Make Sure You’re Not Making These Four Artificial Grass Maintenance Mistakes

Swapping out your natural grass for artificial turf was one of the best decisions you’ve made as a homeowner – so make sure to make it last as long as possible! Proper synthetic grass maintenance is key to preventing a slew of issues, from bacteria growth to mold and mildew. 

While professional turf cleaning services should be scheduled at least quarterly, you’ll want to do some spot cleaning between appointments. We’ve listed the top four artificial turf maintenance mistakes so you avoid pitfalls while caring for your lawn!

Neglecting Your Infill

If you want your lawn to look and smell fresh, don’t overlook the importance of infill! Infill settles between the blades, keeping the synthetic fibers upright and helping to filter any liquid waste from your pets.

With daily use, some of your infill will get carried away by shoes, paws, and wind. Keep an eye on your infill level, and top it off when it gets low. We recommend one that neutralizes the ammonia in pet waste, like our best-selling TurFill!

Using a Vacuum on Your Artificial Grass

Although it may look and feel as soft as your indoor carpeting, artificial turf can’t be vacuumed in the same way. At best, using a vacuum will remove much of that important infill we previously mentioned. At worst, you’ll damage the delicate synthetic blades (and your vacuum!).

Synthetic grass is a unique material that requires a professional tool called a power broom to really clean between its fibers. Between professional maintenance services, picking up debris and using a plastic (not metal) rake is all you should do.

Cleaning Your Lawn With Harsh Chemicals

We get it: pet odors make it tempting to use the strongest possible cleaning formulas on your lawn! That infamous ammonia smell might seem like it requires some heavy-duty chemicals, but that’s actually not the case. In fact, harsh formulas often do little more than mask the odors with fragrance. Additionally, they often do more harm than good by breaking down the synthetic materials in your lawn!

Gentle formulas that are specifically designed for synthetic grass are the best way to target bacteria – especially from pet urine. Our non-toxic disinfecting products, including our BioS+ Turf Deodorizer, use natural enzymes and minerals to break down germs at the chemical level without damaging your turf blades. They’re the perfect spot treatment between professional maintenance – browse our online store and see what we have to offer!

Not Scheduling Routine Synthetic Grass Maintenance

It’s true that artificial turf requires far less maintenance than natural grass. However, it still needs scheduled TLC if you want to get the best return on your investment.

Your lawn is constantly exposed to the elements, foot traffic, and pet use. Over weeks and months, your turf becomes dingy and matted (and potentially odorous). Routine artificial grass maintenance services are essential to keeping your lawn clean and fresh. 

Don’t risk your turf with DIY solutions; discover what TurFresh can do for your home or business by giving us a call at 213-279-6599 or contacting us online today!

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