How to Apply TurFresh™ using the BioSiphon Sprayer

Step 1:  Attach garden hose to TurFresh™’s BioSiphon special sprayer. *Remember to connect the straw to the sprayer!

Step 2:  Turn on the water – then turn the dial so that only water is spraying out of the sprayer.  Water should freely flow out of the end.

Step 3:  After the area has been sprayed down and cooled down, push or turn button on the side of the sprayer and TurFresh™ BioS or BioS+ will start to dispense. You will immediately begin to smell the fragrance.

Step 4:  Thoroughly saturate the soiled areas of the artificial turf with BioFresh. Focus on areas that are used more often by your pet (DO NOT APPLY IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT).

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