The Essential Turf Maintenance Guide to Cleaning Pet Urine

Pet odor is notoriously difficult to treat – inside and outside the home! That infamous ammonia smell can have you trying every DIY cleaning solution online, particularly on your artificial grass lawn.

As the leading artificial turf maintenance company, we know a thing or two about turf cleaning! We’ve broken down some of the most common ways folks try unsuccessfully to eliminate pet odors – plus what to do instead! 

Garden Hose Attachments For Artificial Turf Cleaning

You’ve likely used your garden hose to rinse your artificial turf with water after a pet accident, beverage spill or other mess. However, some homeowners use their garden hose to spray lawn-cleaning chemicals on their turf.

Though this can seem like a good solution in a pinch, a garden hose attachment isn’t sophisticated enough to give your lawn the deep cleaning it needs after significant pet use. Instead, stick to using your hose to rinse affected areas with water — this will help mitigate bacteria between professional turf maintenance services.

Power Washing Your Synthetic Grass Lawn

Power-washing your driveway, patio, or outside of your home can be incredibly satisfying. It can be tempting to use these machines on your turf, too – especially if it’s become matted or dingy – but these machines can actually do more harm than good.

The pressure from a power washer is so strong that it can damage the delicate fibers of your synthetic grass. You risk damaging your lawn substantially and even voiding the warranty if you have one! Instead of power washing, stick to spot-treating pet messes with a sustainable artificial grass cleaning formula and leave the deep cleaning to the professionals.

The Benefits of Professional Artificial Turf Maintenance

Artificial grass is unlike any other landscaping material. Because it’s inorganic, turf won’t drain liquid waste entirely or grow back if damaged.

That’s why professional artificial turf maintenance is so essential when it comes to removing pet urine.  Our Turf Techs use specialized formulas that gently but effectively kill bacteria without breaking down the synthetic blades. We also have professional power brooms explicitly designed to clean deep within the turf fibers without causing damage. 

If your pets use your pets as a restroom, it’s time to call TurFresh! We go above and beyond a basic, superficial cleaning to eliminate pet odors at the chemical level.  Give us a try by calling 213-279-6599, texting 714-709-2551 or contacting us online today!

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