How Much Commercial Synthetic Grass Maintenance Does Your Business Need?

As artificial grass becomes increasingly popular with commercial businesses, it’s important to note that regular synthetic grass maintenance is critical to keeping your turf looking and smelling fresh. Synthetic grass is a fantastic investment for business owners looking to save time and money on maintenance. While the upkeep required is far less than that needed for natural grass, routine professional artificial grass maintenance is still essential to properly sanitize and refresh your outdoor surfaces. Whether you run a fitness center or a doggy daycare, TurFresh has an artificial grass maintenance plan to transform your artificial grass surfaces – no matter the foot traffic they endure.

Synthetic Grass Maintenance for Low Foot Traffic Areas

If the outdoor areas of your business don’t get a ton of foot traffic, you might not notice the buildup of debris as quickly – but over time, all outdoor surfaces will collect dust, pet hair and bacteria from spills or pet waste. 

If your business has artificial turf, regular professional synthetic grass maintenance is essential to prevent odors and mold growth from occurring on your landscaping. We recommend scheduling a TurfClean service at least twice a year to keep your artificial grass clean, safe and presentable.

Our synthetic grass maintenance services are comprehensive – each TurfClean appointment includes a 10-point artificial turf cleaning process covering everything from infill and decompacting to a magnet sweep to remove any metal hiding between the blades. 

Artificial Turf Maintenance for High Traffic Areas

For businesses with higher foot traffic, we offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service plans to properly maintain your synthetic grass areas. Regular artificial grass maintenance is critical to keeping your clients happy and healthy, particularly for businesses that serve children or pets.

Many cleaning products and services simply mask odors rather than removing their cause. That’s a massive problem for places like schools and daycare centers, where properly sanitized surfaces are necessary to keep kids safe. Our non-toxic artificial grass disinfectants are child-safe, breaking down odor-causing bacteria at the chemical level to thoroughly sanitize your outdoor surfaces.

For businesses that work with animals, proper synthetic grass maintenance is critical for adequately removing pet waste. Places like doggy daycares quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria without regular maintenance.

Custom Artificial Grass Maintenance Plans for Your Unique Business

Your business is unlike any other, so your artificial grass maintenance plan should be just as unique. Customize your turf grooming to your needs – whether that’s a simple TurfBloom service every six months or a comprehensive TurfClean every two weeks. 

At Turfresh, we think every business owner should be able to focus on running their business without the added stress of maintaining their synthetic grass surfaces. We use industry-leading artificial grass disinfectants to transform your turf in just a few hours. Because our products are non-toxic and biodegradable, your loyal customers are cleared to enjoy your refreshed artificial grass surfaces immediately after a maintenance service. To learn more about TurFresh’s artificial grass maintenance services for your commercial business, call (213) 279-6599 or contact us online today.

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