How to Restore Your Synthetic Turf Lawn After Summer

Summer is one of the best, most enjoyable times of the year. With warm weather comes barbecues, pool parties, sprinkler runs, bonfire nights, and all kinds of other fun. However, once those dog days of summer come to an end and it’s time to retreat indoors, your lawn can often be left looking worse for wear. All of that running, jumping, playing, and socializing can leave your artificial grass blades matted and even full of odor. If you want to revive your synthetic grass lawn after summer, here are a few tips to get it back to perfect condition in no time.

Rebloom Your Turf Blades

Extensive running or walking on artificial grass can cause the turf blades to become matted after several months. This can also be caused by patio furniture such as grills or lounge chairs sitting out on the turf for months on end. When the sunny, outdoor season comes to a close, you’ll want to rebloom your turf blades in order to fix any matting and make your lawn look as full as it did before summer. In order to help your blades stand on end, use a specialized tool such as our TurFresh turf groomer or a synthetic bristle brush in order to cross-brush your lawn. This means brushing your lawn against the direction of growth. Using a specializing grooming tool such as those available in the TurFresh shop will help you most effectively rebloom your turf blades and bring your artificial grass back to life. 

Get Rid of any Lingering Odors

After months of water fights, doggy playtime, and little kid messes, you may find that your artificial grass has collected a lingering odor. Luckily, TurFresh’s proprietary turf deodorizer makes it a breeze to eliminate any odors and make your lawn fresh and clean. TurFresh BioS+ deodorizer uses natural enzymes produced by ammonia-eating bacteria to capture and neutralize odors at their source. It’s specially formulated to eliminate stubborn pet odors from artificial grass, but it can also be used for a wide range of applications on turf as well as other common backyard surfaces. TurFresh BioS+ is completely non-toxic and biodegradable, so it’s safe for kids and pets and will allow them to go out and play right after TurFresh is applied.

Schedule A Professional Turf Cleaning Service

If you have any particularly stubborn areas, or if you simply don’t want to clean your turf yourself, you can leave it to the professionals. TurFresh offers a comprehensive 10-point cleaning process that will thoroughly rejuvenate your artificial grass lawn and lift away all dirt, debris, and odors left behind from months of summer playing. We’ll rebloom your turf blades, top up infill, remove odors, tuck lifted seams, and more. If you want the deepest clean possible for your artificial grass lawn, there’s no better solution than a TurFresh cleaning service.

To find out more about our turf cleaning products or to schedule an appointment for your first cleaning service, give us a call today at (213) 279-6599. We are committed to employee and client safety, following all best practices and safety guidelines for COVID-19 social distancing. We also operate an online store where you can purchase our turf deodorizer products and specialized grooming tools for DIY synthetic grass maintenance.

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