Synthetic Turf Maintenance for Hard Water Stains

Southern California residents from Los Angeles to Santa Ana know the struggle of trying to maintain a natural grass lawn in a drought. Daily watering is expensive, wasteful, and usually futile, causing thousands of homeowners to make the switch to low-maintenance synthetic grass landscaping. While synthetic turf doesn’t need to be watered to stay green, it may need to be hosed down during synthetic grass maintenance or get wet from irrigation overspray while watering other plants. When this happens, you may notice hard water stains build up on your artificial turf. 

These hard water stains, or scale, are caused as hard water evaporates from the turf’s surface, leaving a white powder residue in its place. This scale can make your turf look dull and chalky, even matting down your turf blades. Whether you have a pool that’s splashed onto the grass or a garden sprinkler that’s showered your turf, hard water stains are something that should be watched for and cleaned as soon as possible. By using one of these remedies, you can once again have a lush and vibrant artificial grass lawn for your home.

Home Remedies

If you want a quick solution that you can whip up without leaving the house, try applying a mixture of apple cider vinegar and baking soda. This all-natural method is excellent if you’re worried about chemicals on your lawn or if you want to use supplies you already have at home. Simply mix an equal amount of apple cider vinegar and baking soda in a tub, and apply the solution to the hard water stains using a microfiber cloth. The vinegar will break down the scale, while the baking soda acts as a gentle abrasive that will scrub the stains off the turf blades. Once you’ve applied the mixture, wait five to 10 minutes for the vinegar to break down the scale, and then vigorously scrub the area in circular motions using the same cloth. Rinse well, and repeat if needed.

Consumer Cleaners

If vinegar and baking soda aren’t doing the trick, try using a consumer cleaning product made for limescale buildup. Many bathroom cleaning products are made to eliminate hard water stains from various surfaces. However, harsh chemicals can damage your synthetic turf, so make sure to do a small patch test before using the cleaning product all over the affected area.

Professional Synthetic Turf Maintenance Service

If you want to make sure all stubborn stains are removed without any risk of further damage, leave it to the turf cleaning experts. A professional artificial grass maintenance service like TurFresh can eliminate even the toughest stains from artificial grass landscaping without any risk of further damage due to harsh chemicals or improper cleaning techniques. With years of industry experience and effective turf cleaning products formulated specifically for use with polyethylene turf blades, TurFresh residential synthetic grass maintenance services will eliminate any hard water stains and bring your turf back to life in no time.

When it comes to all things turf maintenance, TurFresh has you covered. We offer comprehensive artificial turf maintenance services for Southern California homes and businesses, including a 10-point turf cleaning process. To learn more about our services or book your first synthetic grass maintenance service, give us a call today at (213) 279-6599. If you want to try synthetic grass maintenance for yourself, you can visit our online store for a wide range of turf cleaning products that are specially created for artificial grass, including our famous and best-selling TurFresh BioS+ turf deodorizer. At TurFresh, we have everything you need to defeat hard water stains and keep your synthetic grass pristine all year round.

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