial turf, you may also want to think about adding a deck to your garden. A deck is an outdoor extension of your living space and is wonderful for entertaining. You can opt for a very simple garden design when you have a deck, as the deck itself often demands all of the attention of your guests.

Cover with Mulch
If you still want garden beds in your garden but you really do not want to have to spend hours caring for them, be sure to mulch them! Mulch is known to inhibit the growth of weeds and is also great for keeping beds damp.

Plant Wildflowers
You may also want to think about planting wildflowers. Wildflowers are very low maintenance and only require infrequent watering and a bit of sunlight to flourish.

If you have embraced our garden design ideas that are perfect for a low maintenance garden, and if you have had artificial turf installed, the experts at TurFresh can assist you in looking after it if you are pressed for time. We not only provide expert artificial turf maintenance and cleaning services, but we also sell a wide range of special artificial grass cleaning products for your convenience should you prefer the DIY approach. Contact us for more details today!

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