How to Prevent Your Artificial Turf From Matting

Artificial grass is one of the most low-maintenance landscaping solutions on the market, which is why it’s beloved by Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and San Diego homeowners alike. However, it does require occasional care and maintenance in order to keep it looking its best. Although your synthetic turf will never brown, it can become matted with continuous use. Having matted artificial grass can make your lawn look less lush and more artificial, which is why it’s important that you take these recommended steps to prevent your artificial grass from flattening.

Brush your artificial grass regularly

Artificial grass flattening happens when all of the fibers become condensed in one direction and no longer stand upright. To counteract this, it’s recommended that you cross-brush your lawn every month or so. Cross-brushing simply means brushing the fibers in the opposite direction that they’re leaning to. Gently brush the fibers against the grain using an appropriate tool to restore their upright appearance and prevent them from flattening.

What do we mean when we say “an appropriate tool”? This usually refers to a stiff broom with synthetic bristles. Not all brooms and rakes are appropriate for brushing your artificial grass lawn, as metal or wire bristles can damage the synthetic turf blades’ material. Make sure that your stuff broom is made with synthetic bristles, or choose a turf brush specifically made for grooming artificial grass landscaping. The TurFresh TurfComb is a multifunctional tool used not only to brush artificial turf but also to remove pet hair and aerate your synthetic turf. It’s created with polypropylene bristles that are strong enough to penetrate the artificial turf lawn but gentle enough to not destroy your synthetic turf. 

Power broom for a deeper clean

If you want to brush your synthetic grass lawn yourself but cut down on the time and energy it requires, you can power broom your artificial grass. If you have a large lawn or a commercial property, this is likely the best solution for you. A power brush such as the TurFresh TurfGroomer Plus will not only straighten synthetic turf blades as you go, but it will also pick up debris such as leaves, dust, and pet hair. And since it’s powered by an outlet rather than manually, you can cover much more land in less time and with less effort versus a traditional broom.

Hire a professional artificial turf groomer

If you don’t have the time to re-bloom your artificial turf blades — or if you simply don’t want to do it yourself — turn to a professional artificial turf groomer. An artificial grass cleaning service like TurFresh will ensure a much deeper clean than you can achieve on your own, and our TurfBloom service was specially designed with synthetic turf flattening in mind. We remove all debris, re-fluff your synthetic turf fibers, and decompact infill for a lawn that looks as good as the day it was installed.

If you want to re-fluff your lawn and bring high-traffic areas back to life, there’s no better solution than TurFresh TurfBloom service. Whether you’re a single-family home with pets or a commercial property with daily foot traffic, we can re-bloom your synthetic turf blades, decompact infill, and make your outdoor space look like new. To find out more about our residential or commercial TurfBloom services, give us a call at (469) 489-3321 or fill out our service request form. We look forward to serving you!

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