How to Apply BioTurf using a Pump Sprayer

Step 1:  Mix 16 oz of BioTurf™ BioS+ into 112 oz of water. This makes original gallon concentrate which you can store or mix 1- 4 oz of BioTurf™ with 1 gallon of water if you are using a pump sprayer.

Step 2:  Rinse turf off with water prior to spraying BioTurf™.

Step 3:  Fill pump sprayer with product and adjust sprayer accordingly.

Step 4:  Apply BioTurf™ directly to soiled artificial grass areas using a sprayer Note: Makes one gallon of concentrate product. Save $$ on shipping costs buy purchasing 16 oz concentrate for refill your gallons. You can also use the 16 oz product to refill your 32 oz bottle with our BioSiphon sprayer.  The sprayer automatically mixes 1.35 oz of product for every gallon of water.

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