Artificial Grass Maintenance for Your Commercial Property

One of the many benefits of synthetic grass is that there isn’t much needed in terms of artificial grass maintenance. Unlike natural grass, cleaning artificial grass is simple. There’s no need to water, add fertilizer, or mow it. However, there are still some services and upkeep needed to keep your artificial grass in great shape. At TurFresh, we are a full-spectrum artificial grass cleaning service that serves Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California, as well as Arizona and Nevada, and many locations across the United States. We offer a range of service plans to keep your artificial turf looking beautiful and in top-notch shape for years to come. 

TurFresh Service Plans for High-Traffic Areas

Traffic on the artificial grass of your small, medium, or large business helps determine the type of synthetic grass maintenance that’s right for your landscape’s needs. First impressions are important for your business. Our service plans are customized to make sure that when customers and clients set foot on your artificial turf, it will be clean, fresh, and in excellent condition

Commercial establishments with higher foot traffic, such as dog kennels, and areas with lots of kids, require a different level of maintenance than businesses with lower foot traffic. High traffic, over time, can cause your turf blades to be matted down. Pets also leave behind odors and wastes. With Monthly TurfCare or Bi-Monthly TurfCare from TurFresh, our technicians rebloom your turf blades to ensure that they are standing straight. We also eliminate and protect against all odors, remove debris, pet hair, and any weeds from your artificial grass, among other synthetic turf maintenance services.

TurFresh Service Plans for Low-Traffic Areas

While businesses with lower foot traffic, such as apartment complexes utilizing turf to enhance aesthetics, and may not require as much upkeep, it’s still important to keep artificial grass fresh and in excellent condition by cleaning and eliminating bacteria, removing stains and odors, as well as debris and pet hair.

These and other services are included in Quarterly TurfCare or BiAnnual TurfCare from TurFresh.

Regardless of whether your business experiences high or low foot traffic, your landscape will benefit greatly from one of our TurFresh Service plans.

Synthetic Grass Maintenance Services 

In addition to synthetic turf maintenance, our 10-point artificial turf cleaning service covers everything from artificial turf reblooming and de-compacting infill, to minor repairs, pet hair removal, and other synthetic turf services. TurFresh offers comprehensive, artificial grass maintenance, and cleaning services for commercial properties of all sizes in Southern California, Arizona, and Nevada. We’ll deep clean your artificial turf and bring it back to like-new quality in no time. We back all of our services and products with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. To find out more about our synthetic turf maintenance services, cleaning products, or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (469) 489-3321.

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