What is Artificial Turf Reblooming?

At TurFresh, one of the services we’re asked about the most is our artificial grass reblooming. After all, synthetic grass technically doesn’t bloom in the first place, so how can it rebloom? Reblooming is the act of getting your synthetic turf blades to stand back on end after being matted down. While it may not sound like much, it’s actually very important to the health of your artificial grass lawn and is the first step in the 10-point cleaning service we offer to Santa Ana homes and businesses. 

There are several reasons why we perform synthetic turf reblooming as part of our turf cleaning process. The first is for purely aesthetic reasons; artificial grass looks best when it is standing on end. Having your blades stand on end will make it look as natural and lush as possible. Heavy foot traffic and rainfall can cause turf to become matted down and pressed flat, impacting its aesthetic appeal. In this matted state, the artificial turf’s drainage is also impeded, meaning that puddles are more likely to form on the surface of your lawn, creating a slipping hazard after rainfall. 

Synthetic turf reblooming is also useful because it gets rid of debris like leaves, pebbles, pet hair, and more as the turf is lifted. Like matted turf, this debris can affect drainage. That’s why we make reblooming the first step of our 10-point cleaning service, before re-tucking edges of the lawn, adding new infill, or applying our BioTurf cleaning products. 

There are several different tools you can use for artificial grass reblooming. As a professional artificial grass cleaning service, we use a special blooming tool that consists of a large rotating brush with synthetic bristles that catch the turf blades and lift them without damaging them. However, you can do the same with a broom, comb, or rake by dragging the tool over the turf against the grain when sweeping up debris. If you choose to rebloom your turf yourself, make sure that you choose a tool with soft, synthetic bristles. If you’re not sure where to get one, our online store has combs and groomers for sale that can safely handle the synthetic turf reblooming process. 

If you’d like to hire a trusted artificial grass cleaning service, you can put your faith in the professionals at TurFresh. We’ve been cleaning and reblooming synthetic turf lawns since 1999, with a 10-point cleaning process that can rejuvenate the appearance of your Santa Ana home or business’s synthetic turf. We use cleaning products that are 100% kid and pet-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about the health or safety of your little ones after we’re finished. If you’d like to learn more about TurFresh’s products and services or schedule a cleaning, give us a call at (213) 279-6599 today.

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