How to Properly Power Broom Your Artificial Turf

If your home has synthetic grass landscaping installed, then you know that occasional maintenance is required to keep it in its best shape. Although it never turns brown or becomes patchy like natural grass, your turf blades can become matted with repeated use and heavy foot traffic. When that’s the case, it’s time to rebloom your turf blades using a TurFresh power broom. No matter where you live in Southern California—whether it’s Los Angeles, Santa Ana, or San Diego—the TurFresh power broom will help keep your lawn in pristine condition in between artificial turf cleaning services

What is a power broom?

A power broom is essentially a motorized broom that vigorously brushes up synthetic turf fibers while setting infill down into the base. It does the same job as a rake or manual broom, but it provides much more effective results with less required labor due to its powerful motor. Manual cross-brushing will fluff up turf blades, but it won’t achieve the same deep clean as a power broom. Power brooming your lawn can help you remove pet hair, lodged debris, and other contaminants that are weighing down your turf and blocking drainage. The power broom is 100% electric, so it’s still an eco-friendly landscaping solution that never requires gasoline to run. Built with two 6-inch wide bristle brushes, the TurFresh power broom makes artificial grass maintenance a breeze.

How do you safely power broom synthetic grass?

Whenever you’re performing your synthetic grass maintenance yourself, you have to take care not to damage your turf blades in any way. Whereas professional artificial grass maintenance services know what to avoid in order to preserve the longevity of your turf, many DIYers can accidentally damage their lawn rather than cleaning it. If you’ve purchased a power broom and are getting ready to use it for the first time, make sure you take all the proper precautions to safely and effectively power broom your synthetic grass landscaping.

Before you start power brooming your turf, make sure that you check the way your blades naturally sit. You want to lift the blades up from the root, going against the grain, so identifying the direction of your turf blades is important. Next, check whether there are any loose edges. If you sweep over a loose part of your turf, it can lift or wrinkle, and you’ll likely need to call your artificial grass installer to repair it. Your turf could also wrinkle or buckle if you have any loose seams. Finally, make sure that there are no damaged or worn turf blades. If you spot any, take extra care in these areas. Otherwise, the pressure of the power broom could cause them to rip out of the base, damaging your turf. 

You also need to be sure not to over-broom your turf, also known as over-defibrillation. While power brooming is a great way to bring back your lawn’s natural luster, over-brooming your turf can cause a whole host of problems including matting, excessive wear, split blades, voiding of warranty, and more. If you’re ever worried about damaging your turf or over-defibrillation, it’s best to call a professional synthetic grass maintenance service. As seasoned experts, maintenance services such as TurFresh will know exactly how to power broom your turf in a way that is safe yet will accomplish the best possible final look. 

Power brooming your turf is a small maintenance step that can transform and revitalize the look of your lawn. When you finish power brooming your artificial grass lawn for the first time, you’ll be astounded at the difference. If you want the effectiveness of power brooming without having to invest in the equipment or do it yourself, TurFresh offers professional artificial grass services that will improve the overall appearance, freshness, and longevity of your turf. We’re 5-star experts, and our comprehensive 10-point residential cleaning services are beloved by homeowners from Los Angeles to San Diego and far beyond. To find out more about our services or to schedule your first cleaning, give us a call today at (213) 279-6599.

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