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With over 20 years of experience in the artificial turf industry, we know exactly what needs to be performed during our turf restoration process to give the best value and quality. All of our pricing includes all the steps necessary to complete the restoration.

Visibly See The Clean

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With our 10 Point Service, we make sure your turf is smelling fresh and looking good.

 Turf Reblooming to Restore Look

De-Compacting Infill to Improve Drainage

Pet Hair Removal to Improve Drainage

Edges Tucked to Original Condition

Magnet Sweep to Remove Dangerous Metal

Seams Adjustment

Removal of Weeds Surrounding Turf

Minor Repairs to Keep Your Turf in Tip-Top Shape

Add TurFill to Keep Your Turf Smelling Fresh

Application of TurFresh with BioS+ Technology

We’re Highly Rated

People Love TurFresh

TurFresh did a fantastic job taking care of our turf. We’re on a quarterly plan and it keeps our turf looking good and smelling nice. We have two dogs and before we began the maintenance program we had some pretty bad odor issues keeping us from using our outdoor spaces. Now, that’s not an issue anymore.

C. Mueller

After 3 years of 3 German Shepherds, it was time to refresh the lawn and tune up some spots that had more pronounced matting. I received a solid job, as advertised. But, more than that, I was waaay impressed with the attention to detail given by the TurFresh team during the job. They were meticulous in getting every just so. Bottom line, I was more than impressed on the high-quality effort with my 500 sq. ft. Kudos!

M. Flynn

After our first service visit from the TurFresh team happy to report that “So far so good!”. What we thought would be a permanent stench of dog urine in our backyard after trying every remedy ourselves, has now turned into a fresh smelling plot of artificial turf in our backyard. We can finally enjoy our backyard to its fullest. We look forward to our monthly service calls by the TurFresh team.

S. Jacques