Three Ways To Keep Your Artificial Turf Looking Great

Many are sold on artificial grass when they hear just how low-maintenance it is. Desert areas like Phoenix and San Diego are being landscaped with synthetic turf more and more thanks to how much water it saves.

They’re not wrong; artificial grass is far less demanding than natural grass, which requires constant fertilizing and watering just to stay alive. However, synthetic grass does need some routine maintenance to stay at its best. High-traffic areas, like businesses, are especially prone to becoming matted, odorous and dull.

If you’ve had your artificial grass professionally serviced by TurFresh before, you know how it transforms your outdoor surfaces. Regular artificial turf maintenance is essential, but there are a few smart ways you can keep your artificial grass looking and smelling fresh between TurFresh services. 

Give the Blades a Bit of TLC

Matting is one of the main ways your artificial grass will start to look a little less lifelike. Foot traffic can cause your blades to flatten out, taking away from the lush appearance of your outdoor surfaces. Luckily, re-fluffing your blades is fairly simple.

Firstly, a monthly cross-brushing of your artificial grass will help the blades stand up straight again. Raking your lawn will also take care of any debris or leaves that may have accumulated over time. Refilling your infill can also help this problem, as infill is what supports the upright position of your blades.

Keep Synthetic Grass Disinfectants At The Ready

Bacteria is your artificial turf’s worst enemy. If you operate a doggy daycare, a school or a sports center business, you know just how quickly dirt, sweat and other forms of waste can make your synthetic turf incredibly odorous. 

In between TurfClean services, many clients choose to keep extra TurFresh deodorizing products on hand to keep their turf fresh and clean. You never know what life will throw at you next; stocking up on our at-home products is a great way to be ready for whatever accident or spill comes next. Our synthetic grass disinfectants are sustainable and non-toxic, so you can feel good about how you keep your turf looking great.

Schedule Regular Artificial Grass Maintenance Services

While you can do some upkeep at home, routine professional artificial grass maintenance services are the best way to keep your synthetic grass looking and smelling its best. Every service includes a comprehensive 10-point process that addresses every last detail of your turf.

We’ll hit every mark, from de-compacting and reblooming your blades to a thorough cleaning using our signature BioS+ artificial grass deodorizer. Our unique, science-backed formula breaks down the bacteria that cause odors at the chemical level. Unlike other products, TurFresh deodorizers eliminate odors at the source rather than simply masking them.

We take pride in keeping outdoor areas at their best. From Los Angeles to Las Vegas, TurFresh provides professional artificial grass maintenance services that transform.  Contact us today to schedule your first synthetic grass maintenance service.

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