Turf Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Balcony Fresh

Housing prices are on the rise from San Diego, CA, to Garland, TX, and outdoor space is at a premium in many cities across the country. Luckily, whether you have a backyard or a balcony, synthetic grass allows you to have green space to enjoy, no matter your available square footage.

Apartment owners and property managers love synthetic turf for balconies because it provides attractive, vibrant green space with low maintenance requirements, and it can even be installed on concrete. Maintaining a synthetic grass balcony takes some time and effort, but if done properly, it can make your outdoor space look stunning. By following these turf maintenance tips, you can keep your balcony looking fresh and inviting for years to come.

Make Sure You Have the Proper Turf Maintenance Tools

Balcony turf maintenance is much the same as turf maintenance for synthetic grass yards and even indoor turf. Before beginning the process, it’s important to make sure that you have the right tools for synthetic grass maintenance.

It’s always important to have a stiff broom or brush for cross-brushing, but make sure that its bristles aren’t metallic. Synthetic bristles are best, and there are many options made specifically for artificial grass maintenance. You’ll also need a hose and bucket, as well as a spray bottle. Paper towels also come in handy, and a turf cleaning solution of some sort will be necessary for spills or accidents. You can use an at-home cleaning solution of water and soap, or you can invest in a high-quality turf deodorizer like TurFresh BioS+ for a deeper clean.

Routine Turf Maintenance for Balconies

Once you have all the right turf cleaning products on hand, you’re ready to maintain your balcony’s synthetic grass. Routine turf maintenance is always best for extending your turf’s lifespan and keeping it looking its best year-round.

It’s important to pick up any debris, such as leaves or branches, as often as possible. Leaving these for too long can cause matting, which will impede drainage and worsen the appearance of your balcony. You’ll also need to rinse your synthetic grass once a week to wash away any dust, small debris, and pet urine. Using a hose shouldn’t take more than a few seconds on a balcony application. 

Cross-brushing your turf regularly is also important for maintaining your synthetic grass. In addition to making the bristles appear lush and full, it preserves their structural integrity, helps them last longer, and ensures that your drainage remains unblocked.

If you notice any odors from pets or other uses, apply a turf deodorizer to eliminate foul scents. TurFresh BioS+ is great for balcony turf maintenance as it bonds with ammonia molecules to eliminate pet odors at the chemical level, neutralizing them before the scent ever reaches your nose.

Incident Cleaning for Your Synthetic Grass Balcony

Even if you maintain your lawn religiously, accidents happen. If you have a spill, stain, or other mess to clean up, make sure that you do it carefully and quickly. 

Pick up any solids and dab as much liquid as possible with a paper towel. Rinse the affected area with water, and spray the area with a mild soapy solution. After allowing the solution to sit for a few minutes, rinse the area again with water. Pat the area dry once again with a rag or paper towel and then allow the area to fully air dry. If you still have remaining stains, repeat the process with a water and vinegar solution rather than a soap solution for extra cleaning power.

Whether you have a small balcony in your apartment or a commercial rooftop space, proper turf maintenance is essential for preserving your investment. Whether you want to do it yourself with turf cleaning products or leave it to the professionals, TurFresh offers a wide range of products and services that suit every need. To find out more about our turf maintenance services and how we can help your balcony look as fresh as the day it was installed, give us a call at 469-489-3321 or fill out our online contact form. You can also visit our online store to browse our selection of industry-leading artificial turf cleaning products for a DIY clean.

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