Pressure Washing Your Artificial Turf: Is It Worth It?

Pressure washing is a quick and easy way to thoroughly clean a wide variety of outdoor surfaces. Because of this, many homeowners throughout San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix wonder if they can power wash their synthetic grass to clean it. While synthetic turf maintenance doesn’t typically include power washing, and it’s ill-advised in most circumstances, power washing can be used in some cases to effectively clean your synthetic grass.

When can I power wash synthetic grass?

Synthetic grass can be power washed if it doesn’t contain infill. Infill is a granular material placed in between the synthetic turf blades to keep them upright, add a layer of protection, and, in some cases, absorb pet urine. Because infill is a loose, granular substance, it can be easily disturbed by a power washer and end up distributed unevenly throughout your artificial turf or blown out of your yard altogether. Bearing this in mind, only artificial grass without infill can be safely power washed. However, most homeowners have artificial turf with infill. In this case, it’s best to think twice before adding pressure washing to your turf maintenance routine.

Pros of power washing artificial turf

If you have artificial grass without infill or if you want to attempt power washing regardless, there are some advantages to this method over other synthetic turf maintenance methods. For example, it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to remove dirt and debris from your lawn. It can also help remove smaller, more stubborn debris that isn’t easily removed with a broom or a turf groomer. It can also be more effective in removing pet hair and the odors associated with pet urine, and the force of the power hose can also help fluff up your artificial turf blades and counteract any matting.

Cons of power washing artificial turf

Despite the benefits, there are still quite a few notable reasons why you should think twice before power washing your artificial grass lawn. As mentioned before, it could move or completely remove the infill in your lawn. This could lead to wrinkling or drainage issues with your synthetic turf, or you may need to buy more infill to re-fill your lawn. If you’re rinsing away chemicals or harsh cleaning solutions, runoff from the power washer could be swept into a storm drain or flower bed and damage the local environment. Using a manual hose and not overwhelming your artificial turf’s drainage system will allow any contaminants to drain away properly and with minimal environmental effects. 

Tips for pressure washing artificial grass

If you choose to power wash your artificial grass, it’s best to take precautions to ensure that you protect your household, local plant life, and artificial grass itself. Remove any solid objects, including pet waste, before washing the area, and avoid harsh detergents. Use a wide-angle spray nozzle to avoid displacing infill, and keep the nozzle at least a foot away from the surface of your artificial grass. Do not point the stream of water directly at the ground, but instead keep it at an angle that will minimize damage and push debris to the edge of your lawn. However, if you want to ensure that you avoid any turf damage and achieve the ultimate clean, the best thing to do is to entrust the process to an artificial turf maintenance professional like TurFresh. With years of experience in synthetic turf maintenance, we have the expertise to thoroughly clean your synthetic grass lawn without causing any additional damage. We go the extra mile, re-fluffing turf blades, topping up infill, tucking any loose seams, and removing any lingering odors. 

If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s synthetic turf maintenance services, give us a call today at (213) 279-6599. You can book your first appointment for residential or commercial artificial turf maintenance and receive a free estimate. If you want to try synthetic grass maintenance for yourself, you can visit our online store for a wide range of turf cleaning products that are specially created for synthetic turf and are even used by us during our professional turf maintenance services, including our turf deodorizer and turf groomer. At TurFresh, we have everything that you need!

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