Maximize Your Investment: How Regular Turf Maintenance Helps Homeowners Associations

If you’re an HOA board member or property manager trying to attract residents to your association, it’s imperative that your neighborhood maintains a beautiful and well-kept appearance year-round. However, accomplishing this can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, especially when you have so many other day-to-day matters to worry about.

Luckily, with scheduled synthetic turf maintenance from a professional turf maintenance provider like TurFresh, you can keep your HOA looking lush, green, and pristine 365 days a year. Here are just a few of the many benefits of professional synthetic grass maintenance for homeowners associations like yours.

Year-Round Curb Appeal

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners associations make the switch to synthetic grass landscaping is because of its evergreen appearance. Even during sweltering summers and frigid winters, your neighborhood will enjoy the appearance of a lush, vibrant landscape, boosting curb appeal and, ultimately, property values.

However, with daily foot traffic, pet use, and weather fluctuations, your turf can end up looking worse for wear. Although your landscape will remain green, it can become matted, dingy, and even odorous, detracting from your community’s curb appeal. That’s where professional synthetic turf maintenance services come in.

With routine synthetic grass cleaning, your green space will remain lush, tidy, and smelling fresh. Even with kids at play, dogs being walked, or lawn furniture being moved around, your amenities and common areas will always look inviting to new and current residents, improving member satisfaction.

Safe & Fun for Kids & Pets

Your HOA is where dozens, if not hundreds, of families call home. As such, you likely have kids and pets enjoying your common areas each day, year-round. With so much heavy use, your synthetic grass can build up odors, bacteria, and other health hazards without proper maintenance, endangering residents and making your common areas a less enjoyable space.

By investing in synthetic grass maintenance, you can keep your green space safe, healthy, and odor-free. In addition to reviving the look of your turf lawn, your maintenance provider will restore full drainage capabilities, top up your antimicrobial infill, and eliminate bacteria with a turf deodorizer. If you have dog runs, playgrounds, or other kid- and pet-friendly common areas, synthetic turf maintenance is a crucial investment for keeping families happy and safe.

Save Time & Money

Switching to artificial grass is a cost-effective measure for any HOA thanks to its low maintenance requirements. However, you can’t abandon maintenance altogether once it’s installed. Synthetic grass still requires periodic upkeep, but you can save time and money by investing in high-quality professional turf maintenance services.

While you may not want to add an expense to your annual budget, professional turf maintenance is essential. Trusting your usual landscapers with synthetic grass maintenance is often a costly mistake, as they typically aren’t specially trained and can damage the turf using improper tools and techniques. Shirking maintenance altogether can also cost you in the long run since you’ll endure premature wear and tear and will need to replace your landscaping years earlier than if you had invested in routine maintenance. It can also cost you in property value. Without regular upkeep, your HOA can lose its curb appeal, damaging member satisfaction as well as neighborhood home values.

If you’re worried about budgeting or having to raise dues to afford the extra service, don’t be! At TurFresh, we offer customizable service schedules that range from monthly to biannually, so you can choose the plan that fits your foot traffic needs and budget. We also offer commercial turf maintenance services specifically tailored to HOAs and apartment complexes, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving exactly the services you need. We understand the unique needs of residential facilities and can offer a one-of-a-kind synthetic grass cleaning service that will keep all areas of your property looking clean, fresh, and well-maintained year-round. 

If you’re an HOA board member, management firm, or property manager looking for a reliable artificial grass maintenance provider near you, look no further than TurFresh. We offer customizable service plans that suit your needs and provide an unbeatable clean every time. To learn more or book your first turf maintenance appointment for your HOA, give us a call at 213-279-6599 or fill out our online contact form today.

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