Helpful Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips for Your Backyard Putting Green

From Santa Ana to Texas to Los Angeles, artificial turf putting greens are one of the most popular ways golf lovers are carving out some extra practice time. Synthetic grass putting greens are a cost-effective, water-conscious way to sharpen your short game right in your own backyard.

Proper artificial grass maintenance is essential to make your investment last as long as possible. We’ve listed the five most critical steps to maintaining your artificial grass putting green.

Remove Debris to Prevent Mold & Mildew

Before teeing up for your next practice session, make sure to remove any leaves, pet waste and other debris. This will not only clear the way for your ball to roll but also prevent mold and mildew by ensuring proper drainage.

Make sure to use a leafblower or plastic (not metal) rake to avoid damaging the blades of your artificial turf. 

Rinse to Remove Dust & Pollen

If it’s been a while since you last used your synthetic grass putting green, dust and pollen have likely accumulated on the surface. 

Rinse your turf with a hose to keep it clean and fresh. You can also use a powerwasher from time to time if you prefer – just make sure not to use too much pressure to prevent damaging the blades (we recommend holding the nozzle at an angle).

Rebloom Your Blades to Maintain Volume

With regular use, your putting green can become matted and lackluster. To re-fluff your lawn, brush against the grain of your turf with a soft-bristled broom or brush.

For a more thorough refresh, book an artificial turf reblooming service. Our TurfBloom synthetic grass maintenance services include debris removal, decompacting, reblooming and a detailed inspection to get your putting green looking pristine. 

Remove Stains For a Clean Appearance 

Spills and pet waste stains can take a significant toll on the appearance of your putting green.

If the stain occurred recently, scrubbing with soap and water will likely be enough to remove it. For more stubborn stains, you’ll want to use a more targeted formula. 

Our TurFresh BioS+ Disinfectant Spray is an effective, nontoxic way to eliminate stains on your synthetic turf. Stock up on TurFresh’s nontoxic, science-backed products at our online store.

Eliminate Bacteria From Pet Waste

If your pets accidentally use your putting green as a bathroom, you’ll want to ensure your turf is thoroughly sanitized before using it again.

The bacteria in pet waste and animal droppings are not only odorous but also pose a potential health hazard. Our TurfClean services offer a thorough, deep clean that will keep your family happy and healthy.

TurFresh technicians go above and beyond simple turf maintenance. We’ll address every aspect of your artificial grass to extend its useful life as long as possible. For more information about our products and artificial grass maintenance services, contact us online or call (213) 279-6599 today!

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