Interested in Artificial Grass – Here Are the Benefits and Problems You Need to Know

A lot has been said about the benefits of artificial grass, of which there are quite a few, including the fact that it is good for the environment. First used in the 1960s, artificial grass has improved in both its quality and accessibility. It is no longer restricted to use on sports fields and other large commercial applications. With that said, there is quite a bit you need to consider before you install artificial turf on your property. To help us understand what that is, let’s quickly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of artificial grass.

The Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has great benefits for both the home and property owner as well as the environment. Below are some of the advantages:

Less Maintenance
Not exactly an install-and-forget solution, but artificial turf needs significantly less maintenance than natural grass. It does not need any mowing or pest control. For this reason, it is ideal for busy people.

Water Conservation
This one is for the environment. Water is a scarce resource and the less that is used on watering lawns, the more that can be reserved for drinking and food production.

Cost Efficiency
Less maintenance and lower water usage both mean savings for you. You won’t need to hire a weekly lawn service to keep your yard from becoming the talk of the neighborhood, and your water bill will not punch holes in your pocket.

Those are all great benefits that make artificial grass such an appealing alternative to natural grass lawns. But are there disadvantages you need to be aware of?

Artificial Grass Problems to Take Note Of

There aren’t that many disadvantages to artificial grass. Below we bring your attention to a couple things you may want to consider:

Heat Retention
Artificial grass retains more heat than natural grass. If you experience hot summer temperatures you may find your backyard less enjoyable during those times. But… if it’s that hot outside, you’ll probably want to stay in the air conditioning anyway. Not to mention those hot conditions would scorch a natural lawn (and you would have to water your grass often to keep it alive in those conditions). But with artificial grass, you don’t have to worry about that!

Artificial Grass Installations Are Costly to Replace
Changing your mind and choosing to go with a different solution after installing your artificial turf will cost you as there is some degree of permanence to these installations. We would suggest giving yourself time to adjust to your new yard before making any changes. After all, you chose it for good reasons!

Artificial grass needs significantly less maintenance, but it still isn’t 100% maintenance-free. If you prefer to have someone else handle all your artificial turf maintenance, we would be happy to do that for you. Call us to learn how we can help keep your artificial grass smelling fresh and looking its best for longer.

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